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Water Manifestation – Everything you need to know about!

Water is life. Life is not possible without water, which makes water the most essential thing for survival. With this being said, it is significantly connected with us, living things. Even our bodies are made up of 70% water. Amazing right?

Water is a powerful energy and allows for healing. It is a non-negotiable that we should learn to wield this element. We should utilize this powerful element for the good. We must have a deeper understanding of the nature of water to use it on manifesting.

As we all are familiar with, the intention is a critical element of the law of attraction. Our intentions release specific energies that affect our connection with the universe and our manifestation. By being clear about your intention, you can manifest whatever good you desire. You can do it through various techniques like visualization, affirmations, and other procedures.

Water and its Intricacies

Water has been used since the beginning of time. Its sacred and healing characteristics have been recognized and used since ancient times. Water has been a sign of purity, healing, cleansing, and many more.

We are able to understand more as we live through the years. Water has been and is continuously involved in sacred events such as baptisms and many more in different cultures. Every culture keeps and holds its reverence for water. Water deities, spirits, and other holy creatures are also existent in other cultures.

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Through technological advancements, we are able to discover much about water. We found how water can conduct energy. And nowadays, we use it as a source of electrical energy through hydropower plants.

Dr. Masaru Emoto researched how outside factors influence water structure. Dr. Emoto recorded this in his book entitled ‘The Message from Water.” His study provided hard evidence on how human vibrational energy, thoughts, energy, words, ideas, and music affects water structure.

Dr. Masaru learned the difference in structure between clean and dirty water. He found quite a vast gap between the two types of water. Fresh and clean water molecules are neatly arranged, while dirty and polluted water are disorganized and lack structure.

He tried exposing water to different outside influences and stimuli, as mentioned above. The result of the experiment was monumental.

Water exposed to positive stimuli (pleasant emotions such as love and appreciation) took on organized and beautifully formed geometric patterns. On the other hand, water exposed to negative stimuli (harsher emotions like fear, anger, and hate) has scattered and disorganized patterns. This research was also done using other elements such as music, written intentions with different water sources.

We also know, based on the experiment, how water has memory. This element holds its pattern until reversed or restructured. Have you watched frozen II? It’s like the scene where Elsa finds Ahtohallan and recovers the truth because of memories. Interesting, right?

Indeed, the universe is full of mysteries. The water element is more than we give it credit for. This element is flowy and open to change. Its ability to transition through different states, may it be physically and energetically, is remarkable.

Blessing Your Water

The most basic technique of water manifestation is to bless your water. For whatever use it may be. Practice thinking positive thoughts and sending positive energy when you are in contact with any water. It could be while you are taking a bath, where water is covering your body.

  • When you shower, you can use the cleansing power (not only physically but internally) of water. Envision the water washing off all the negativities off of your body. Your thought affects the structure and energy of water, so you must focus.
  • After cleansing your body of negativities, you can then focus and envision water as a coating. Coat your body with positivity and good things. Allow the water to be your shield for today.
  • When you wash your hands, which we often do, you can think of some things you’re thankful for. Practicing gratitude raises your vibrational energy, which tunes in with your dreams with higher frequency. When you do this every time you wash your hands, you are maintaining your high vibrational frequency.

You can also charge your drinking. This type of water is the water that makes its entrance into your body. It has a deeper connection with your overall elements.

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Charging Your Drinking Water

We already talked about the research regarding restructuring water by thoughts and emotions. Now, it’s time to put the theory to application. Infuse your drinking water with clear and good intentions.

  • Choose a special or comfortable container for your water. It is advised that the container uses natural materials such as glass, metal, or ceramic. Having a connection with your container is also helpful.
  • Choose your water. You can use spring water or tap water of good quality. If you sense your water is not perfectly clean, you can boil it. After boiling your water, please wait for it to cool down before proceeding.
  • Take a moment. There is no rush in doing this process. Just relax and take several breaths with your water. You can connect with it by holding the container or hovering your hands around it. Whatever action that you feel like being called to.

    There are many ways to release your manifestation and infuse your water with your preferred energy. Here are some methods which you can try.

  • State your affirmation out loud, or you can write it on a piece of paper. If you have chosen to write it, you can place it under your container or on it.
  • This activity may be a little tricky, so you would need to focus. While visualizing, project your vision into the water.
  • You can put crystals in your water as well. You can also just leave the crystals outside and surround the container instead.
  • Herbs! They contain healing properties as well. They will help energize the water and enhance its ability to heal.
  • You can also place your water under the sunlight or moonlight (full moon)
  • The last step is settling on a combination you feel most comfortable with. Then letting your water rest for about 10 minutes or so. It’s your call. You can let it rest for however long feels best. After letting it rest… ta-da! Your special water is ready to drink. Drink it with gratitude. There are a lot of things to be thankful for!

Labeling Your Water

Words are powerful elements. It is interrelated with many concepts and contributes significantly to the energy you are projecting. As you may have known, affirmations are one of the things present when manifesting.

Positive words charge you with positive energy and help you reach a level of vibrational frequency. In the same sense, labeling your water holds the same power. It’s also like blessing your water.

One of the things you can learn from Dr. Emaru’s book is that labels are enough to transform. You either bless something or curse it. Words are literally a matter of life and death. These facts give emphasis on how words are powerful. It’s powerful enough to transform!

Labeling your container with positive affirmations is one of the effective ways to manifest with water. You can make labels of your own using materials available at your home. You can also just buy water bottle labels online. Some labels are waterproof, which can last for a long time. Again, it’s your call.

