Virgo man always comes back: Make him stay for good! -

Virgo man always comes back: Make him stay for good!

Does the Virgo man come back when he leaves you? Is there anything you can do so that he never leaves you again?

It’s usual for the Virgo man to leave a relationship whenever he feels like it because of the inherent flightiness of his sign. Appealing to his practical and communicative characteristics can make him stay for good.

The Virgo man is difficult to understand if you only rely on his actions. To build a lasting relationship with him, you need to get to know him deeper and know what makes him tick.

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There are several reasons for the Virgo man to leave a relationship, and sometimes those reasons are not enough to keep him away. He will come back if he thinks things over and realizes that there are more and better reasons for him to be with you.

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If you and the Virgo man work hard to understand and get to know each other through respectful conversations, you will prevent similar issues from driving him away this time. Hard work and patience should come easy if you commit to loving each other through thick and thin. 

This article will show you how to understand the Virgo man and his reasons for leaving and coming back to you. I hope this helps with your issues and make him stay for good!

Understanding the Virgo man

But first, let’s ask, what’s in the Virgo man’s personality that makes him come back to someone he’s already turned his back on? Is he that changeable and indecisive?

The Virgo man is an Earth sign, making him detail-oriented, practical, and hardworking. He loves stability and values perfection in every aspect of his life.

Virgo has a Mutable quality that drives the Virgo man to seek freedom and independence and hate being confined and restricted by routines and rules. This quality makes him flighty and slow in building trust, making him easy to fall in and out of love.

The Virgo man in a relationship is unreliable until he can decide what he wants from his partner and until his partner, in turn, can understand him. It takes a long time and a patient woman to accept and get used to the contradicting qualities that make up the Virgo man’s personality.

The great news is that the Virgo man is ruled by the planet Mercury, making him excel in communication and adept at expressing his feelings and thoughts. The way to a lasting relationship with him is through constant and honest discussion of ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

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Why does the Virgo man leave?

 The Virgo man is one of the most loyal signs of the Zodiac; he will work hard and do anything to keep a relationship going. But there will come a time when the Virgo man gives up and leaves a relationship, and some of his reasons are listed below. 

He’s testing you

The Virgo man will not admit it, but he would get insecure and sometimes wants to be certain of your feelings for him. He will test you by ignoring you and keeping his distance, and if he doesn’t find the reaction he expects, he will soon decide to leave. 

The Virgo man is prone to overthinking and doubting his partner’s actions and words, but being a passive communicator, he will not initiate the conversation. So if you notice him drawing away from you, the thing to do is talk to him and reassure him of your affection and commitment.

He’s heartbroken

The Virgo man may look tough and unfeeling on the outside, but he has a sensitive and soft heart that is easy to break. Take note that the Virgo man won’t show it when he’s hurt. He also values respect and honesty in his relationships that he’ll leave the instant you disregard them.

When the Virgo man is heartbroken, he will need time and space to heal and restore his energy. It’s difficult for the Virgo man to forgive and wipe the slate clean, but it can be done with respect and honesty, nothing else.

He can’t stand conflict

Conflict in a relationship is healthy; it can lead to partners learning about their differences and understanding each other more. But if conflicts stay unresolved between you and the Virgo man, the resulting fights and arguments can drive him away.

The Virgo man is open-minded and calm when facing a conflict, and this has always been useful for him to come up with a clear and objective solution to get to the bottom of the conflict and settle it. He will give up and leave you if you become angry and say hurtful things instead of working with him to solve your problems.

He changed his mind

The Virgo man’s Mutable quality is inescapable; he will change his mind whenever it suits him, which means he can leave a relationship anytime he wants. Accept that he will never be satisfied and will always be in search of perfection.

There’s always a chance for the Virgo man to change his mind and come back, but don’t hold your breath for it. Don’t live your life waiting for him if he can’t give you a good and honest reason for leaving or some certainty that he’ll come back.

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Again, as a mutable sign, your Virgo man can be fickle and unpredictable.

It takes an expert-written guide like Virgo Man Secrets to predict his next moves and understand what he really wants. 

What makes the Virgo man come back?

The Virgo man always comes back for love. He can be flighty and seek freedom all the time, but he will always come back to you if you show him unwavering love and devotion.

Show your love to your Virgo man by respecting his decision to leave and accepting him when he comes back. The following are the possible reasons for him to return to you:

He wants to fix things

The analytical mind of the Virgo man never stops thinking about your relationship even after he leaves you. He will come back if he finds a way to fix your issues, and his perfectionist nature will not give up until he tries everything to make it work with you.

Welcome and encourage your man if he shows his intentions to give your relationship another try. He may appear cold and unfeeling at first but remember that he’s like that when he is focused on a project and wants to succeed.

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He misses you

The Virgo man’s personality tends to love change, but he also longs for the familiar and stable. If he breaks up with you, it’s natural for him to miss the routines he had back when you were together.

He will miss you more if he sees your social media posts and photos that remind him of the life that you used to share with him. It’s good to keep your distance from him unless he contacts you first, but even then, don’t be eager to give all your time to him so that he’ll want to spend more time with you.

He is reassured of your feelings

Reassuring your Virgo man of your feelings will make him come back and restart your relationship. Being honest and telling him how you feel and what you want from him will help him make his decisions.

The Virgo man will think things through for a long time, but he will decide faster if he is assured of your feelings for him. He hates playing games, and if you are direct and open with him, he won’t doubt you again.

He’s had his alone time

When the Virgo man leaves, it’s clear that he wants to be alone, so leave him alone. He will come back if he’s ready and has dealt with his issues on his own.

The Virgo man appreciates it if you respect his needs and maintain your independence and stability. He doesn’t want a clingy and needy partner, and he is most likely to come back if you don’t rely on him too much.

He needs you as a friend

The Virgo man is an unreliable lover but a true friend, and sometimes it’s better to be his friend than to be his partner. To be a partner to him involves a lot of responsibilities and overwhelming pressure for you to be perfect, while he is more forgiving and relaxed as a friend.

If the Virgo man breaks up with you and wants to reconnect after, he most likely needs you back as a friend. Take this as a chance to build a stronger connection with him, but don’t build up your hopes of getting back together unless he is clear about it.

Make your Virgo man stay for good!

Keeping the Virgo man for good is a matter of balance, and it’s difficult but not impossible. You always have to be aware of his current thoughts and feelings; this is for you to know when to show stability and when to give way to change.

The critical thing you need to build with him is an open and respectful line of communication. Take advantage of his love and skill in exchanging information and ideas to make your relationship last.

Talking to your Virgo is the best way to understand him and know the things you need to work on to please him, making him stay committed to the relationship. Good communication is also a way for him to know your needs and where you stand so that he, in turn, can adjust himself and work hard to keep you.  

Fitting in to the high standards and going beyond his thirst for perfectionism also do wonders in making your Virgo man go nowhere but by your side. 

For achieving that, your best bet would be getting your hands on Virgo Expert Anna Kovach's Virgo Man Secrets guide.

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