Venus Square Venus Synastry: Overcoming The Growing Indifference -

Venus Square Venus Synastry: Overcoming The Growing Indifference

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Venus Traits

In Roman mythology, Venus sprung up from the sea, possessing a charming aura. Romans hail her as the goddess of love and beauty. Additionally, her irresistible charisma lures men and gods alike to do her bidding. Her beauty is a double-edged sword because she can be cunning at times. This goddess is also a lover of the arts. For this reason, she is also the protector of artisans.

Venus, in astrology, has the same dominion as its eponym. True enough, Venus rules over love and relationships. The brightest planet is a personal planet. What does it mean? It means that Venus is concerned with a particular part of our identities. Venus oversees our identity when we are in a relationship or love. 

Do we put our relationships on the top of the priority list? Do we let our partner's energy blend in us? Venus also reveals how we act in a connection. Its domain expands to our love language and how we express our affection. Venus also shows our charm at attractive points. How can we best highlight our charms? What can we do for our allure to shine even more?

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Venus also rules over the lovely and shiny things. It is safe to say that it favors aesthetic things. In addition, Venus also rules over arts. And it encompasses performance arts, visual arts, and literature. For this reason, we are not surprised that Venus people are involved in the arts. You would find them enrolled in dancing lessons, painting, or planning to write fiction stories.

Venus people are creative, and you can see that in their fashion style. Their fashion style is authentic and admirable. They have exquisite taste in fashion, furniture, and decoration. Expect that Venus people also splurge a lot of time, money, and effort to make themselves and their surroundings look fabulous. It does not come as a surprise that Venus people's friends come to them for fashion advice.

Venus people are gentle and charming, like the Roman goddess. And aside from their physical attributes, these traits shine in them too. You can't help but not resist their pull. Everyone adores them for being friendly and pleasant. Because they are sociable, these people have a wide friendship circle. They are pretty popular but aren't we surprised?

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Venus people crave harmony and balance above all. They want everything to be smooth sailing. Many view these people as weaklings for being gentle. Venus people shy themselves away from any challenges or arising conflict. They view these as an imbalance. One way to drive a Venus person away is becoming someone who brings toxicity and rudeness.

Because these people hate conflict, they do not stand up for themselves. It is natural for the Venus person to be a pushover. For this reason, they stay away from an unfamiliar situation. They often remain in their comfort zone, where everything is in harmony. Of course, this trait is never good. And they know it. But what matters is their intact harmonious environment.

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Venus Square Venus Synastry

With square in the influence, expect this relationship to be a challenging business. Square is the bringer of tension and pressure in yourself or the relationship. The sharp angles and points of the square are uncomfortable to get through. But let's see how this couple can navigate through the sharpness.

As to what the Venus-Venus aspects show, there's just overwhelming chemistry between the two. Expect that there's also deep attraction and connection between these two people.

Venus square Venus synastry ensures that the couple will have a lot of similarities. You might probably think that your connection spawns over your souls and minds, not just physically. Either of them may believe that there is love at first sight. True enough, this “love at first sight” is possible. But that's just the tip of the relationship.

The similarities that both of you shared will take a turn as time passes. You will realize that you have different tastes in style, furniture, and decoration. The couple will realize that they have different ways of expressing their affection and managing their finances. The difference gets more evident, and you might find it hard to settle on common ground.

One of them may be an introvert, and the other is an extrovert. From this arrangement, there would be severe trouble arising when it comes to socialization and hobbies. One might find themselves to be content in the house, while the other wants to socialize with many people.

Unlike the Venus-Mars aspects, their differences could even include dissimilarity in appreciation of things, backgrounds, and pleasure. Because these people cannot agree on anything, fights may become frequent. And one thing we know about Venus people is that they dislike conflicts. It destroys their harmonious environment.

With this couple's differences, they may find it hard to understand each other. Why is this person acting this way? Why does this person disagree with me? Because their differences are apparent over time. They will find it hard to achieve balance. The couple may harbor discordance during the relationship. 

But this is not to say that the couple will not find any common ground at all. If the two would willingly work to make the relationship better, they may find themselves working out their differences. They may learn that although they have different ways of expressing their love, they have the same interest in gaining knowledge.

This couple needs to think about their private spaces. It is possible that their bond goes deep, and they cannot stand being away from each other. But with their growing indifference, it is best for this couple to have time away from each other. 

The time away from each other will undoubtedly be helpful for them both. The couple will crave each other's presence, and at the same time, the couple can be productive despite being away from each other. And when these people finally get the time to be together again, expect that they will fill the absence by their tender affection and quality time with each other.

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