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What a Leo man looks for in a woman? (11 Secret Traits)

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As you might already know, a Leo man is like the king of the jungle. He commands respect and has the attention of many people, especially women. Thus, it’s best to know the various traits he likes in a woman to work in acquiring them.

A Leo is very open to dating different types of women, as he can get along quickly with everyone. He also has that magnetic personality that draws women to him without lifting a finger. So, it's always ideal to have the upper hand and successfully bag this man's affection.

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You also need to ensure to grasp his Leo traits to formulate a strategy to win his heart, not only his attention.

So, what are the traits of a Leo man? Let's find out.

Traits of a Leo Man

Leos are one of the most aggressive and confident signs in the zodiac. It's typical for them to be fearless, charismatic and powerful and often get what they want in life.

They are also optimistic and always choose to see the good side of everything rather than see one wrong side.

Thus, if you happen to win a Leo man's heart, it's advisable that you shouldn't be whiny and be positive at all times. A Leo doesn't want any negative energies surrounding him, so he tends to run out to get away when he senses it.

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Other traits of a Leo man that you should know are the following:

  • Outgoing
  • Passionate
  • Impulsive
  • Affectionate
  • Warm Cheerful

Leos are also dignified, loyal, playful, generous and ambitious. On the flip side, Leos can also be demanding, egotistical, domineering and stubborn. So, it's best to expect that this man can be too much for you to handle, sometimes.

So, what are the traits that a Leo man likes in a woman?

What a Leo man looks for in a woman?

Since Leo is the type of man you can usually see exciting the crowd, being interesting is your best weapon. This man of the zodiac is always in the front row of many things, including women's attention.

So, how can you dazzle a Leo man? Uncover all the traits that you will need below.

#1 Loyal

A Leo man wants a woman with whom he can trust his deepest secrets with. He's the type that will go through thick and thin with you. Thus, it's essential to let him see that he can trust you.

Never show any actions that will make him disappoint you. Once he sees your loyalty in him, he will likely ensure to show his interest in you.

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#2 Independent

Another trait that a Leo man likes in a woman is her independence. He wants a woman who is passionate about going after her life goals and stands her own ground no matter what. He wants to see his woman living her life to the fullest and do what she loves.

Thus, make sure to let him see that you are doing your own thing while supporting him in the things he wants to do. This way, he will see your value and difference.

#3 Beautiful inside and out

You can captivate a Leo through your beauty. Nonetheless, it's enough to make him stay. He needs a woman who's beautiful, not just on the exterior but also within. So, consider enhancing not only your face but also your attitude.

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Captivating him through his eyes and heart will ensure that you will win his whole being. This way, you will know that he's attached to you deeply and not momentarily.

#4 Respectable

As you might already know, reputation is essential to a Leo guy. He works hard and behaves well to maintain his dignity and stature in the community. Thus, it will help if you carry yourself well, especially in public eyes.

Be the woman he will be proud of to his colleagues, family, friends, and community. Once he sees that you can add value to his life, you will likely get his interest and commitment.

If you're curious to know other ways to get his commitment, I wrote an article on how to make a Leo man commit.

#5 Ambitious

Leos are naturally ambitious. They always go forward in life and go after their goals. They're the type that won't stop unless they achieve what they want in life and expect their partners to do the same. Thus, if you're romantically acquainted with a Leo, you better be a go-getter to keep his interest in you.

Let a Leo man see that you are ambitious and ferocious in going after your life goals and gain his admiration.

#6 Interesting

Wrapping a Leo man's attention and love is possible as long as you keep things interesting. Leo is born as a natural actor, so having a bit of drama in the relationship is inevitable. He finds drama as a medicine to his boredom.

Thus, level-headed arguments will keep his boredom out and keep his interest. A Leo likes a woman who can challenge and tame the Lion in him. This way, you can provide the balance that this fiery man of the zodiac wants in his life.

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#7 Creative

Being the fifth house (house of creative) ruler, he wants a woman to share his passion for creativity. He has a deep interest in a woman who knows how to draw, sing, act, and dance, to name a few. Thus, it will not be difficult for you to get his attention if you are someone with a creative spirit.

Be subtle and show him that you possess the qualities he has been looking for in a woman. After that, he will likely take action and chase you as a result.

Also, there are other ways to make him chase you. Check out this guide on what to do to make a Leo man chase you to learn more.

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#8 Affectionate

As you might already know, Leos are very physical. They love to touch, hold, kiss, and cuddle the woman he likes. Thus, when it comes to giving affection, don't hold yourself back. Shower your Leo guy with love and care and he will likely not let you go.

When you two meet and talk about various things, lean forward and meet his eyes. If there's something funny in your conversation, laugh and tap his arms. Depending on how close you are to a Leo, you can kiss or hug him in a private place.

Public display of affection is a big no-no to Leo as he is working hard to maintain his honor, dignity, and name. So, it will help if you initiated intimate actions in private, not in public, to avoid frustrating him.

#9 Intelligent

A Leo is a sucker for intelligent women. Although he is a visual person, it can come secondary. He can't fall in love with a woman who isn't capable of stimulating his mind.

When a woman is beautiful, it's a sure thing that a Leo can get the momentary attraction to her. Nevertheless, it won't be long before he calls it quits. Thus, ensure to seep into the deep feelings of a Leo and you will be able to have him for long.

Show your intelligence by engaging him in an intellectual conversation. Leo's mind is full of wonder and is highly intelligent. Thus, appealing to his theoretical side is a must to make you linger in his mind.

#10 Humble

One of the characteristics of a woman that a Leo man likes is humbleness. He wants to be with a woman who has genuine care for others around her. So, if you're a woman who loves to help without having to post it on social media, it will be easy to get the attention and interest of a Leo man.

Broadcasting your good works through social sites is one way to raise the brow of a Leo. It will make him question the intention of the good work done for other people and lose his trust.

#11 Confident

A confident woman is what a Leo man wants in his life. His emotion is easily swayed when he sees a woman who is confident in herself. Thus, if the Leo man you've been crushing on is with you, don't slouch in any way.

Have a good posture and let your presence speak.

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If it's your goal to conquer a Leo man's heart and attention, you must know the traits that he admires. This way, you will have insights into how to tap into a Leo man's feelings to get his attention for the long term.

Ensure to make your relationship exciting and make him feel special always. Nonetheless, don't overdo this to avoid being a pushover into the Leo man's world.

Leos have high standards when it comes to women they're dating, but no standard is ever too high for a woman who knows what she wants, right?

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