Virgo & Libra Compatibility: One Word Adjustments -

Virgo & Libra Compatibility: One Word Adjustments

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Suppose there's one word to summarize a Virgo/Libra relationship. That'd be ‘adjustments.' When Virgo and Libra join together for a relationship, either as lovers or friends, they need to make many adjustments and exert effort to make the relationship work. They may not be the best zodiac match-up, but they can make it work if they know how to understand each other.

Of course, there'd be some similarities, like their love of art and culture. They value intellectual connection and mental rapport over emotions and intuition. They approach life using their heads rather than their hearts. Both zodiacs have the innate ability to communicate well with other people, making them a great intellectual match.

However, they have more differences than similarities. For instance, as an Earth sign, Virgos find comfort in material security, and they tend to be more pragmatic and rational. In contrast, as an Air sign, Libras love to dwell on their intellectual insights. They're cerebral, but they tend to be more idealistic rather than rational.

Virgo and Libra need to sort these differences first before proceeding to any relationship, be it as lovers or as friends. It'd be better if they'll start slow and steady, rather than diving deep right away.

This list will give you all you need to know about Virgo and Libra compatibility. If you're a Virgo and asking yourself, “Is Libra good for me?” then you came to the right place!

Virgo And Libra General Characteristics

1. General Characteristics of Virgos

Loyal and Trustworthy

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Virgos may be one of the most loyal and trustworthy zodiacs. They look for material security, and they rely on their intellect, but when they fall, they fall hard. Virgos and Libras would be more than willing to devote their time to their loved ones, making sure that their partners receive the utmost care that they can provide. They don’t feel the need to use emotions or intuitions, and as such, gaining the trust and loyalty of a Virgo would be very difficult.

In case you gain the trust of a Virgo, be ready to receive the greatest care. They can even compete with Cancer in terms of giving care and nurturance to their partners. They can devote their time and themselves to their partners.

Analytical and Practical

 As an Earth sign, Virgos love nothing in the world other than using their intellect and rational thinking in everything they do. They put value in being analytical and practical. Virgos get their sense of security when they know that they have money in their savings bank.

Also, Virgos never go into a situation without thinking about the possibilities first. They would look at the pros and cons and then decide. Virgos need to calculate everything before doing any action.

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Judgmental and Critical of Others

Virgos dwell on the details. Their keen eye for those details and razor-sharp observation skills tend to make them perfectionists. With this characteristic, Virgos have an innate capability to become critical of others and become judgmental. They notice even the most minute faults of other people. They also tend to point these things out, which makes them sound rude and arrogant.


As an Earth sign, Virgos also tend to be workaholic. Virgos like to plant their feet solid on the ground. They like to toil the soil and reap its benefits. They look for material security, and they work so hard to achieve their dreams in life. This devotion to work can border to workaholism, which becomes one of the most toxic Virgo traits.

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2. General Characteristics of Libra

Diplomatic and Fair

Much like their fellow Air signs (Gemini and Aquarius), Libras like to think a lot, and they love intellectual conversations. You can often find Libras at social events because they like to discuss ideas and thoughts. They know how to start a conversation and guide other people to go through with it. As such, Libras make good conversationalists. Aside from that, they don’t like conflicts and avoids confrontations as much as possible.

Libras also make fair judgments when they need to decide. Their symbol, the scale, would mean nothing if Libras can’t make a fair and sound decision. As an Air sign, they follow their thoughts and rational thinking to guide them. They see things through a rational lens, and they stand for justice.


Imagine you’re in a social event and you notice someone who seems to talk with everybody. You can bet with astronomical accuracy that that person is a Libra. Known for their charm and diplomacy, Libras seem to get along well with almost everybody. They know how to talk with strangers, and they also know how to entertain people. Their social skills almost border on flirtatious attitude, which other people often misunderstood.


