Venus-Venus Aspects in Synastry Chart: The loving and passionate connection of two Venus person -

Venus-Venus Aspects in Synastry Chart: The loving and passionate connection of two Venus person

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Venus in Conjunction with Venus in Synastry Chart

The union of two Venus persons can create a passionate and loving relationship. Because they are the same, both planets are very compatible with each other. The way you express your love and affection to your partner is so intense and very similar. When Venus person loves, they tend to give their all to make their partner happy. 

The intense love you have for each other makes you want to please and spoil your partner. You want your partner to be happy, so you shower him/her with things, love, and affection. Be careful though, for too much of everything is also not good. Both may end up smothering each other and the relationship could end up suffocating. 

The lovemaking of two Venus people is so blissful and burning with passion. Both planets know how to please each other because of their deep emotional connection. The slightest touch sends shivers to their spine. When their physical bodies come into union, it's as if that also their soul is communicating. They are like two stars colliding with each other forming a brighter being in the universe. 

Your mutual understanding makes every aspect of your relationship smooth. When you two fight, there is gentleness, and you quickly solve the issues within your relationship. Kindness and understanding are the strongest aspects of your relationship. Your energies joined together can create a harmonious relationship.

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Both planets have a similar interest in art, music, and any form of creative expression. You appreciate the beauty of each other, which gives a boost of confidence in both partners. Both planets empower each allowing them to openly express their genuine self without the fear of judgment. 

The similarities of both planets allow them to be vulnerable to each other. Both are not afraid to show their true self when they are alone with their partner. This is because both believe that their partner accepts and loves them for who they truly are. They feel this way by how the other person is patiently listening to their thoughts and providing them the loving assurance they need. 

Both planets have an outgoing nature and enjoy making a social connection. You are very friendly, and people generally view you as the perfect couple.

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Venus in Soft Aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Venus in Synastry Chart

Both Venus's person in the soft aspect is exceptional compatibility. Their relationship is beaming with love, care, and affection, just like the connection of Venus with the Moon. wWhen two Venus people meet in the soft aspect, they can form a stable and harmonious relationship that is bound to last for a long time. 

Both partners are very affectionate with each other. You express your love for one another in a very appreciative way. You show this by praising your partner for how he/she dresses, speaks, and carries himself with others. This gives a boost of confidence to both partners, and you are both proud of your relationship.

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Since both planets represent love, sexuality, and beauty, both are conscious also of your physical appearance. Thus, you tend to do your best to be on your best look. Both planets practice self-care and going to the spa or taking a day to relax is their way of bonding. 

Both planets are also very honest with each other. There is open communication and sincerity to how the two Venus people communicate with each other. When there is something that bothers them, they will tell it right away to their partner. This allows them to tackle problems in their relationship and prevent them from becoming worse. 

Their deep understanding of each other makes their relationship even stronger. The relationship between two Venus people is also good for marriage. The aspect needed to maintain a long-term relationship is present in the union of two Venus people. Even though they may face problems inevitably in the future, the strong foundation they have built-in their romance is what will keep them together. 

Your love for each other overcomes any obstacles and problems that may come in your relationship. Both planets handle every critical situation with ease and calm composure.

Both planets have so much in common that fights and misunderstandings rarely occur in your relationship.

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Venus in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Venus in Synastry Chart

There's a lot of differences between the two Venus persons in the hard aspect. Your thoughts, emotions, and values differ from each other. The way you express your love for each other comes in different forms. 

Unlike in conjunction and soft aspect, the two Venus person in the hard aspect are in total opposite with each other. Their differences will get in their way of establishing a harmonious relationship.

These contrasting traits between the two Venus people in the hard aspect can be the cause of conflict and tension in their relationship. If both planets cannot address and settle these issues right away, it could be the reason for their relationship to crumble. 

Their different views and opinions towards life and some things can frustrate both partners. When you two fight, you try to avoid confrontations as much as possible. Both planets resort to silent treatment and become withdrawn and distant. Because of this, it leaves both partners assuming the worst and misinterpret their partner's actions. 

The challenge for both Venus people in the hard aspect is that both need to be open and honest with their partners. You both need to express your emotions clearly to avoid misunderstanding. You need to face every problem and be willing to work together to settle any issues in your relationship right away.

Moreover, try your best to instill an open mind to comprehend what your partner is sharing with you. Learn to listen to your partner's needs, and view them in a positive light. 

Remember that you both have the power to communicate effectively within you. Harness this power to maintain balance and harmony in your relationship.

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