Venus Square Neptune Synastry: The Truth in an illusionary love -

Venus Square Neptune Synastry: The Truth in an illusionary love

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The role of the charts is to let the couple understand each other deeply. Synastry chart is not fortunetelling, it merely assesses two individual birth charts and creates an assumption based on them.

The Venus Square Neptune Synastry is challenging to navigate, specifically this relationship. At first, there will be an instant and passionate attraction between these two people. 

Venus Traits

She is also the protector of artists because she favors creativity and art. This goddess makes it hard for mortals and gods alike to resist her charm. 

The goddess Venus and the planet have the same dominion in astrology. Venus concerns itself over love and relationship. 

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In the case of Venus, it reveals our character when we are in love or in a relationship. Venus knows our perception when it comes to love or relationships. 

Do we prioritize these things, or do we still prioritize ourselves? 

Since love goes hand-in-hand with intimacy, Venus rules over affection, sex, desire, and fertility as well. It is also not surprising that this planet knows our best charm and point of attraction.

Venus also symbolizes harmony and balance. The goddess herself advocates for it. 

Venus also rules over the visual arts, literature, aesthetics, and performing arts. Venus looks down on conflicts and challenges because it disrupts the balance of the surroundings.

Neptune Traits

Neptune is the god of the sea and protector of the horses. His dominion comprises not only saltwater but also freshwater. 

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In astrology, Neptune represents things that are not in our reality just like the Neptune-Ascendant aspects. The ice giant rules our fantasies, inspiration, and dreams. 

Neptune also represents illusion and confusion. For this reason, when this planet is in influence, there may be things that will cloud your eyes. 

When Neptune's influence is taken advantage of wrongly, the person may want to live in their fantasies only. And what happens when a person lives in their version of reality? 

They forget that they are living in the real world. These people have their heads in the clouds. 

It would not be long before their fantasies disappear.

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Venus Square Neptune Synastry

They share strong intuition. For this reason, the other couple knows what the other is thinking without even saying it. 

Venus views Neptune as their ideal type. Neptune, on the other hand, adores Venus person for its romantic and charming ways.

The couple then has fantasies about the relationship. Both of them will want the relationship to be harmonious. 

But unfortunately for them, their perception is much more different in reality. Their fantasies will quickly disappear. 

The dreaminess in the relationship wears off. The couple sees nothing but rubble in the relationship. 

The Venus person will realize that they do not know this Neptune person well. What Venus saw in Neptune is a big illusion. 

Remember that synastry charts only show the possibilities that may arise in the partnership. It warns the partners of the conflicts that may come and their sources.

Similar to what the Venus-mars aspects show, this couple needs to remain realistic in the relationship. Best to remind the couple to always keep their feet on the ground, even if your head is on the clouds. 

Venus should try to lower their expectations. Their ideals should still be rooted in reality. 

Neptune, on the other hand, should try to match Venus' expectations. At least try to meet it and not just sit idly, letting Venus do all the imagining.

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