Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility: Two Complex Signs Become One -

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility: Two Complex Signs Become One

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If someone makes a list of the most misunderstood zodiac signs, Virgos and Scorpios will take first and second places. These two also have the most complex personalities since the other zodiac signs often scrutinize them.

But what happens when these two complex signs decide to join forces and be with each other?

You may be surprised, but yes, Virgos and Scorpios represent one of the best zodiac match-ups in the world.  These signs have a lot in common that whatever they pursue, they’re great at it. For one, Virgos and Scorpios look for stability in life, and they value independence and self-sufficiency. They also strive to create an environment conducive for the rational Virgo and the emotional Scorpio.

There may be some differences, but those work out as well with Virgos and Scorpios. Virgos tend to be practical and pragmatic, while Scorpios bask in their emotional tendencies and rely more on their instincts. Virgos tie their feet to the ground while Scorpios would love to soar the sky. Their differences balance each other to create a peaceful and harmonious relationship.

Of course, you should not rely on the zodiac sun signs alone. But the fact that Virgos and Scorpios are excellent matches cancels out the possibility of a lousy match-up between their moon or Venus signs.

This list will give all you need to know about the relationship of Virgos with Scorpios. They can work as friends, colleagues, lovers, and even sex partners. If you’re a Virgo and asking yourself if your Scorpio is a “good” decision, then you’re in the right place!

Virgo And Scorpio General Characteristics

1. General Characteristics of Virgos

Loyal and Trustworthy

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If there's one thing you'd love about Virgos, that would be their tendency to be loyal and to be trustworthy. Virgos see the world through their critical and rational glasses. They think that emotions and instinct must not be a priority over things that matter to them, such as their studies or careers. They involve logic and critical thinking in everything they do, and it's tough to gain the trust of a Virgo.

If you ever landed a spot in their list of trustworthy people, except that they'd be loyal and faithful to you. They'll open themselves to you, and they'll do it in the most straightforward way they can ever think of. Their loyalty to their loved ones extends beyond the grasp of human understanding.

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Analytical and Practical

Virgos also triumph over their incomparable analytical and critical thinking skills. Located at the zodiac's 6th house, Virgos put value into health, fitness, ethics, organization, sense of usefulness, and practicality. As such, Virgos rule their life through a series of rationality and intellectual discourse.

They also hate going into a situation without considering the pros and cons. This characteristic unites all of the earth's signs of the zodiac. They calculate everything and consider every possibility that may arise. As earth signs, they need to be sure and secure before venturing into something unknown.

Judgmental and Critical of Others

Due to their analytical nature and razor-sharp attention to details, Virgos tend to become judgmental and critical of others. They notice the minutest faults in others and, thinking that they're doing that person a favor, they'll point it out. For Virgos, it sounds like constructive criticism, but to others, it's a demeaning comment.


The earth signs also share the same negative trait of being a workaholic. They find emotional relief through material security, which is why they work so hard to achieve their goals. In the case of Virgos, they set standards for themselves that they feel they're coming short of those standards. That tendency manifests into workaholism, and it proves to be unhealthy for Virgos.

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2. General Characteristics of Scorpios


Scorpios value passion and intimacy period! For them, the world runs on a cycle fueled by passion and the desire to achieve something. Once Scorpios found someone or something worthy of their time, they'll put all of their body and soul into that thing or that person.

Scorpios also triumph over physical activities, and they manifest passion into such activities as hiking, running, biking, and yes, sex. Scorpios boast of themselves as the real Kings and Queens of Bed, and they don't disappoint. Once you're with a Scorpio, they'll make sure that they will give you the most intense and most passionate sex ever.

Loyal and Trustworthy

As water signs, Scorpios value emotional connection. They need a partner who will be loyal and trustworthy because Scorpios find it hard to open themselves to people. They become so secretive that they need someone that they can trust to crack them open.

Scorpios return the favor by being loyal and trustworthy to their partner as well. They can devote their whole body and soul to the person they love. They can exert efforts they haven’t done before, and they’ll put their partners at the highest partners.


As with fellow water signs, Scorpios can also perceive the emotional atmosphere and react based on it. However, what makes them different from their fellow water signs is their ability to mask their emotions behind a calm and straightforward façade. This dual personality confuses the other zodiacs, which is why they see Scorpios as manipulative and secretive.

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They also don’t open themselves to people they don’t trust. They’ll guard their emotions and their feelings because Scorpios are afraid people will see them as vulnerable and use these against them.

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Scorpios also tend to be hypersensitive to their emotions. They guard their feelings, yes, but when people hit right through the soft spot, Scorpios will retreat into their shells and dismiss everyone. They can ignore anyone they know and get passive.

