Venus Trine Pluto Transit: Change Yourself Into Its Best Version -

Venus Trine Pluto Transit: Change Yourself Into Its Best Version

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Venus Traits

Many describe Venus as a charming and sensual goddess. Being the Goddess of Love, the ancient Romans pray for their smooth-sailing relationships. This goddess also favors arts and literature; hence, she is the protector of artists too. This goddess is caring and gentle too.

In astrology, Venus rules over love and relationships. Being a personal planet, it concerns itself with a specific part of our identities. In the case of Venus, it oversees our character when we are in love or a relationship. Do we tend to get absorbed in the relationship that we forget ourselves? Or do we value ourselves so much that we refuse to blend in the relationship?

Venus also expands its dominion to affection, intimacy, lust, and desire. The brightest planet reveals our love language and the way we express our love to our partners. Do we shower our partners with affection and touches? Or do we sit contently next to each other without the need for the skin to touch?

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Because this goddess is charming, this planet also knows our best charm. How do we best highlight it? What is our point of attraction? The Morning Star reveals what qualities will make us interested in a person. The planet also answers how a person will be compatible with us.

Because the goddess of love is also the goddess of pleasure, it is only natural that this planet governs our enjoyment as well. What will make us feel appreciated? What will bring us tremendous happiness? Venus rules over the field of art and literature as well.

Pluto Traits

Pluto is the Roman god of the Underworld, and the ancient Romans are not too pleased when they hear the name. This god is mysterious and shrouded in secrecy. When he climbs the mortal world, expect that you will not see him. Aided with his invisibility helmet, he hides his form perfectly, even under the gleaming sun.

In astrology, Pluto concerns itself with darkness, like the Roman god's dominion. This “darkness” is related to taboo, occult, control, and manipulation. 

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Like the god of the Underworld, Pluto, in astrology, also shrouds our secrets. These secrets are not the typical secrets about our crushes and guilty pleasure. These secrets encompass our childhood trauma, unresolved issues, and mental illnesses. With Pluto, our darkest fears and deepest desires are safe. It is well within his protection and well-hidden in our personalities.

However, even if Pluto is well-hidden, there will undoubtedly come a time where these secrets will come out. And when they do, we are confronted with it. We have the choice to run away or face it head-on. Either we acknowledge these ugly parts or keep them hidden again for as long as we can. And if we have the courage to our ugly parts head-on, there follows a transformative event in your life.

For this reason, Pluto also governs transformation, rebirth, and regeneration. This dwarf planet may open your doors to gaining new perspectives or experiences in life. 

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Venus Trine Pluto Transit

With trine in transit, expect that this event will be prosperous. Thought to be the bringer of good fortune, astrologers highly favor the trine aspect. Trine is often associated with auspicious times and uplifting energies in the air. There will be increased intimate affection in the air!

During this transit, expect that you will feel extra loved by the people around you. It may feel like their love fulfills you, and you can't help but be grateful for these people's feelings on you.

With the Venus-Pluto aspects, Venus trine Pluto transit is a great time to bond with your family. They will be more appreciative of you and open. It is also the best time to especially bond with your romantic partner. Because there will be much affection in the air, you will also feel their love.

But this urge of sudden affection does not only apply to your partner. You, too, will feel the need to be more affectionate with them. You want to shower them with love, and it is best to do it. This aspect will be the time where relationships will reignite and rekindle. And it is an excellent time to fix a dying relationship.

There is also an increased sexual attraction in the air. It is possible to form a new relationship during the Venus trine Pluto transit. This relationship will most likely be substantial. 

There would be a passionate attraction for each other and an intense craving for their touch. Expect that there would be challenges along the way, and these conflicts are intense too! But the relationships formed during this aspect are long-term. But it all depends on the chart of the couple as well.

This transit may open your eyes to lovely things. There would be an urge for you to buy luxury items. Because your financial means are blooming during this transit, try not to hold back from pampering yourself. Get that expensive bag. Change your fashion style. Do whatever makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

But try not to overspend. It is good that you treat yourself well but always live within your means. You can pamper yourself differently. Similar to what the Venus-Saturn aspects show, this transit reminds us that we should also love ourselves by buying delightful things. There may also be an urge to renovate your home or office space. This transit is a great time to do this! After all, this transit gives you a different taste for lovely things. Try to redecorate your space in alignment with your likeness. 

This transit reminds us to keep our surroundings lovely. And this reminder applies to relationships as well. Remove the things that do not make you happy and let them go. The things that do not make you thrive should be left behind.

Because financial status is stable during this aspect, try to invest your money into something worthwhile. This event guarantees that your invested capital will earn more fruits too. This event is also the ideal time to close business proposals. Expect that, during this transit, doing things that will bring you money will earn big when you harvest them.

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