Venus Square Pluto Transit: Will Romantic Relationships Survive? -

Venus Square Pluto Transit: Will Romantic Relationships Survive?

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Venus Traits

Venus rules our feminine and sensual side, like its eponym. Since the Goddess of Love and Beauty governs this planet, the planet signifies love, pleasure, attraction, and beauty. 

Venus square Pluto transit, with the Venus-Pluto aspects, brings about passionate feelings towards someone or something. This transit is the best time to finally pursue something that you've been eyeing for so long. 

The transit can help you fuel your passion more for this thing. The transit can also induce feelings of conquering challenges and facing your fears. 

The hottest planet in our solar system reveals our perception and attitude to our partner and romantic relationships. This planet is all about relationships, affection, sex, and intimacy.

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Venus people are lovers of the arts. These people are creative bunches, and they express themselves through the arts

Since the goddess of love is also the goddess of pleasure, these people also like lovely things. These beautiful things include glamorous clothes, shiny pieces of jewelry, and aesthetic items. 

Since Venus people are pleasure lovers, they do not like conflicts. When conflicts confront them, they will try their best to avoid it. 

This trait is the reason why everyone thinks Venus people are shallow. They do not stand for their opinions since they are afraid someone might disagree with them.

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Pluto Traits

Pluto, a cold and shadowy planet, thrives in the dark. This dwarf planet signifies darkness, secrecy, and mystery. Pluto represents the things that lurk in the dark. 

Pluto is all about the things we are afraid to face because we like it to remain in the dark. 

This planet will help you see things from a different perspective. Pluto may be small as a planet, but it brings significant changes to one's life. 

Square In Astrology

Alongside opposition, the square is also a bringer of chaos. Many believe that the square induces pressure and tension. 

These disagreements can manifest inside of you. There may be a lot of confusion on your identity, decisions, and even on your path in life. 

If the square's effect remains unresolved, it can grow into destruction and devastation. At the outset, it all seems very scary.

The square will test us in every aspect of our lives, but whatever happens, we always pass the test.

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Venus Square Pluto Transit

Venus square Pluto transit has a massive impact on relationships, not much on yourself. But beware because the influence that this transit has on relationships is not good.

The burning fire may soon feel all-consuming and suffocating. The relationship, which is all about calmness and gentleness, would be purged by immaturity and selfishness.

Expect those deep insecurities will resurface. These insecurities are due to previous relationships and past experiences. 

Prepare for a lot of people that may distance themselves from you. They can be your closest friends and partner. 

Their distancing will make you feel more anxious and make you act clingy, but try not to. Accept that people also need their own space, and everyone should respect that.

Couples who have a healthy relationship from the get-go are likely to survive this transit. All these people need to do is understand each other and talk it out.

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