Virgo Rising (Also Known As Virgo Ascendant): Facts About It -

Virgo Rising (Also Known As Virgo Ascendant): Facts About It

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Ordinarily, it is common knowledge the person's zodiac sign, also known as the sun sign. We are all aware of the importance of knowing one's zodiac because it describes dominant character traits that make up a person's personality. It allows us to understand more about the triggers, strengths, and weaknesses of a person by knowing the nature of their inner self.

Getting to know others takes time. The first impression comes first. Your rising sign comes in for this. One's rising plays the role of defining the person as to how others perceive them, the social personality, as some may call it.

When one is said to be a Virgo Rising, it means they were born while Venus was on the rise, specifically at the eastern horizon. It means that the first impression you give out to other people is that of Virgo. Others would often describe you as put-together, neat, one who loves animals, a nature lover, a perfectionist, or even a person who is well organized.

At least in appearance, you seem good-mannered and reserved, and yet not very intimidating. You have a natural aura of intellect, and others do not often take you lightly, albeit you are not the aggressive type. Your natural way of eloquence is one is that is received well by those around you.

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You will begin to understand how this is working in your life. It is all about how others perceive you as a person. Looking in the mirror, with your sun sign, you will see the reflection of your inner self. But with your rising sign, it will be of the person you project to your outside world.

It may be the same with your true nature if your sun sign is also Virgo. However, if it isn't, it will seamlessly complement your sun sign. We know that we often conceal who we are inside before new acquaintances. Only those who have been with us for a long time will see beyond our outer appearances.


The outer personality you give off is one who had things figured out; this is so because Virgo is known for her perfectionist character. It is also true with the way you would like to get things done. In applying for jobs, you would seem confident with your interviews, as with someone who prepared for it the night before. Your calm demeanor with your wit will only add to your edge.

Your output will often be spot on, and during challenging roles, you can make practical decisions. You also are more likely to make detailed plans, almost to the minute details that you often get the most practical way in your team. Your performance will be noted by managers soon enough.

As a people manager, it is easy for your team to come to you for struggles, but at the same time, it is challenging for them to match what they perceive as one that you expect: perfection. Be wary of your tendency to micro-manage your team members, though, for even when it organizes your team's trajectory, this often prohibits the growth of each team player, including you.

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You may become a candidate for promotion sooner than others because you present your ideas to your team and how strategic they often are. Still, without much of a competitive character, you may not be all too eager to grab the opportunity.  You must be able to motivate yourself and learn which option to take when your work is appreciated. Be careful not to pass the important ones.

Love and Relationships

In relationships, others will find it easy to be comfortable with you. Others also find it easy to talk to you with different concerns because of your kind demeanor. You will be able to share with them your intellect without coming in too aggressive in expressing your point of view.

In romance, you are most likely the compassionate partner. Virgo has a strong feminine personality. Being an earth sign, they work their way into the world with her natural tendency to nurture life and connections. You are a caring partner, even to your family. And because of your attention to detail, you become sensitive to their feelings and moods.

The same applies to other relationships, such as family and friends. Your natural tendency to nurture provides comfort to those close to you. People who encounter you feel a certain calm around your presence. Your aura is that of Venus, after all – pure, clean, and perfection. Some may even find refuge in your company when their world is not too peaceful. Your friends may often call on you after a hectic week.

If they find you intimidating at all, it is only because of your perfectionist nature that will come into play when dealing with them. Your advice may be more practical and efficient, but this is hardly what others constantly want to hear when facing emotional challenges.

Your perfectionist nature, on the other hand, may be an issue if it becomes too dominant. As compassionate as you may be, your keen observation skills may also highlight your partner's imperfections much too often than they may be comfortable hearing. Hence, a sense of self-awareness may come in handy during these times.

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Personal Life

It is easy when you are around familiar surroundings to be just yourself. However, the moment you step out of your social circle, things need to be tweaked. A little subtlety here, a bit of polishing there; Virgo is good at presenting herself, being very self-aware. The aura of perfection, the beauty Venus exudes to anyone who sees her.

People who have just met you will see the perfection, how orderly you have set your life. You say the right words and look your best all the time. You trigger connection and openness from other people because you portray a personal goal, to always look their best. Your strong sense of self-awareness includes how you manage your physicality – the right mix of clothing, the proper trim of hair, the air of confidence, and yet no arrogance at all.

As they come closer and closer into your circle, your inner self will begin to show. Your sun sign defines your inner person. But that is not what we are talking about here, now. First impressions are as important as knowing your inner self, and Virgos knows how to do this best.

But that is not all. Indeed, being well organized and perfect sound all too much work, but when you do not need that, you would be happy in the presence of nature; after all, Virgo is an earth sign with a knack for scenic beauty or playtime with your pet, or an afternoon with a good book.

A great way to pass the time is a stroll in the park when you need to clear your head or consider getting a pet. Virgos are natural pet lovers with their love of cuddly pups and kitties. A pet would surely amuse your time, no matter the level of fluffiness or size.

And even when you are always the eager helper in your group, time alone may also be an excuse to clean up the house and complete your list of chores. You can't help it, a part of you is still a Virgo, and cleanliness is next to godliness.

Say you are an Aries and Virgo Rising person, one who loves exploring new things and challenges, that Virgo Rising part of you will keep you to complete the task before going unto the next. And before the Aries in you get bored enough to find a new exciting thing, the Virgo in you will be happy to make sure you perfect the current task first.


If at all, a Virgo rising is a great card to have on your deck. It provides for a good entrance into society wherever you are. It is a part of you that makes you avoid looking awkward in the face of a new crowd or old high school friends you have not seen for years at your high school reunion.

Your tendency to look your best the moment you step out of your door provides for an entrance that a lot of people hope to, with the least effort as you do. You provide others that someone to look up to, who would not want to look well-versed in their own life when the world often goes into chaos.

You want to keep things looking neat and organized; keep that up. But not only in your physical appearance, maintain the order in your life as much as you can do in all areas. It is also essential to keep the balance between your priorities, and control, when necessary, your urge to micro-manage things and people in your life.

But how things will turn up for you depends on how you will make the most of what you have. Virgo Rising may be able to get you perfection, but it can also make you all too vain. Tread carefully, and keep that self-awareness to the point.

Finally, you are at a great start in life; unlike some, you are at least a couple of steps ahead. The perfect Virgo favors you. It gives you the right ways to allow you entry into the life of others in the best way possible. Stay your cheerful self and use this card as a way to widen your social association, improve your wellbeing, and maintain peace in your life.

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