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What To Do When My Virgo Man Ignores Me?

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All signs have their weaknesses and strengths. A Virgo man's weakness can pose a challenge for relationships, while his strength can make him phenomenal at the workplace, mainly if he works in an office.

Along with Capricorn and Taurus, Virgo is one of the Earth's signs, and it is the sixth sign of the zodiac.

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A Virgo man will give it all for love and is going to be loyal to a fault. It will not be easy to find out why is it you're Virgo man suddenly starts ignoring you. Virgo is very caring and it's often unlikely that they will ignore you.

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Before we deal with your dilemma regarding your Virgo man, we have to know first the reason why. Here are some visible signs and signals we can work out to see why a Virgo man is ignoring you.

He wants his freedom back. Although it is harsh if a Virgo man is ignoring you, he really hopes he can regain his independence back. He put great importance on his freedom, and he will do anything even if it means hurting you to understand what he wants.

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Moreover, there is a possibility that you will receive a lot of missed text messages, unanswered calls, and cold-shouldered treatment from your Virgo man. So, when your Virgo man does this, you need to give a sincere apology so you can get him to talk to you.

You made a big mistake. A Virgo man is a judgmental man, so if he starts ignoring you, that is not a good sign. He cannot quickly get over a mistake, and there is a big chance that you have made a colossal mistake. He may start to see you as not perfect anymore, and he will begin to lose his feelings for you.

He is focused on other things. Another reason why a Virgo man ignores you could be because he has other things on his mind. So if your man has his mind on other things, expect that you will get little attention and time from him.

He is not into you. If a Virgo man is not into you or if you are not his type, unfortunately, he is not a straight-to-a-point type of guy. Instead, he will choose to ignore you.

Based on the dating experts, most of the men that have earth sign in their zodiacs, such as Virgo and Taurus, would rather just ignore you and let you understand the situation on your own so they will not feel guilty of hurting your feelings or dumping you. He does this in hopes that you would forget about him eventually.

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You are too clingy for his liking. One thing you should know is that all Virgo men value their freedom so much. So if you are the type of girlfriend who is too constricting and requires a lot of time and attention from his man, then you will be blacklisted by a Virgo man, for he hates that kind of attitude.

It makes him feel restricted and stuck, and he does not feel comfortable with it. This is the reason why he ignores to let you see and understand that he needs some time away from you for a while. 

He feels insecure. Have you ever wondered what it means when your Virgo man starts ignoring you? His insecurity could be one of the reasons why.

A Virgo man is often characterized as a low-key and modest type of person. But there is underlying insecurity in this man's modesty and will think that you are too good for him.

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He feels significant pressure coming from you. For a Virgo man, when someone wants too much from him, he thinks that it is a lot on his shoulders, and he cannot stand it. And if you have been very demanding, that could lead to him feeling pressure from you. This can lead to stressing him out, and he may start to stop caring for you.

He is preoccupied. Some may not realize it, but most Virgos tend to be forgetful. His busy life might cause him to pay less attention to you. If you're wondering why your Virgo man is ignoring you lately, one reason could be is that he's too busy and preoccupied with something important. 

He is feeling neglected. In case a Virgo man is feeling neglected, he can be vengeful and do the same thing to you. In this way, he is sending you signs to let you know how much he is hurting and also because he can be narrow-minded like that.

He finds you dull and boring. Do you ever catch yourself thinking, why does your Virgo man never notices you? It is because he is overcritical. Being picky is such a Virgo trait.

Perhaps he saw that you two do not complement each other, and he finds you dull and not amusing. It is just because he is not that into you, so do not think of it as your fault that he is ignoring you.

He is annoyed at you. When a Virgo man is annoyed, he can be distant and pulls away from you. If he discovers something in you that really upsets and disdains him, he can be demanding, and he would start to distance himself from you.  

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He wants to put an end to your commitment. Disregarding your emotions and efforts is the best option your Virgo man could ever think of if he wants to put an end to your relationship. Do not punish yourself when your Virgo man starts ignoring you.

Just give him time and space to decide on what would be the best resolution for the problem you have in your relationship. Soon enough, you will find yourself starting to adjust to him not being around.

He caught you lying to him. Virgos are very smart and very attentive, so lying to them won't be easy. A Virgo man would be upset if he caught you lying to him since honesty is one of the principles he believes in a relationship. He desires an honest and genuine relationship where both partners are open to each other about anything.

Remember, excuses will not work with a Virgo man. He will see right into your lies. Don't ever lie to a Virgo man, for he will surely ignore you unless you tell him the reason why you lied to him. 

How Do I Get My Virgo Man To Stop Ignoring Me?

If a Virgo man in your life has been ignoring you, then the challenge for you is how you will calm your Virgo man's critical and overanalyzing mind, for he will likely have dangerous feelings developing in his heart, such as doubt in you or your relationship.

You need to settle your problems with your Virgo man to develop a compromise before thoughts of ending your connection start to get into him. Here are some ways that will help a Virgo man to stop distancing himself from you and stops ignoring you.

Understand his reasons for being upset.

Virgo man's viewpoints are certain. They hold stubbornly onto their values. Virgos are free-spirited and independent types of persons. For them, relationships are like responsibilities too. 

When a Virgo man's feelings was hurt and offended, they may become rude and will lash out at you. If you ask for his forgiveness, then you may need to overcome a verbal assault. Communication is crucial for a Virgo man, and he will likely let you know if you have done something that displeases him.

Be gentle and respectful with your words if you are seeking his forgiveness. He may act in a defensive way about his harsh behavior, so you may need to tread lightly if ever you two have the chance to talk. 

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Acknowledge and accept his feelings.

It is crucial to respect and accept a Virgo man's feelings concerning the discussion you two are about to have. You may feel like you two are fighting over something that is so trivial that it confuses you on what is really the real deal of him ignoring you. But know that these petty disagreements or problems have already piled up that are causing him to feel negative towards you. 

It is essential to listen to his thought and learn what changes he needs the person in his life to make.

One of the most challenging aspects of making your Virgo man forgive you is to have an open mind and patience to overpower and calm his mind with intrusive and negative thoughts. 

Make amends and fix the situation.

In every relationship that a Virgo man is involved in, he puts great importance and value on respect and honesty with his partner. He is curious and interested in your plans for the future. He has thought through every aspect of this relationship and discussion.

He is particular in knowing your plans, and he wants to make sure that you are willing to make changes in your life once you two will be together.

Regarding the issues that have caused an impact on your relationship, let a Virgo man know about how you intend to behave in the future. You should have an optimistic view of the future with him.

You should always look toward the future when navigating this point in the conversation. Be conscious and sensitive towards the feelings of your Virgo man, and it is essential that you need to be honest this time. 

There is nothing more important than communication within this relationship. It is important to continue speaking with him every time he needs to talk about this subject. Tell your Virgo man everything about your thoughts and feelings, and surely, he will listen. 

Once you two develop a compromise, it is essential that you need to be open and calm once he brought back this issue you have, even though it has been resolved already. There is nothing more important than communication within this relationship.

In this way, your man would be comfortable every time you two need to have a conversation to settle a problem in your relationship. This reminds your Virgo man of his principles in life.


A Virgo guy is trustworthy, loyal, and faithful to the woman he loves. If problems arise in your relationship, the right communication is almost always the key, and couples therapy is usually very efficient when dealing with a Virgo man.

Understand that your Virgo man values his freedom so much. Be careful with your words and actions that could affect your partner. Be patient with your man and respect each other. Trust that later you two will develop a compromise.

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