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What attracts a Taurus man to an Aries woman: Perfect fit?

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Opposites attract when it comes to the Taurus man and Aries woman. For him, she is a breath of fresh air to his calm, but sometimes boring, life.

The Taurus man is attracted to the Aries woman because she is his complete opposite. Like a puzzle piece, her energetic, spontaneous, and larger-than-life characteristics fill up the lacking parts of his personality.

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The warm and passionate Aries woman can be the soulmate to the cool and stubborn Taurus man, the missing half to complete his split soul. And he loves that he doesn’t need to change his personality to fit hers.

But different personalities can clash, and the initial thrill that comes from the novelty of the relationship can wear off. Will the match between the Taurus man and Aries woman prove to be a perfect and lasting fit?

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This article is all about the attraction between the Taurus man and Aries woman and how they are the perfect fit for each other.

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Who is the Taurus man?

The Taurus man is a Fixed Earth sign with an unchanging and stubborn personality. Being ruled by Venus, he also has a sensitive, almost feminine, view of love and relationships.

The Taurus man is a very loyal person and seeks long-term union and harmony in his life. He is very dependable, and although it takes him a long time to make his decisions, he always keeps his word and hates backing out on his promises.

The Taurus man is uncomfortable showing his emotions, so he usually presents a calm and unfeeling demeanor. He only opens up to someone once he is 100% sure of his feelings and has complete trust in that person.

The Taurus man in a relationship is a relaxed partner and likes to be taken care of and looked after. He prefers the comfort of staying and hanging out at home over going out and meeting friends.

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Who is the Aries woman?

The Aries woman is a Cardinal Fire sign with a wild and fiery personality. Ruled by Mars, she has a masculine quality that makes her aggressive and driven.

The Aries woman is a faithful and supportive partner. She has so much energy in her that her partner can’t help but be influenced by her contagious energy.

The Aries woman is not afraid to show her emotions and opinions. She is often called loud and dramatic, and her strong opinions can rub people the wrong way, but she doesn’t care.

Inside the Aries woman is the undying need to be the first at everything and to be the hero to someone. Using her practical sense and high intelligence, she strives to be the best at what she does and be the problem-solver for other people.

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What attracts a Taurus man to an Aries woman?

Nothing can be more different to the Venus-ruled Earth sign Taurus than the Mars-ruled Fire sign Aries. 

The Taurus man is taken by her the moment they meet. The Taurus man sees a fascinating woman in the Aries woman and finds many attractive things about her.

Her warmth and passion

The Taurus man is drawn to the Aries woman by her warmth and fire in living her life, having unending enthusiasm to enjoy everything in her life. 

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She never gives up even in the tough times but enjoys every challenge, always going after what she wants no matter what.

The Aries woman, in turn, loves being with the Taurus man because he keeps her grounded. He gives her the chance to relax and recharge, preventing her fire from burning out.

Her sense of style

The Taurus man’s excellent taste and love for the arts are piqued by the Aries woman’s sense of style. She dresses in a classy and modern way, but her sensual inner fire comes out to grab the attention of everyone.

Everything about the Aries woman exudes confidence and good taste, making her the center of attention. The Taurus man will play it cool, but he is completely captivated by her that he’s already planning his next moves to be close to her.

Her playfulness

The Taurus man admires the Aries woman’s ability to see the world with child-like wonder and silliness. She makes him feel light and forget the demanding life he lives.

The Taurus man laughs more when she’s around an Aries woman. She makes him forget his inhibitions and brings out his sensitive and emotional side.

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Her leadership

The Aries woman has the fire of leadership in her that can pose a threat to the ego of most men. But the Taurus man is an exception; he admires a woman with a definite direction in life and who has the guts to lead anyone in that direction.

The mister-play-it-safe Taurus man needs an Aries woman who is brave in taking risks. He who is sometimes reluctant and cautious in making his decisions admires her courage and determination.

Her forward-thinking attitude

The Taurus man loves her ability to always look to the future without being tied down by the past and present. He sometimes gets stuck with his worries, but she gives him the optimism that pushes him to move forward.

But the Taurus man’s stubborn nature can clash with the Aries woman’s impatience and inability to stay still. They need to work through this by being honest and having constant communication. 

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She shares his interests

The Aries woman has a masculine quality that makes her interested in male-dominated sports and activities. She enjoys playing and watching sports, the outdoors, and even building or fixing things.

She has her own thing

The Aries man is her own woman, independent and ambitious. The Taurus man loves that she is a go-getter who doesn’t rely on him; he already has a lot on his plate, so he doesn’t need another responsibility.

The Taurus man loves to see her accomplish challenging projects, learn new skills, and solve personal problems with a can-do attitude. It makes him proud to be with a woman who doesn’t need him but wants to be with him just because she loves him.

She inspires him

The Aries woman inspires the Taurus man to be more open-minded and less stubborn. He becomes more active and moving when he’s around her because her energy is just infectious to him.

The Taurus man who loves the calm and familiar will eventually get stuck into boring routines. The Aries woman inspires him to keep making dreams and always aspire to be better.

She takes care of him

The Aries woman is the most supportive person the Taurus man can find, and he will not be ashamed to rely on her. He loves her supportive nature, helping him without making him feel inadequate or weak.

They are sexually compatible

These two signs are such opposites that they delight in holding back and giving in to each other’s desires.

This push and pull between the Taurus man and Aries woman is erotic and always drives them wild. She initiates and leads him to be adventurous, and he makes her slow down so they can enjoy the pleasure that every moment brings.   

They understand each other

Being different doesn’t mean the Taurus man and Aries woman understand each other. They will argue, but they will always make up because they know precisely how to compromise and reconcile with each other.

The Taurus man understands that the Aries woman’s anger is fiery but fleeting, so he always waits for her to cool down. 

They make a great team

Together, the Taurus man and the Aries woman make a great team because they balance and complement each other. They support each other’s weaknesses and bring out their strengths to achieve common goals and aspirations.

But great teams come with significant challenges. For the Taurus man and Aries woman, their most critical challenge is accepting and working through the many differences in their personalities.

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