Venus Trine Jupiter Synastry: Shower Under Their Overflowing Love -

Venus Trine Jupiter Synastry: Shower Under Their Overflowing Love

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Venus Traits

It is common knowledge that Venus is the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty. She is the lover of the arts and protector of artists. The goddess charms not only mortals but gods alike. The planet is the brightest in our Solar System. Also called the “Morning Star,” Venus is the twin planet of Earth.

The facts recited above are related to Venus in astrology. Like how the goddess rules over love and beauty, the same is true in astrology. Venus rules over love, relationship, and everything in it. It also extends to intimacy, affection, sex, and desire. Venus is a personal planet. Personal planets deal with an aspect, or sometimes aspects, of our personalities. And for Venus governs our character when we are in a relationship or love. 

Do we shower our partners with love? Are we clingy? Venus also has the answer on how we tend to fall in love. Do we look at the person's value? Do we give importance to their social status? The planet is also aware of the people we attract as well.

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Venus also knows our love language. How do we express our love for our partner? This planet also answers the question: what is our point of attraction? What qualities are noticeable in us? The goddess is the protector of artists. Hence, Venus, in astrology, rules over arts as well. It encompasses not only visual arts and literature, its ruling expands to performing arts and theater arts. 

Since the planet is known as the “Morning Star,” Venus people shine the brightest. Their kind and gentle hearts are the second things people notice about them. These people are selfless, and they always help those people in need. The first thing that people notice in them? Their physical traits. Venus people highly value their appearance. They look nice, and they are confident about it. They know how to highlight their best features and flaunt them. 

Since Venus people like to look nice, they have a taste for fashion. Their styles are unique but very admirable. For this reason, their friends would always ask for fashion advice. And rightfully so! Venus people will make you look glamorous, although not as divine as them.

These people are innately romantic. Venus people, as such planet rules them, value romantic relationships. They prioritize it. Expect that these people are always into relationships. They rarely get single.

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Creative juices flow in Venus people's veins. Because of the abundant juices, they express themselves most creatively. These people immerse themselves in the visual arts or literature. They find themselves writing poetry or short stories. Sometimes, they sketch. If none of the above, their interest gravitates to performing or theater arts.

But no matter how Venus people look so attractive on the outset, they have ugly parts that they try to hide. Venus people do not like conflicts. It may seem to be a good trait, but in reality, it's not. These people would not stand up for themselves, afraid for conflict to arise. 

These people like to keep their surroundings pleasing so they tend to stay in their safe zones. Venus people would rarely, sometimes never, go out of their lovely environment. Hence, they will not grow. They are not used to any hardships and tend to give up easily.

Jupiter Traits

We are familiar that Jupiter is the Roman God of sky and thunder. He is the king of the gods. We have few facts known about Jupiter, but in astrology, it encompasses a lot of things. Many astrologers believe that Jupiter brings auspicious times.

This gas giant rules over merriment and enjoyment. This planet is to be the bringer of good fortune. People born during the influence of this planet tend to bring good luck to their parents. Expect that these people also have a stroke of enormous luck in their pockets.

Jupiter also rules over morality, honor, and justice. Due to their righteousness, Jupiter people have high moral fiber and dignity. These people are immensely generous and jolly. They are also optimists. Their shining personality is susceptible, and you are lucky for their light to shine on you!

Jupiter, like its fellow gas giants, is not a personal planet. It does not govern an aspect of our personality. But rest assured that its influence is vital in the air when it aligns to a personal planet.

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Venus Trine Jupiter Synastry

With the trine in influence, expect for a positive relationship in this couple. There is abundant love, forgiveness, and acceptance in this relationship, both of you have flaws but still focuses on the good of each other. The relationship is favorable, and everyone is envious of the Venus-Jupiter couple! This synastry chart is familiar to married couples and couples in long-term relationships. Venus trine Jupiter couple has a lot of things in common. One of those things is a love language.

These partners like to shower each other with gifts. Venus likes lovely things, and Jupiter willingly gives them. Venus wants to provide Jupiter with valuable items, and Jupiter will appreciate them. The couple likes to explore and travel so much. They will see so much of the world.

Since Venus prioritizes pleasure and Jupiter is in for the enjoyment, they will find contentment in the relationship. Similar to the Venus-Saturn aspects, the center of their relationship is ensuring that both of them are happy.  When flaws and differences surface, both of them will accept them. They will embrace their partner as they are and would not try to change them. They find ways to coexist despite the differences.

When things get hard in their relationship, they will still think of each other's happiness. It is impossible for this couple to hate each other. There is so much love, respect, and trust. Because of this bond, they will always like to be around each other.  This couple will be fortunate in finances too. They will find themselves overspending and sometimes spending beyond their means. But they will always find ways to resolve the financial problems. 

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