Virgo And Scorpio As Lovers

1. Virgo Man/Scorpio Woman Relationship

As earth and water signs, Virgos and Scorpios complement each other in a lot of ways. They can create something never accomplished before, and when this duo joins forces, they'll be a force to reckon with. Virgos tend to be grounded on rationality and practicality, while Scorpios swim in a deep sea of emotions and feelings.

When a Virgo man and a Scorpio woman meet, the friendship will begin, and it will speed to the dating phase. Dating will be superficial because Virgo man will dismiss any emotions they feel while the Scorpio woman will see to it that their true feelings will never rise to the surface.

The Scorpio woman's mystery and charisma will attract the Virgo man, while his practicality and sense of security will charm Scorpio. Virgo men will find the way Scorpio women value their independence and the way they love their bodies.

Once Virgo and the Scorpio decided to take things to the next level, the relationship will get stronger. Virgo will take the extra effort to get to know Scorpio, which will be just an illusion since Scorpio will never reveal her 100% to other people. The harder Virgo tries, the more Scorpio deflects.

Scorpios, on the other hand, will shift the focus to the Virgo. Once the Scorpio woman becomes apparent with her intentions and loyalty, the Virgo man will start to open up. Scorpios will take time to listen as the Virgo becomes transparent and reveals his deepest feelings and desires.

During their relationship, the Virgo man and the Scorpio woman can align their goals and ambitions to create a team that can manifest anything. Both of them put a lot of value on loyalty and trust in the relationship. They also complement each other: the weakness of one becomes the strength of another.

One of the possible problems of a Virgo man/Scorpio woman can be the propensity for jealousy of the Scorpio and the judgmental persona of a Virgo. If a Scorpio woman allows jealousy to rear its head, things may go out of control. On the other hand, Virgos will get crazy taking note of the minutest details and use them in the future to manipulate the Scorpio woman.

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2. Virgo Woman/Scorpio Man Relationship

Things will be more romantic for the Virgo woman and a Scorpio man, and love will be spicier. They both value trust and loyalty and they want a small circle of friends, and they put intimacy on top of everything.

When a Virgo woman and a Scorpio man decided to become a family, the Virgo woman will be the authoritative and secure mom who wants nothing less for her family. She'll do all the budgeting, and she'll create a home so organized and well-built. The Virgo woman will protect her family at all costs.

Virgos will make sure that the Scorpio man will get the best of all worlds during their relationship. She finds the Scorpio man's mystery attractive. She becomes more drawn to him when she discovers that the Scorpio man also possesses a keen sense of practicality, intuition, and deep insights. The Virgo woman would also appreciate the Scorpio man when he can sense that she needs something.

One possible conflict may be due to the Scorpio man's possessiveness and the Virgo woman's incapability to show her emotions. When the Virgo woman lets herself become distant or aloof, the Scorpio man will get eaten by his jealousy and will tend to worry that the Virgo woman is becoming unfaithful.

On the other hand, you can compare a Scorpio man's jealousy and pain to a volcano. The hot and steaming lava may brew inside, waiting for the explosion. Even the smallest crack can burst this lava into a fit of full-blown anger. Once this happens, the Scorpio man's anger and hatred can last a lifetime, and he will never recover from the hurt. The Virgo woman can also sever the trust, and once she does so, no amount of love can repair it back.

The key to a lasting relationship between a Virgo woman and a Scorpio man lies in good communication between the two. The Virgo woman can be an anchor to the Scorpio man when he becomes suffocated in his sea of emotions. The Scorpio man can then teach the Virgo woman how to swim in her depths of feelings. Nevertheless, both Virgos and Scorpios put trust and loyalty above all else in the relationship.

3. Virgo and Scorpio in Bed

The sexual tension between a Scorpio and a Virgo proves to be powerful. Virgos may be the virgins of the zodiac, but that doesn't mean they come without libido. In contrast, Virgos crave sex just as much as a Scorpio does. Virgos may be secretive about it, while Scorpios may be more discreet.

Both Scorpio and Virgo share the same need to keep their sexual lives private. It gives sexual liberation for the Virgo while the Scorpio will be happy as long as Virgo provides him with enough sexual activity. These little “secret” activities make their bonds more substantial, and it also builds their trust with each other.

As they keep their sex lives private, emotions can run wild. During sex, Virgos will submit to the authority and dominance of the Scorpio. Scorpios will then let passion get ahead and give Virgo the best sex it can ever have. Both Virgo and Scorpio open themselves to possibilities and experimentation with sex. They can try their wildest imaginations, and one can be more open with their kinks.