Libras make fair and sound judgments, but they take much time doing so. Symbolized as the scales, Libras tend to be very indecisive. This indecisiveness happens because Libras consider the pros and cons of each event. As an Air sign, they like to think a lot, and they see the world through the lens of rationality and logic. As such, they’ll take their time to consider every possibility before jumping right into it. Libras experience indecisiveness even at the most minute things, like deciding where to go for dinner or what clothes to wear.


Libras tend to use their diplomacy and social skills to manipulate people. They love to gossip, and they have a strong urge to dig deep into others' personalities. Once they happen to find other people's weaknesses, they tend to use them against that person. It’ll be easy for them since they avoid confrontations and will just lay it out for that person. You can say that Libras might be one of the most manipulative signs in the zodiac.

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Virgo And Libra As Lovers

1. Virgo Man/Libra Woman Relationship

Two signs adjacent in the zodiac wheel often do not make a great match with each other. Virgos and Libras sit right beside each other in the zodiac wheel, thus, making their relationship quite a bit complex at first. But as you’ll see, the case for the Virgo man and Libra woman can be different.

If you would observe the zodiac wheel, Virgo and Libra form a contra-antiscia connection between them. That means that they form two mirror image connections along with the equinox that separates them. In the zodiac wheel, Virgo occurs before the equinox, and Libra happens after that. Signs that form a contra-antiscia angle can hear and understand one another. The other example would be Aries and Pisces.

Virgos and Libras tend to connect than what the zodiac tells you on the surface. Both signs can understand and navigate the personalities of each other.

During the early stages of the Virgo Man/Libra Woman relationship, Virgos would tend to get shy and conscious when approaching Libra. Virgo men do so because nervousness and fear of rejection cover their whole personality. On the other hand, a Libra woman would ease the situation and will charm Virgo. As a Libra, she won’t be having any difficulties easing the tension of Virgo. There’d be some instances that Libra would initiate going out on dates.

If things go well in the relationship and the couple decides to go into marriage, there won't be much problem. Virgo will do the planning, and Libra woman will do the negotiating. During their married life, Virgo would often understand and navigate the complex personality of Libra. When problems arise, they will talk it out because both of them hate confrontation. They'll see things through rational thinking and logic.

Overall, they may be sitting next to each other in the zodiac wheel, but the connection between Virgo Man and Libra Woman runs deeper than that. They go along well with each other, and they'll seldom confront each other. Virgo Man might be a little tense with the relationship because of his perfectionist personality, but Libra woman will ease it and make sure Virgo Man feels comfortable.

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2. Virgo Woman/Libra Man Relationship

The contra-antiscia connection also applies to the relationship between a Virgo woman and a Libra man. They sit right beside each other in the zodiac wheel, along with the equinox, which makes their connection more profound than the others. Virgo woman and Libra man can understand and ‘hear’ each other, making their relationship better.

Virgo woman also makes up the same characteristics as the Virgo Man. They have razor-sharp attention to detail, and they always expect nothing less than perfection. A mature Virgo woman will realize that no one’s perfect, so she will direct all her perfectionist energy in achieving excellence in life. Virgo woman also tends to be caring and gentle with their partners.

On the other hand, Libra man seeks balance and harmony in life, another impossible scenario. The rational and intellectual Libra man also realizes this and will focus more on maintaining his life intact. They know how to communicate well, and they’re good at socializing with people. Libras need to be with someone for them to feel complete.

During the early stages of the relationship, Virgo woman and Libra man will find it difficult to see each other in a relationship. As the great conversationalist, Libra would often start and initiate the conversation. They can start with any topic, which Virgo woman would often find interest in. Libra man tends to have a lot of knowledge about everything, which will catch the Virgo woman's attention.

If Virgo women and Libra men decide to pursue marriage and family life, they won't even find it challenging to be with each other. As mentioned, their contra-antiscia connection will bind them and will make them understand each other. They can communicate with each other, and they can also resolve any conflicts that come their way. As a married couple, Virgo woman and Libra man would always be on the same page.

