Virgo Man When Hurt: Will He Show It? -

Virgo Man When Hurt: Will He Show It?

How do you know when the Virgo man is hurting? Can you make it up to him?

The Virgo man won’t show it when he’s hurt, preferring to keep it to himself until it’s too late and any chance of forgiveness from him is gone. Understanding his personality will let you know when he’s hurt and when to apologize to him. 

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The Virgo man does not handle his feelings well, so he prefers to hold them in and restrain his reactions. You will not see him sad or angry, but he will show other signs of being hurt.

Even though a Virgo man always comes back to you after arguments, knowing when the Virgo man is hurt is a great tool for building an open communication line with him. Talking and connecting with him through calm and mature conversations is the best tool for dealing with his hurt feelings.

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Keep reading to learn all about the Virgo man’s personality and how he acts and shows his hurt feelings. You will also learn how to make sense of his actions and deal with them to build a stronger relationship with him.

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Hurting the Virgo man

To know when a Virgo man is hurt, you first need to know how his personality works. How does he handle his feelings, and what hurts him?

The Virgo man is a Mutable Earth sign, giving him the contradicting qualities of being stubborn or hardheaded and having a changeable mind. He is very determined and never gives up on reaching for his goals; at the same time, his mind is always looking for ways to improve and perfect his life.

The Virgo man is not ruled by his emotions, and he relies on his intelligence and rational thinking to make his decisions. He is not prone to outbursts of emotions because he is excellent at dealing with them through calm thinking and diplomatic discussions.

The Virgo man has the planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods, as his ruler; thus, communicating is a great and valuable skill for him. He welcomes anyone honest and open-minded to discuss their thoughts and feelings with him.

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To the Virgo man, there are no hurt feelings or offenses that can’t be resolved with proper communication. He can get hurt but can be convinced to let bygones be bygones through rational and reasonable thinking.  

How to tell when he’s hurt?  

Hurting the Virgo man seems impossible because he is too reserved and always in control of his emotions. But no matter how much he may hide it, his actions betray his hidden feelings.

The Virgo man’s hurt feelings must be expressed or resolved, or they will build up inside him and turn into resentment too big to resolve. Below are signs to look for when you want to know if your Virgo man is hurt.

He gets very quiet

The Virgo man is quick to forgive, but he can take some harsh words to heart. His repressed feelings can weigh him down and make him hold back his words.

When the communicative Virgo man keeps quiet, he’s waiting for you to own up to your actions and apologize to him. He may act polite and respond to you, but he is no longer as open or honest as before.

He avoids you

Keeping his distance and withdrawing himself from you is his way of preventing conflict. He may be good at repressing his emotions, but he can’t keep them inside him for long.

If you refuse to reach out to him first, it will hurt his ego that you can’t lower your pride for him. He will see you as someone not worth spending time with and may lose interest in you in no time.

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He stops prioritizing you

If you hurt the Virgo man or ignore him, you will notice him putting you at the bottom of his list. He is a busy man with all his goals and priorities, but he will make time for you if he thinks you care for him as much as he cares for you.

The Virgo man shows his affection by sharing his time and helping you in any way he can. He will find it harder to give up his time for you if you only give him pain for his effort.

He keeps busy

The Virgo man who is hurting will hate to stay sad or depressed. He will keep busy with his work and fill his mind with other activities to distract himself from dwelling on his hurt feelings.

The Virgo man can avoid dealing with his hurt feeling by staying busy, but this is only a short-term fix. Sooner or later, too much stress from a busy lifestyle will wear him out and add pressure to his bottled-up feelings.

He has a short temper     

The Virgo man keeps his emotions to himself, and pretty soon, his pain will want an outlet. He is quicker to lose his temper, and even minor mistakes from you will get significant emotional reactions from him.  

If the Virgo man gets angry and expresses it, it’s his way of letting all his feelings out without being aware of it. He can be so used to dealing with his mind that he has forgotten how to handle things with his heart.

Thus, your Virgo man might need extra patience during this time.

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He criticizes you

The Virgo man is a perfectionist and always on the hunt for improvements and solutions to problems in his life. When you hurt him, he may take it personally and respond by seeing only your faults and criticizing everything you say or do.

The Virgo man is critical to you because it can also be his way of letting out his frustrations on you and getting back at you. He can be petty and vengeful due to his weakness in dealing with feelings; his criticisms may become less constructive and more hurtful.

He doesn’t trust you

The Virgo man finds it hard to trust people around him because he is always looking for those who will deceive or trick him. He will second-guess your loyalty to him if you hurt him with or without your intentions.

The Virgo man gets hurt because he allows himself to be vulnerable to you. He will not be vulnerable and open to you again if you betray his trust.

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He doesn’t forgive you

The Virgo man is not one to carry grudges, but he can get hurt too deep that he can never forgive. If he keeps repressing his feelings, it will make him harder to forget and forgive.

It’s not easy for the Virgo man to forgive, thinking and fearing that this will get him hurt again. He also puts a high value on fairness and justice that he will hold his forgiveness to make sure that you get punished for the wrong you’ve done.

What to do when he’s hurt?  

The heartbroken Virgo man will not cry or be dramatic about his issues. He will prefer to talk about them with you as long as you initiate the conversation with him.

Once you see the signs that he is hurting, take the first step and reach out to him. Remember, he forgives as long as forgiving is the rational thing to do.

Think about it

You need to think things over before talking to your hurting Virgo man. Understand the situation, look into your past actions, and recall all the words you’ve said.

Don’t focus on yourself and your perspective; put yourself in his shoes to have an idea of how he feels and thinks. Use reason and logic to go over your issues and win your case for his forgiveness.

Make a sincere apology

Once you find your faults and shortcomings, you can ask with sincerity for the Virgo man’s forgiveness. Make him feel your regret for hurting him and your willingness to do everything for his forgiveness.

Don’t ask for the Virgo man’s forgiveness because you want to lessen your guilt or make you feel better. Apologize to him to let him know you feel bad that you hurt him and that it’s a mistake you will never make again.

Give him time

After you apologize to the Virgo man, the best thing to do is let him have all the time he needs to heal. As long as you’ve said everything you needed to say, keep your distance so he can make up his mind without any pressure from you.

But giving him time doesn’t mean ignoring him; you can still connect with him if he calls or texts first. Tell him that you are always available whenever he needs you to clear things out and support him.

Have time for yourself

Take this time to better yourself; reflect on your mistakes, and learn from this experience. Prepare a new and improved you and make your Virgo man see how much you are willing to change for the better.

When the Virgo man sees how hard you work to earn his forgiveness, he will want to go back to the way things were. He is not a sentimental person, but he will admire your determination and stability, convincing him to give your relationship another try.

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