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What happens when you ignore a Pisces man: Tread lightly!

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Distancing yourself from anyone is always tricky. You’ll never know for sure what results or reactions you’re going to get.

In no one is this fact more evident than in the Pisces man. His unpredictable and fluid personality will make it hard for you to know how he’ll react if you ignore him.

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Keep reading to know more about the Pisces man and his possible reactions if you ignore him.

The personality of the Pisces man

Pisces is a Mutable Water sign ruled by the planet Neptune, the god of the seas and oceans. Represented by The Fish, the Pisces man is as unpredictable and slippery.

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The Pisces man is the archetypal artist: talented and passionate but moody and disorganized. His idealistic and creative personality often wins over logic and reason, making him struggle to stay grounded.

Being the most emotional sign in the Zodiac, the Pisces man values his feelings above anything else. He has constantly shifting moods but is very good at understanding and empathizing with others.  

The Pisces man shows his Fish personality through his need to have the freedom to float care-free through life. He also has an escapist personality that makes him swim away from life conflicts; he will slip through your fingers if mishandled.

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A relationship with the Pisces man is a romantic and emotional one. His idealistic and optimistic qualities will make you happy and hopeful in your relationship, but his impossible standards and shifting moods will drive you crazy.

The Pisces man shows love through feelings and gestures rather than verbal and intellectual connections. His needs for intimacy/attention and space/alone time will shift with his moods and are very difficult to predict.

Things to consider before ignoring the Pisces man

The reaction of the Pisces man to being ignored depends on several things or factors. Before ignoring him, it helps to know some of these factors to know what to expect.

Factor 1: His feelings for you

Naturally, if the Pisces man has deep affection and love for you, he will chase you and do everything for you to stop ignoring him. If he doesn’t care about you or no longer wants you back into his life, then he will let you go without a word.

The Pisces man in love with you is sensitive and hurts easily. If you ignore him out of the blue, he will feel that you disregarded his feelings, and it may cause him to mistrust you in the future.

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Factor 2: His level of commitment

If your Pisces man has been in a long-term relationship with you and you ignore him all of a sudden, he will seek you out to get to the bottom of your action. But if you are casually dating or have only been on a few dates, you ignoring him will send a message that you are no longer interested, and that will likely not bother him at all.

Ignoring your Pisces man with whom you’ve shared years of your life will more likely chase you than the man you’ve only known for a few months. He will also need more explanation from you for ignoring or needing some time away from him.

Factor 3: His current life

When you leave your Pisces man while he’s feeling down and low, he will miss you more and chase after you sooner because you make him feel secure and happy. If you choose to ignore him when he is busy living a happy and exciting period in his life, your absence is not likely to be noticed by him.

The Pisces man’s decisions and actions in life are heavily affected by his emotions. If you want your man to feel your absence and chase you, then timing his emotions is the key to the reaction you want.

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Factor 4: Your reason for ignoring him

Understanding your reasons for ignoring your Pisces man will make you know how to go about ignoring him and what reactions to expect from him. If your intention in ignoring him is to test him and catch his attention, then a complete no contact rule is unnecessary.

If you and your Pisces man have just broken up and you want to ignore him so you can move on faster or so you can make him come back to you, then the no contact rule of 2-3 months is what you would need.

What happens when you ignore a Pisces man?

Ignoring your Pisces man can be the breath of life or the death sentence to your relationship, so tread lightly. Here are some of the possible outcomes from ignoring him and how to deal with them.

He gets hurt

As I’ve already told you, the Pisces man is very emotional. If he feels strongly for you, then he will take the blow and get hurt when you ignore him.

It helps to let your Pisces man know if you want to take a break from your relationship. Talking to him will soften the blow and clear any misunderstanding he may have with the situation.

He gets angry

Anger may form from the pain your Pisces man feels from your actions. Know that he has such a fluid personality that getting mad is a normal reaction.

The best thing to do here is not to match his anger with anger; trust that he will not get mad for very long. Keep calm and be patient in explaining to him your reasons and be honest about it.

He misses you

Missing you is a sign that he feels a lot of changes in his life caused by your absence. This is when he realizes that you made an impact on his life.

The Pisces man will contact you to tell you he misses you, but missing you without any plan of action from him is not what you want. You have to hold back a little longer, wait for him to say that he wants you back, and be a better partner to you.

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He chases after you

This is what you want if you are only testing him and want him back in your life. But before you two hit that restart button, you need to have a long and honest talk about the future of your relationship.

You and your Pisces man can take this chance to talk over everything that needs to be discussed before you can move on with your relationship. Be honest with each other and leave no grievances and bitterness untold and unrecognized.

He appeals to friends

The Pisces man knows the importance of outside support when it comes to relationship problems. He will seek support and confide in his friends or your mutual friends.

The best-case scenario is when your Pisces man appeals to his and your friends to help you get back together. But he can also paint you out as the bad guy of the story, or worse, if he’s okay with you ignoring him, he will let you know through friends that he is doing fine without you.

He wants to be friends with you

The Pisces man intent on getting you back will wave the friendship flag. He knows that getting back into your good books means being a good friend to you.

If he cares about you, your Pisces man will empathize with you and understand your reasons for backing off from him. He will show you his sincerity by being patient and showing you how great a friend he can be.

He stops trusting you

The Pisces man will feel that you are playing with his feelings if he learns that you are ignoring him as a test. This will mean that you don’t trust him, which can become a serious issue in your relationship.

Remember that you don’t test the feelings of the Pisces man when he has already fully committed and proclaimed his love for you. What you do need to test is your Pisces man who is indecisive and blows hot and cold on you.

He distances himself completely

It’s not unthinkable that the Pisces man will back off and distance himself completely if you ignore him. Remember that he’s a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, and he followed your lead because he also needs the space and time away from you.

If your Pisces man shows no intention of coming back, then that’s a sign that he was playing you and only waited for you to call it off. If this was the case, accept it and consider it lucky that you are finally rid of him.

He moves on with a new relationship

Your Pisces man may get together with another woman soon after you take a break from each other. This is not a definite sign that he has moved on and that it’s over for you.

In most cases, The Pisces man moving into a new relationship is his way of getting over his old one. Wait and see if his new relationship will last, all while keeping yourself from dating to let him know that you were honest about your purpose in wanting a break from him.

However, it can be too painful to watch. I mean, how can seeing the one you love making someone else happy not hurt?

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