Virgo Sun Virgo Moon: You Have A Sensitive Soul -

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon: You Have A Sensitive Soul

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You have a combination that is assertive and trendy. You like to keep yourself updated with everything, so you research.

Your double Virgo in your luminaries makes you very intuitive. You can see through the soul of an individual by scanning them.

You observe them keenly that they cannot hide anything from you. You are not easy to manipulate or fool because you have an insightful capacity.

The Virgo Sun Virgo Moon are lovely people who never forget. You remember things, and you constantly analyze people or situations. When you need to express your opinions logically, they can expect you to leave modesty behind.

You are loyal and trustworthy to your partner and co-workers. Although you are not very romantic, you want a mental connection with people.

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It is most likely that you would not start a conversation with people who cannot keep up. You want to interact with someone who has an intellectual point of view.

You are likely to discriminate against whom you associate yourself with. You carefully choose the people you want to get to know more on a deeper level. You value your time, so you like to spend time with someone who you think deserves it.

You think through every subject backed by your observations. It can be challenging to change your opinion and convince you otherwise.

You can be open in accepting advice, though, but it should reasonably pass your criteria. You get to life by using your mind and ambitious nature.

You detest superficial and dishonest people who want to make your escape. Another trait that you dislike is being too emotional. It is not that you are too detached; it is that mental capacity attracts you more.

As a cautious person, people can expect you not to take risks. You would do the same routine you do every day.

You respect norms and rules so much that you are careful in what you do. For example, you are careful with what you wear and how you act in public.

As a result, you are a person who likes security and conformity. You would not want to deviate from what is ordinary or popular.

You want to belong to the society that you are in, so you follow. You respect the law where you go, and it makes you feel safe.

When problems arise, you are likely to fix things with the traditional procedure. You apply conventional methods in dealing with them. You are likely to use it when you know it worked in the past.

You live for rules, and you are not the revolutionary type. You stick to what you know and how it used to.

It may seem that you cannot deal with difficulties, but you are beyond capable. You look shy and self-restrained, but your mind is full of thoughts.

Your kindness hides a meaningful and determined character. Your mind's thinking capacity is fast, and there is a challenge you cannot face.

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You are a double Virgo who constantly criticizes, and you start with yourself. You see problems and defects in everyone and everything, including yours.

Your self-criticism must not affect your emotional aspect. You have a perfectionist attitude so imagine the pressure you put on yourself.

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Even though you always look for what is wrong, you should also appreciate what you did right. Yes, you want to live up to the standards you set for yourself.

But it would be great to look less at your weakness and celebrate your strengths. Self-appreciation is essential to continue to improve your talents and skills.

You are kind, and your love extends to others. You like to help other people in any way you can offer. You can have an inspiring career being a doctor or politician.

Being successful in your career will make you happy. But the most crucial is to do something that puts your talents to good use.

Aside from your thoughtfulness, you believe that your intelligence is your greatest asset. Your inner power could help you every step of the way. When you persevere and be courageous, you become effective.

You can also excel in a profession that involves deep analysis and calculation. It can be a job with numbers that needs precision.

You are academically talented, but you rarely argue. You can be a writer or scientist because you stick to conventional procedures.

You prefer to hold on to your ideas, but you are open to what others have. Virgo sun Virgo moon individuals are likely to execute a plan that has been boggling your mind.

As long as you have a direction to follow, you work efficiently and quickly. No one can stop you from applying systematic ways along the way.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon in Love and Relationships

The Virgo Sun Virgo Moon combination is very independent. Your love for freedom has emphasized when you have this blend. There is a way of doing things that you cannot give up.

And so, having a partner is challenging when they enter your life. There might be changes, but you are not open to it.

Eventually, you would want your partner to adjust to your ways. You mold your special someone into your routines and make them behave like you. It can cause conflict, especially when you have someone who has ways of their own.

You are inflexible, and it can be difficult for you to compromise. You are a strong individual who does not rush in deciding on commitments. It would be great if you learn how to make adjustments and adapt to the situations.

When you are someone who does not like to take commands or instructions, then it is a problem. You have a demanding nature that can push your partner or spouse away. It can lead to arguments, and unfortunately, it makes a relationship or marriage ends.

You are not the emotional type, and you prefer practicality. Your approach is pragmatic, and you are not sure how to express your emotions. You have to take your time to relax to show your feelings to your partner.

It would be best to have someone supporting you, but you seek perfection. You may not be interested if you see your potential partner being lazy or messy.

You have many things to say about your partner, and you like to correct them as well. It can be a bit suffocating if you do not have an understanding partner.

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You are prone to nagging when you are under stress or pressure. It is because you always desire improvement in every aspect of life. There is a chance that you close yourself and not communicate with your lover.

When you can sense that your partner is investing their feelings in the relationship, you become loyal. You give your devotion to your partner when you feel that they exert efforts.

It makes you happy when you feel loved and important to your partner. You may seem cold, but you appreciate their actions.

On your part, you also make efforts to make the relationship better. Virgo sun Virgo moon is likely to support their partner in their chosen career and hobbies.

You have common sense, and you are initiative. You want to be the leader in the relationship, and you are likely to dominate.


Your Virgo Sun Virgo Moon combination must be more relaxed and tolerant. For the sake of longevity of relationships and friendships, it would be great to adapt. You must learn how to respect other people’s wishes and learn to compromise.

You might be unaware of your unacceptable behavior. So being able to change for the better would be fantastic.

You can become more tolerant and understanding of other people. It helps you when you accept your differences without commenting negatively.

But despite your annoying traits, you have a good heart. You desire to help others sincerely and to the best of your ability. You are analytical which allows you to make decisions fast and precise.

Your intelligence is your asset that makes you excel in any work. Whatever profession you choose, you are likely to be successful because you are skillful and practical. In addition to your organizational skills, you like to keep order in things and life.

If you cannot stand being with the crowd, you have no problem being alone. You prefer to be on your own than forcing yourself to get along with others. Your high demands can be the reason why it is challenging to create a connection.

You become choosy when it comes to the people you spend time with. If you do not like someone or something, you tell it straight. You have no hesitations whatsoever in voicing out your opinions because you are direct and honest.

Your combination makes you prone to having a judgmental mind. You criticize a lot and tell them your opinion, which can offend others. You can be a difficult person to live with all your rules and demands.

Although you cling to your habits, you can be adventurous sometimes. It is surprising, though, since it is uncommon for you. Because you want to analyze things, you like to research and reach the world for it.

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