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Overall, the relationship between a Virgo woman and a Libra man might seem rough and complicated, but they can prove it not. Their contra-antiscia connection makes them a perfect combination. They can understand each other, and they hate confrontations. The Libra man will guide the Virgo woman, but that doesn’t mean that she’ll submit under Libra. Both of them value independence and freedom, which gives them enough space for each other.

3. Virgo and Libra in Bed

If Virgo and Libra would work in a relationship, they might encounter some problems while in bed. Both signs rely on their intellect, which means they'll find it hard to get in tune with each other's emotions. It'll be better if they find sexual appeal in each other's intellect. There’s also a high possibility that both partners will seem aloof and distant from each other. They need to sort those out before they can enjoy a hot night of sex.

Also, Virgo and Libras do not have the best sex abilities. For instance, Virgos tend to be very shy, and Libras tend to be easygoing people. Libras can brag about their sexual encounters, which might inhibit Virgo from unleashing their sexual desires. This conflict can create problems in the relationship, but both can handle their differences without hassle.

One more problem with the sexual relationship between Virgo and Libra would be Libras' tendency to compare their sexual encounters. Since they tend to be confident about their sexual capacities, this can rub Virgo the wrong way, most especially because Virgos hate to be the second-best. It'd be best for Libra to let go of all those comparisons to achieve peace and harmony in the relationship.

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Virgo And Libra As Friends

Virgo and Libra in a sexual relationship might be difficult to achieve, but they can be a force to reckon with when they join as friends. First, both these signs use their intellectual capacity and logic to decide and rule their lives. Both these signs have a taste for aesthetics, and both strive to achieve peace, harmony, and security. They can help and support each other when times get rough or if one of them needs help.

The best part of a Virgo/Libra friendship would be their shared hobbies, interests, and goals in life. They love anything aesthetic, and they also like to expand their knowledge. Virgos want to see the world through the lens of rationality and logical reasoning. On the other hand, Libras like to expand their knowledge to generate lots of thoughts and ideas about those things. Virgo and Libra also like to share what they know with other people.

As a zodiac under the rulership of Mercury, Virgos can communicate well. They know how to internalize something and lay it out in the simplest way. Under the rulership of Venus, Libras also have a talent for conversing and communicating. They strive to achieve security in the friendship, and they share the same quality of seeing things beyond their surface value.

Overall, Virgos and Libras make good friends. They thrive through intellectual discussions, and they'll spend most of their time improving and supporting one another. They also look for aesthetics and the beauty of things such as art and culture. Their shared qualities will be strong, and those qualities will bind them together.

Virgo And Libra At Work

Aside from being lovers and friends, Virgo and Libra can also unite as co-workers. Virgos and Libras unite best when they’re paired together under one team or as business partners. Why? It’s because they look for security in anything they do. Both Virgos and Libras use their intellect to decide on things, so it won’t be difficult for them to work together for a common goal.

For instance, Virgos look for material security while Libras long for intellectual connection. Virgos can give that mental rapport while it won't be difficult for Libras to navigate the material world. As an Earth sign, Virgo relies on pragmatic and realistic ways in solving problems. On the other hand, Libra, as an Air sign, would like to theorize and hypothesize. With this combination, Libra can be the source of ideas, while Virgos will bind those ideas to the real and material world.

There may be some conflicts, but that's something Virgos and Libras can resolve. At times, they may not understand each other, but they can sort those out since they rely on their brains and logical reasoning. Libra would determine what direction to go in this co-worker relationship, while Virgos will steer their direction.


Virgos and Libras may not be the best partners for each other. They have several differences in life that they need to work out before venturing into the relationship. Things may start slow, but they’ll come to a point where they will understand and ‘hear’ each other. After all, they have a contra-antiscia relationship with each other.

As lovers, Virgo and Libra must work together to find their shared qualities. They have several like their taste for pleasure and aesthetic. They also use their intellect to plan and decide on things. As friends, Virgos and Libras seem to complement each other, supporting and motivating one another. As co-workers, they make an excellent team with Libras generating ideas and Virgos putting those into a real-world context.

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