Wedding Dress Dream Meaning & Interpretation: Where your Dream Fit? -

Wedding Dress Dream Meaning & Interpretation: Where your Dream Fit?

Now and then, we often have bizarre and beautiful dreams. One of these is wedding dress dreams.

Wedding dreams such as wedding dresses or wedding rings often relate to commitment. When you have this type of dream, it means that you are ready to commit to a purpose or a relationship altogether. If you have seen a wedding dress in the dream, it could also mean that you are emotionally attached to a person.

It could also be that you have an emotional attachment to certain things or behaviors.

In general, having wedding dress dreams reflects your feelings about commitment. Nonetheless, dreams about wedding dresses have varied meanings. Thus, it's best to examine them once you are awake from your dream.

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Let's continue with the article.

Want to find out the complete details behind the wedding dress dreams? Explore with us and dive deep into the various meaning of wedding dress dreams.

Ruined Wedding Dress

Dreaming about a ruined wedding dress represents your fears and possible problems. These fears and problems will be about your relationship or any other commitments. It may also show a past event that has ruined your perfectly planned wedding.

To know precisely which meaning fits your dream, you have to assess what you have been thinking. Do you keep on thinking about your ruined wedding? Or, are you having problems or fears that your relationship could go wrong?

Examine these areas of your life and get enlightened with your dream's true meaning.

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Soiled Wedding Dress

To dream about a soiled wedding dress indicates concern about the bride's purity. It could be that you are no longer a virgin or pregnant before the wedding. The dream itself represents the feeling of guilt or getting trapped in a bad situation.

Blood on the Wedding Dress

If you see a wedding dress marred by blood, it indicates unwanted personal issues. These issues can potentially ruin your wedding. It's best to deal with these issues head-on to prevent any commitment problems in the future.

Somebody Ruined the Wedding Dress

When you see that your wedding dress got ruined by somebody, it represents troubles. These troubles may come from your bad choices in life. It's for your good that you will check your life's choices to prevent these troubles upfront.

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Try to look at your dream context and figure out where the problem lies and find the solution for it.

Dog Ruining Your Dress

To dream about a dog ruining your dress means that someone who once was loyal to you will end up betraying you. Try to be careful around with people you trust the most and try not to easily trust anybody.

Wedding Dress Fitting Dreams

Dreaming about wedding dress fittings comes in varied meanings.

Too Small Wedding Dress

When a wedding dress is too small for you, it means that you care too much about your appearance. If you dream that you are losing weight to fit into your wedding dress, it means that you are ready to commit. This dream also indicates your full commitment to achieve your goals.

Too Big Wedding Dress

If you dream that all your wedding dress choices are too big for you, this means that the wedding isn't right for you. It could be that you are with the wrong person or you are not ready to commit yet.

Assess if you really want this wedding to push through or you're only there because of the pressure. It could also be that you're under a lot of stress. Examine where the problem lies and take the necessary action.

Wedding Dress Colors

Dreaming about different colors of wedding dress has varied meanings. Find what each color means below.

Pink Wedding Dress

Putting on a pink wedding dress in a dream conveys love, happiness, affection, and more. This color also implies healing through love. Although the union is sweet, the color also implies your immaturity in love.

If you dream this, try to be mature enough in your relationship to gain long-lasting happiness.

Red Wedding Dress

Dreaming about a red wedding dress indicates harmful intentions. These hostile intentions can be through lying, stealing, or cheating. It could also mean that you are trying to intimidate others to get what you want.

Having a red wedding dress dream usually denotes a negative meaning. This color of wedding dress means that you will have a hard time accepting a negative situation.

Black Wedding Dress

If you dream about a black wedding dress, you feel the pressure to commit. This commitment can be to your partner, a project, or other long-term choices.

Wearing a wedding dress with black shoes in your dream symbolizes your fear of making a permanent choice . This choice is a lifetime choice, so you have to be wise and make the right decision.

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Blue Wedding Dress

To dream of a Blue wedding dress represents vast, endless opportunities. This opportunity can be for your self-discovery, renewal, and freedom. You feel so free and very open about your future choices.

Dreams on Wearing a Wedding Dress

If you dream about wearing a wedding dress outside marriage, it means that you think so highly of yourself. You love putting yourself on a pedestal. Others see you as a full of pride person.

You always love to be the center of attention. You believe that you deserve all the admiration and adoration of other people. Nonetheless, you have to be careful about how you treat other people.

If you can't help putting yourself on a pedestal, at least never try to look down on others or hurt their feelings. Remember that karma is real. What you do to others will always come back to you tenfold. So try to be friendly or civil as much as possible.

Someone Else Wearing a Wedding Dress

When you see someone in their wedding dress, it could mean that you are jealous of their current state. It could be that they are living a better life or they have something that you want. Whatever it is, remember that jealousy isn't right, so try to put it aside.

Wearing a Wedding Dress outside Marriage

If you see someone wearing a wedding dress outside marriage, it signifies insecurity. It could be that you feel inferior to that person subconsciously. Try to remember who that person is and determine why you feel that way.

After that, understand that each one of us is unique. Accept yourself for who you are and then do better things for yourself and others. Never compare yourself to others as we go through different things in our lives.

Stay true always to yourself.

Wedding Dress and Death

To dream about both wedding dress and death signify your uncertainty about commitment. It could also be that you feel so choked about a particular situation in your life. Try to see which situation fits your dream and apply the necessary action.


To dream about wedding dresses is a beautiful dream in general. These kinds of dreams mean a magical gift in life. Nonetheless, you have to know how to use these gifts accordingly to change your life for the better.

Wedding dreams denotes a creative outpouring of positive energy for a brighter future. Yet, dreams, in general, have varied meanings. Thus, to get the appropriate meaning of your dream, assess your life's situation first. See where your dream best fit and start interpreting from there.

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