Venus Trine Ascendant Synastry: The Couple You Will Surely Envy! -

Venus Trine Ascendant Synastry: The Couple You Will Surely Envy!

Venus Traits

In Roman mythology, Venus is the Goddess of Love. She rules over beauty and pleasure as well. With her charm and elegance, it is easy for this goddess to prey on mortals and gods alike. She wields her beauty like a sword too. Venus, like its namesake, rules over love and relationships in astrology. It is one of the personal planets. Personal planets are those that correspond to an aspect, or even aspects, of our personalities. For Venus, this planet governs our character when we are in love or in a relationship.

Venus answers the following questions: what do we transform into when we are in love? Do we prioritize romantic relationships in our lives? Venus reveals our love language as well. Do we give importance to physical touch? Do we appreciate words of affirmation than acts of service?

This planet also shows the people we find attractive. Venus shows the traits that make people gravitate towards us. What is our best charm? What is our best point of attraction? Venus has all of these answers!

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In astrology, Venus concerns itself in the arts. She is the lover of all things lovely. She covets shiny and aesthetic items. Venus people are naturally beautiful, inside and out! These people will always spend a lot of time and effort making themselves look beautiful. But their loving and pure heart is also notable. These people are selfless, and they want to help every time that they can do so. Everyone adores Venus people.

The first thing you will notice in a Venus person is this person's sense of fashion. They are stylish, and people envy them for them. But don't be afraid to approach this Venus! They are sociable, and they would like to help you out with your fashion problems. These people would always be to the rescue when it comes to their friends' fashion problems.

Venus people are creative. So expect that their interests revolve in arts too. Most likely, they are painters, writers, singers, or even actors. These people have so many creative juices in their veins, and they release them through these media. Venus people are romantic. One cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the love these people give. They often prioritize their partners and their pleasure. But it doesn't mean that these people do not have an ounce of horror in them. They have, but they try to get it hidden underneath.

These people do not like to be involved in fights. It might feel like an ideal personality. But when you cannot stand up for yourself because conflict may arise, it's not perfect. Venus people tend to agree on everything, even if it's contrary to their views. Hence, others sometimes perceive Venus people as shallow.


Astrologers view the ascendant as the “front door” of our personality. When we bump into someone, the first thing that emanates in them is their ascendant. The ascendant, then, is the aura that we exude during the first meeting. For the lack of a better term, it is the personality we give off as “the first impression.” 

Ascendant is also responsible for our perception of the world. If you experienced generating your natal chart, the website or astrologer would ask your time of birth. The time of delivery is what determines our ascendant. Whatever sign is on the horizon during your time of birth is your ascendant. 

Many believe that the ascendant is our personal touch on our natal charts. You share your birthday with billions of people. Not only that, but you also share your place of birth with thousands of people. But only a few people have the same time of delivery as you. 

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Venus Trine Ascendant Synastry

Astrologers view trine as the luckiest aspect of all. Unlike square and opposition that brings chaos, trine brings positive feelings. Expect that there would be encouraging energies surrounding this relationship. With the Venus-Ascendant aspects, Venus trine ascendant relationship has a lot of common grounds. Because of this commonality, they are compatible. They may see each other as their ideal mate.

This couple is both attracted to each other. Note that this attraction does not only apply to physical traits. This couple is attracted to each other's character and behavior. These couple likes to surround themselves with harmony and balance. Hence, when these two are together, expect that they rarely go into fights.

These people prioritize pleasure above all. They like to make each other happy. They are gentle and caring to each other. When together, these people would not hold back from showing their affection. The Venus person is drawn so much to the ascendant. They cannot help but admire the ascendant's character and appearance. On the other hand, the ascendant reciprocates this Venus's feelings. Ascendant partner cannot help but adore their Venus's way of affection. They cannot help but appreciate Venus's lovely personality and behavior. 

The compatibility spans even on their social behavior. Similar to what the Venus-Mars aspects show, this couple is quite popular due to many reasons. Firstly, they are a match made in heaven. Their taste in fashion and art is incomparable. Lastly, their love is oozing everywhere. This couple is also best as business partners. Since your minds are almost alike, your business decisions would also align. Since this couple highly values pleasure, they should venture into a business that offers pleasurable services. 

They can open a spa or salon. They are also likely to invest in nail spas or boutiques. The bottom line is the business should give pleasure to the customers. Expect that even in designing their business place, their minds would click together. But despite this tender relationship, both of them would wonder: is the relationship superficial? It seems that they only love each other at their best. What happens when the worst comes?

The answer to this question relies on the couple themselves. Likely, this couple hasn't seen each other on their worst days. But one thing is for sure: with their immense love for each other, they can't push away from each other.

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