Venus-Saturn Aspects in Synastry Chart: Do your personality and traits stand a chance for a long-term relationship? -

Venus-Saturn Aspects in Synastry Chart: Do your personality and traits stand a chance for a long-term relationship?

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Venus in Conjunction with Saturn in Synastry Chart

Both planets have a practical mindset and desire to have a stable and long-term relationship. Both planets are committed to making their relationship lasts.

The Saturn person gives the Venus person a sense of security and emotional stability. The Venus person, on the other hand, is dependent on the Saturn person. The mature traits of the Saturn person make it hold the upper hand in the relationship.

Both planets depend on each other; that is why this relationship between Venus and Saturn in this aspect is highly significant. Both crave attention and affection from their partner. There is a tendency that their sense of freedom will be restricted and repressed.

The feeling of being in love can be a bit overwhelming for two people involved in a relationship. The intensity of their passion towards each other can go overboard and lead to become emotionally suffocating. Because of the strong attraction the Saturn and Venus person towards each other, it could be emotionally draining for both of them. One or both tends to feel as if their relationship is a burden. 

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The Venus person adores the loyalty and mature way of handling problems by the Saturn person. However, the sociable and easygoing nature of the Venus person will be constrained by the relationship. The Saturn person's conservative character will block the desire of the Venus person to express itself freely.

Saturn feels that he/she is responsible for the Venus person and would do anything to protect him/her. However, for the Venus person, it would feel like he/she is trapped and can be resentful towards the Venus person.

The neediness of the Saturn person can become too much to handle for the Venus person. It's okay to be protective but when it turns to become extreme, it could also be toxic for the relationship. 

Both Saturn and Venus when in love tend to give their best and all to their partner. However, for the case of the Saturn person, his/her love towards the Venus person could go way overboard. The Saturn person may demand control on all of Venus person activities. Because of this, the Venus person can feel suffocated and feels afraid anymore to say what truly is on their mind. The Venus person is hesitant to do so in the fear of upsetting or disappointing the Saturn person.

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Venus in soft aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Saturn in Synastry Chart

The attraction that Venus and Saturn felt when they first met is like coming home from a long journey. Both planets find solace in the arms and company of each other. Their love for each other is genuine and pure. Their connection forms potent energies that further strengthen their bond with each other.

Commitment, mutual respect, and intimacy are the vital energies that strengthen your relationship. There is a sense of compromise within both partners. Both accept and understand each other differences. These qualities you have in your relationship are what make it suitable for marriage.

The mutual respect that both planets have makes everything in their relationship so easy. Both planets are willing to make an effort and sacrifice for the sake of their relationship. Both planets become stronger each time they surpass a problem in their relationship.

Given the positive aspects of the relationship of Venus and Saturn on the soft aspect, it is for sure will last for a long time. As long as both parties work together and maintain harmony within their relationship, they will surely come a long way. 

If both planets use these potent energies to their advantage, they can achieve anything and overcome all difficulties that may come their way.

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Venus in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Saturn in Synastry Chart

Negative emotions are threatening to cause havoc in the relationship between Venus and Saturn.

The Saturn person's conservative and parental nature would make the Venus person feel trapped within the relationship. However, the Saturn person may think that he/she is only doing this to protect the Venus person, but the truth is that deeper issues are the reason for its strictness. Personal issues, such as insecurity and fear of change.

Jealousy and manipulation are also present in the relationship between Venus and Saturn in the hard aspect.

The Saturn person feels insecure about how easy it is for the Venus person to make new connections. Saturn is also threatened by the change and growth that Venus's person brings. Saturn may feel that the Venus person is already growing apart from him/her. Thus, he/she will find a way to stop the Venus person from being apart from him/her. This is the time where the Saturn person can turn to the extreme.

The Saturn person tends to be manipulative and abusive towards the Venus person. The reason for this is that the Saturn person doesn't want to lose the Venus person. But in his pursuit of making the Venus person stay, Saturn unconsciously pushing her away. Because of this, the Venus person feels that the Saturn person does not support his/her endeavors. The Venus person feels strangled and smothered by the affection of the Saturn person. 

The only thing that holds back the Venus person from walking away from the Saturn person is their intense love. The Venus person still has a hope that the Saturn person will one day understand him/her and change his ways. 

Both planets need to manage how to balance their social life from their personal relationships. We sometimes get too caught up in our own needs that we tend to forget our partner's needs as well. Saturn person must be more open-minded and try to be kinder towards the Venus person. Venus person on the other hand must also be vocal of their needs and wants to their Saturn pattern.

Both planets need to meet halfway for this relationship to survive. When the two have finally come up with a way to be more understanding with one another, that's the time they will bloom and grow personally.

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