Scorpios respect Virgos, and Virgos don't rush Scorpios. The Scorpio also doesn’t impose too much on Virgos. They’ll wait and let Virgos get nice and comfortable with the situation. Once this happens, both of them can get wild and allow their pleasures to reign.

Virgo And Scorpio as Friends

The match between Scorpios and Virgos transcends any barrier, and they would work well together wherever they are. As much as they would work as lovers, Virgos and Scorpios would also make great friends. They understand each other, and they balance each other's characteristics. One's weakness can be the strength of another, and they support each other no matter what their ambitions are.

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1. Virgos and Scorpios want success.

As an Earth sign, Virgos want nothing but material security. They pursue their goals and ambitions in a path with great precision and accuracy. On the other hand, Scorpios, as water signs, put a desire on top of everything. They set their minds to something, and they'll put 100% of their body and soul to achieve it.

With those things mentioned, Virgos and Scorpios share the same quality of achieving success. Their ways might be different, but as friends, they can steer one another to the right path and teach the other what to do given a situation. Virgos can show Scorpios how to be practical and pragmatic, while Scorpios may show Virgos how to be more empathic and sensitive.

2. They understand each other.

The planet Mercury rules Virgo while Mars and Pluto rule the zodiac Scorpio. Mercury represents communication and perception about the things around the Virgo. The planet Mercury also puts value in rationality, analytical thinking, and logical reasoning. You can say that Mercury ruling Virgo can be in its fullest form.

Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpios represent duality. Pluto rules over enigma, mystery, and depth of personality, while Mars represents desire, aggression, and passion. This combination of ruling planets makes Scorpio such a complex character. They may be passionate, cool, and calm, but underneath lies a depth of emotions and feelings never shown to the world.

When Scorpio and Virgo become friends, they have this innate sense of understanding each other. Virgos will realize that there's some mystery and depth with their Scorpio friends, while Scorpios will enjoy the company of the rational and practical Virgo. Both of them also value loyalty and trust with each other.

3. They balance each other.

Virgos like their feet planted on the ground. They want security, and they don't rush into something without considering the pros and cons. They calculate every move and often solid on their decisions. They open themselves only to people they trust, and gaining the trust of a Virgo might be a little challenging.

Scorpios, as water signs, can be unpredictable and violent at the same time. They're the “go with the flow” people, and they put so much passion into achieving something. When they feel hurt, Scorpios will retreat and become passive. Sometimes, they can burst out of their anger in a fit of passion.

The polarity between Virgo and Scorpios creates a balance in their lives. Virgos can realign the Scorpios when they fell under their fits, while Scorpios can teach Virgos how to provide criticisms without sounding like a judgmental person.

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4. They can work as a team.

As Virgos and Scorpios balance each other, they make a perfect team, capable of manifesting any dreams or goals they have in mind. Once the two of them forged a bond and set their goals straight, nothing can stop them. Scorpios adore the practicality of Virgos, while Virgos will admire the dedication and passion of the Scorpio.

Virgo And Scorpio at Work

When Scorpios and Virgos work together, they make a perfect team to achieve goals in no time. Also, Virgos and Scorpios enjoy each other's company that they often don't find it hard to work well with one another.

At the workplace, Virgos will rely more on order and structure when doing things. Scorpios will want power and authority in the workplace, and the Virgo will have no problem submitting under the dominance of the Scorpio. Virgos know how to navigate the Scorpios despite being complicated, and they have no objections to it. As long as they put their efforts to fair use, all will be well.

Problems may arise when the fixed sign Scorpio clashed with the mutable Virgo. Virgos may notice that Scorpios tend to switch decisions and jump from one process to another without considering the consequences. This adaptability may be seen as inconsistency by the Virgo while Virgos don't like any discrepancies. As much as possible, they would calculate everything before switching to plan B if plan A didn't work.

Overall, the tandem of Virgos and Scorpios in the workplace will prove to be great. Virgos will be the thinkers, while Scorpios will be the doers. Virgos will take any possibility and check it first before informing the Scorpio on what to do next. On the Scorpios part, they enjoy being in authority and asserting their dominance, much like Leos do. They do it more subtly, but having Virgos by their side will be useful.


Overall, Virgos and Scorpios fit each other like puzzle pieces. Their complementary characteristics balance each other, and the weakness of one is the strength of another. They can be great partners either as friends, lovers, sexual partners, or even as coworkers. They can prove that they can be a force to reckon with, and they won't stop at anything to pursue their dreams.

They have to be careful, though, with how they interact with each other. Virgos might hit the soft spot of Scorpios, causing them to retreat. Scorpios' inconsistencies and complexities might annoy the Virgo causing them to lose their trust and loyalty. They have to meet halfway to form a strong and lasting relationship with each other.

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