Venus Trine Venus Synastry: How Will Their Seamless Energy Blend? -

Venus Trine Venus Synastry: How Will Their Seamless Energy Blend?

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Venus Traits

In Roman mythology, the goddess Venus is famous for her enticing charms.

Being the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus favors the lovers and people passionately in love. She is soft-hearted and gentle.

Being the lover of lovely things, this goddess is also the protector of artists and favors arts.

In astronomy, Venus is “The Morning Star,” being the brightest celestial body in the night sky.

Commonly called “the twin planet of Earth,” Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System as well. 

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We dive into astrology now. In astrology, Venus is a personal planet. A personal planet rules over a particular, or diverse, part of our identity.

With Venus as a personal planet, this planet governs our identity when we are in love or inside a relationship.

Since Venus concerns itself with love and relationships, it also signifies intimacy, lust, and affection. This planet knows how we act in a relationship and how we show our appreciation.

Do we prioritize our relationships? Do we shower our partners with love, or do we act unbothered? 

Like the delightful goddess of love, this planet also shows the attractive traits that make people gravitate to us.

With Venus, this planet reveals our best charms and point of attraction. What makes us noticeable and likable?

This planet knows our love language and how we express our affection to the people we love as well.

The brightest planet reveals the qualities that make a person attractive to us. Venus also shows the people we tend to attract.

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Like the bright planet, Venus people shine the brightest too. Their gentle and caring hearts shine even on their physical appearance. Their kindness and softness draw you to them.

These people are selfless too, and they always like to help people in need. Venus people like the spotlight on them, and rightfully so! These people are fashionable, and they spend a lot of time, money, and effort to look fabulous.

These people will pay an unbelievable amount of money to look glamorous.

Of course, these people will also spend a lot of time, money, and effort to make their surroundings pleasing to the eyes. They also like lovely items, and it is a bonus if it's expensive, but what do these people care about the amount? 

Because the protector of artists rules these people, Venus people are creative. They like to express themselves most creatively. Expect that these people are involved in visual arts or even performing arts. These people like writing poetry or short stories and they may be even taking dancing or singing lessons!

These people may look like the epitome of perfection. Their exquisite fashion sense complements their tender personalities. But there's a horror lurking in these people as well. 

Because these people like lovely things, expect that they will do anything to keep their environment pretty. Venus people tend to shy away from arising conflicts and disagreements.

They believe that chaos disturbs the harmony they created. Because of this mentality, they do not stand up for themselves and are pushovers. Sometimes, people see them as weak people because they refuse to grow and face challenges.

Venus Trine Venus Synastry

With the trine's influence, expect that this chart will be full of positive energy. Good fortune and uplifting energy will shower this relationship the same with the Venus-True lunar node and the Sun-True lunar node aspects.

When these people first see each other, they will instantly feel their pull on each other. The physical attraction is there, and this attraction will rise above the realm of reality. No matter how different they may seem at first, these people will find similarities later on. And these similarities will lead them to a deeper connection that these people crave.

Because these people express affection in the same way, they are compatible with each other. These people will understand each other. And their bond transcends not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

With the Venus-Venus aspects, this synastry chart suggests that the relationship will be harmonious. And creating and maintaining harmony in your relationship is your top priority. Because this person's Venus is in trine with their partner's Venus, the couple is in sync. The couple will work together to build and preserve the relationship.

Most likely, you both share the same taste in decoration, styles, and activities. Hence, you will both appreciate each other's style and taste. Similar to the Venus-Saturn aspects, Venus trine Venus couple values the same priorities and goals. And for this reason, they will be supportive of each other. The couple will be comfortable with each other.

Because these people have many similarities, they do not need to change themselves to accommodate their partner's interests. The couple will not lose their individuality during the relationship.

They may even feel that the relationship makes them grow.  Venus trine Venus couple will learn a lot from each other and think highly of each other. Aside from the fact that they are partners, they also think of each other as best friends. How sweet is that?

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Venus Trine Venus Friendship

Like the laid-back romantic relationship in Venus trine Venus synastry, expect that the same will happen in Venus trine Venus friendship. You will be in for a sincere friendship and will most likely develop into a best friend dynamic.

You and this friend will be very close, and you two will be inseparable. There may be even times where you are closer than this friend than your partner. That's cute!

This friendship will bring about comfort and support as well. This friend is your number one supporter. And you, too, are rooting for their success and keep on cheering them on. There will be an effortless blending of energies, and troubles in this friendship are unlikely.

This Venus trine friend is the one you will go to for relationship advice. This friend cares for you, and they know what you need. So they will give you a bit of advice that will soothe you and help you out.

However, it is also possible that, although your energies are in sync, they will give out advice that suits them and is not fit for you.

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