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What Happens When Your Twin Flame Dies: Is it over?

Death can be a sensitive topic for some people but let's face it, we all die. It is only a matter of when and how it will happen than makes it unpredictable.

The separation of twin flames in death is devastating, but it is not the end. It is an illusion because their death is just a transformation.

After you meet your twin flame, you always look forward to happy endings. You want to spend time with them and live longer together.

But for some, unexpected things happen beyond our control. It can even trigger resurfacing fears of being alone or losing a loved one.

There is no easy way to move on when your twin flame dies. It is a struggle to cope and find a reason to continue living.

No one can assure your immediate healing from your loss. You can ask a guide for professional help so you can recover.

Trust the process if you can sense that your emotions are under control. You can also ask someone who can help you with spiritual techniques to move on.

You see, according to Ernest Hemingway, there are two kinds of death. The first one is the burying of your body in the ground or the passing of your physical body.

The second one will be when someone speaks your name for the last time. Hemingway has works that show how fascinated he is by death.

For him, death was an absolute finality that heightened, sharpened, and encapsulated his consciousness. He used simple language on the surface, but his works are deliberate and artificial.

Although the saying does not paint the exact picture, it makes sense. Death is not the destruction of a person's soul because they can still exist.

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What does it feel like when your twin flame dies?

Losing someone dearly is immense pain in your chest. It is like your heart is ripped open, knowing that they have gone to the other side.

Somehow, describing the feeling falls short of words. But it is similar to when twin flames come together, and one decides to run away.

The awakened twin can experience soul shock again for some time. Your souls are joined no matter your relationship with your twin flame in this life.

It is very painful thinking that your twin is dying. Many thoughts would cross your mind, and it is scary.

Some people don't even want to think about it because it is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, it becomes a reality for some people because no one can prepare for it.

You mourn when your loved one dies because they are very important to you. They fill a unique and irreplaceable spot in your heart.

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Not every relationship is the same such as partners, siblings, cousins, friends, and colleagues. The more significant the person in your life, the more likely you have more feelings for them.

As a result, your life bears a great impact after the death of a loved one. You are dealing with your heartache but still provide comfort for those who also love them.

It becomes one of the most painful and challenging experiences you will have to endure. Overwhelming feelings swarm throughout your body, and it extremely makes you sad.

Sometimes, you cannot even identify the difficult emotions present at the moment. It can range from shock, despair, regret, guilt, and many more.

You feel numb and do not want to feel anything anymore because it hurts. You can even be angry with what is happening because you want to be together longer.

You will most likely find it difficult to accept that they are gone. You struggle to see how you can ever recover and move forward.

Your sorrow or grief is not just an emotional response. It is possible that it can trigger a physical reaction and impair your health.

You can lose appetite and affect your weight. You can also have difficulty sleeping because of the unbearable pain of loss.

Your low immune system becomes trouble because you are susceptible to illness. Some people cannot be consoled that they isolate themselves from everyone else.

Other people look strong that they can carry on as if nothing happened. They mourn but use work as a distraction to do something productive.

Either way, it is up to every individual how they deal with this tragedy. Whether it is a short-term or long-term solution, they are both valid.

Many would say that the best love stories do not have to end up a tragedy. But who are we to judge the situation, especially since everyone faces their spiritual journey?

It is essential to understand that the journey is yours. It is not about someone else or being dependent on anyone.

Souls come here on Earth to learn something important for ascension. The spirit can never experience it without a physical form.

Just like the importance of separation, it becomes an eye-opener. You begin to understand what love and oneness really mean.

Even if twin flames help each other in their spiritual journey, they learn individually. You have the ability and chance for self-reflection because they mirror you.

You begin to love yourself when you see the person who perfectly mirrors you. You get to overcome insecurities, and you become highly spiritual.

You begin to understand the surrounding energies because you have heightened your senses.

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Does Soul Connection exist after Death?

Remember that the twin flame connection is a soul bond, not merely physical. So to speak, about the twin flames, the connection does not end after the death of one.

It becomes an eternal connection bound to last for many lifetimes. Beyond the twin flame connection is the concept of Universal Oneness.

It means that everyone and everything has one divine source or energetic field. Another concept we like to tackle is reincarnation.

It is how the soul evolves, which is a natural phenomenon. Thinking about this can be comforting for someone who lost a partner.

You know that you will be reunited, and it can be reassuring to believe in. Your heart contains wisdom, and it can be the root of consciousness.

You have your soul's evolution and destiny coded in your heart. That is why some say consciousness resides not in the brain but in the heart.

Therefore, your telepathic, psychic, and energy connection is alive. It is safe to say that you are not alone because they are always watching over you.

It is also possible that you can sense them if you concentrate enough. Some people opt to speak to a medium during this process.

But others prefer to take the course of going without one. You can still feel their presence as you long for them after they are gone.

There may be times during meditation when they are near you. And there will be a moment when you suddenly feel relieved.

It is something twin flames know if they allow themselves to look inside. Some say it is only possible to feel your twin flame with you if you let go of doubt.

Doubts about the things that may seem impossible to the naked eyes resurface. When you release tension and hesitation, you experience them on a different level.

As a twin flame who lost their ultimate soul partner, it is terrifying. But later on, you will understand how powerful your connection with each other is.

You can still share a deep energy system and aura like they were alive. What you carry can still affect your twin flame, and likewise.

And so, it is vital to be aware of your energy and not allow negativity to cloud you. If you feel stressed and troubled, it will pass on to them.

The same goes when you return to find happiness once again. When you find the right direction that steers you to your purpose, you also make them happy.

Every person must have a tragic event in their life that no one can comprehend. It may seem cruel and harsh, but as you look back, you feel the triumph.

There is always something greater than ourselves and this life. Not just our emotions and actions make life a big deal.

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When the physical connection of the twin flame ends, other significant parts of it continue. It lives on far more than most people understand with the meaning of life.

Some situations happen to teach you a lesson. Moreover, those lessons that come from human pain are much more memorable.

When the lesson is associated with a strong emotion like pain, it sticks in your mind. You may think the world is unfair when the person you are bound to die.

If you think that your twin flame is the only person who can help you, it's not true. You will meet many people that contribute to your soul growth.

However, your twin flame is someone extraordinarily linked to you. They are not totally gone when they die, but they return to the nonphysical realm.

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Since they are still around, it is still possible to communicate with them. They can also interact and reach out to you in mysteriously weird ways.

They do not want you to stop living your life because they left the earth plane earlier. They probably want you to keep living and reach your goals.

They will look after you always, and you can always love them. So, there so a need to sulk in sadness forever.

Instead of prolonging your agony with regrets, face the next chapter in life with grace. No matter where you are, your twin flame always supports you even in your darkest moments.

They love you and continue to deliver home and love messages to you. You can still communicate with them, which another article will explain.

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