  • First things first, an important step is to have a pen or marker.
  • Get your blank paper or label.
  • Time to write your affirmation/s! Keeping it short and specific is okay. Here are some examples you might find helpful.
  • Abundant Life
  • A+ Grades this semester!
  • Find the love of my life.
  • Better relationships
  • Forgiveness

Crystal Water Bottle Method

Crystals help in amplifying your energy. Using crystal water bottles is one of the trendy and fun ways to manifest. You can find products like these online. The difference is that some products actually have crystals in contact with your water. If you are uncomfortable with these, you should try crystal water bottles with crystals but are encapsulated. So you’re sure that the crystals are near and not touching your water.

Water Ritual

Similar to the Full Moon Ritual, the water ritual is another effective practice for water manifestation. This ritual can help the water inside your body connect with that of the earth. With this, you are able to tune in and set your frequency according to your desire.

In doing this ritual, you can choose a natural body of water. Oceans, lakes, rivers, or springs, and others. Again, your emotions and intentions are essential in manifestation through this ritual.

Here are the suggested steps in conducting this method.

If you have chosen a natural body of water…

  • Acknowledge the body of water. It would be best if you acknowledged that it is alive and filled with memories. It is also a home for many. You can honor the body of water by sincerely taking the time to express gratitude.
  • Set your intention. You can do this verbally, mentally, or by means of writing. Ask this body of water to cleanse and restructure your being to the frequency to desire.
  • Connect and immerse with the water. You can do this by swimming, touching or spending time near the body of water. Again, it’s upon your call however long this process may take. You can do this as long as you feel it’s best to.

In the bath…

  • Set your intentions. Intentions are key. Take the time to give thanks for the source of water. The convenience you are experiencing is also something you should be thanking for. Envision the water cleansing your body both physically and inwardly.
  • You can add crystals, including candles and herbs, during your bath as well. They will help welcome positivity and positive energy in your ritual.

As water ritual is also practiced in the bath, this guide on spiritual bathing may be of interest to you.

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The 2 Cup Method

Another way to manifest with water is through this technique. This method infuses your more profound understanding of water and quantum leaping.

Quantum leaping is a concept by Neils Bohr over a hundred years ago. It is a theory about the discontinuous transitions between different quantum states. The idea is that an electron of one energy level in an atom jumps to another. In other words, it's a transition of energy from one state to the other.

Here are steps that will guide you in employing this method.

  • Prepare two cups, a pen, two pieces of paper, and clean drinking water.
  • Think of something specific that you would like to set in motion.
  • On your first paper, write words that describe your present situation. You can write your physical condition and how you feel about the particular situation.
  • After you're done writing on the first piece of paper, it’s time to stick it onto the first glass.
  • Slowly pour water into the first glass. As you pour the water, acknowledge all the present emotions about the current situation written. Don’t be bothered about the amount of water you should pour. The amount does not matter as much. You can have 8 ounces minimum. It’s your choice and preference.
  • Now prepare the second piece of paper. In this piece, write about your ideal outcome. Write precisely what you would like to transform or manifest about the situation you are focusing on. Again it is advised to be specific. Write everything in detail and with specificity. Mention the emotions that you would feel once you receive this manifestation fully.
  • After writing on the second piece, stick it to the second glass.
  • Slowly pour the water from the first glass into the second glass. While doing this, visualize your manifestation and have a grateful heart. Upon visualizing, feel the joy of being able to receive and achieve your goal. You can manifest money, a car, or anything.
  • Now you can drink the water from the second glass with joy. Be thankful for what you are receiving and for those yet to come.
  • Go on with your day with gratitude and happiness. Believe that you will have whatever good you desire in time.

In this method, the water from the glass serves as the medium of the energetic leap. This leap is the step that will help you manifest your desire. This method may be very easy and convenient, but its results can be very worth it.

Setting Anchors

You can set anchors to manifest with water. Anchors are a very familiar thing used in large ships. Anchors keep the vessel from moving further from where it's meant to be. This is also the exact purpose of having anchors in our everyday life.

Keeping ourselves grounded about what we want in life is helpful. Having small exercises every day that reminds us of our goals helps a lot in manifesting. We have a lot to do during the day so that these things can fill our minds with worries. So it’s nice to set anchors to the ground and remind us of our affirmations.

These anchors put us back on course and interrupt the negative thoughts we may have accumulated. This is quite a simple method that you would like to include throughout your day. This method is also powerfully connected with your intentions and affirmations.

All you need to do is think of a positive thought or affirmations and express gratitude. Do these things every time you are about to do something. You can do this during your times in a day when you’re in contact with water. An action that you do multiple times a day is best.

You can do this while washing your hands. Since we wash our hands multiple times a day, we do it every day. This is the most accessible and most feasible situation to incorporate this method in.

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What if Water Manifestation Fails?

Manifestation with water does work. There are a lot of variables to consider. Some things take longer to come to you than others. If you notice and worry about it too much, it might interrupt your manifestation.

Good things take time. Patience is essential in our manifestation life. None of these manifestation techniques will not magically and immediately grant us anything. You need to exert your effort in tuning in your energy and acting upon your goals. They take time, and of course, you need to believe. All of these won’t work with doubt controlling your mind.

See? It’s more than just doing something and expecting something immediately. It’s a process that you must trust. If you are experiencing troubles or sense that nothing is happening, there could be a blockage.

Blockages can be blocking positive things from coming into your life. You should figure out and pinpoint these blockages. After that, you may resume your journey. That is why it’s essential to release and let go of all negativities.

Trying is the first step to winning, so do not give up and lose hope. If you want something to happen, you need to do something. Make a move today and practice having a grateful heart. You got this!

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