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What is a Lightworker? Your Ultimate Guide!

Lightworkers are exceptionally gifted and strong individuals with the potential to change and make a difference in the world. They have a natural high frequency and gravitate towards helping other people. Their life-long duty is serving humanity.

As a lightworker, you fight the natural flow of things, especially if what's considered natural gives way to a system of wrongdoings. Unlike other people who are minding their own business and racing to be on top, you're caught up in looking after everyone's well-being.

You were never one to move according to your personal interests because you feel it in you that the universe put you on earth for a higher purpose. You have the courage to follow the divine path laid out for you and to stand by it.

You are a beacon of hope, and you march forward relentlessly even if you are alone in your journey. In a world filled with anguish and suffering, you do not withhold your ability to heal the broken. You are drawn to anything that needs fixing.

You are a natural empath- caring and treating all living beings with equal kindness and portraying a selfless service. Not everyone could understand the manner in which you go out of your way for a complete stranger.

Walking in solitude does not make you ignorant; quite the opposite, you cultivate knowledge and impart it to other people. When everyone seems to turn their back on someone, you are the type to believe that they still have it in them to let goodness prevail.

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Cleansing prayer

May the negative energy I have absorbed from others quietly flow away from me, and that the heavy emotions they have transferred will be soon purged out of my system. Free me from the shackles of a chaotic mental and spiritual state.

Unpack my burdens, lighten my feet to continue with my journey, and strengthen my core to remain upright in my cosmic mission. I want the universe to feel me with gratitude and peace instead.

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13 Signs That You Are a Lightworker

  1. You know for yourself that more extraordinary things await you. You do not settle for a mediocre purpose and know that the universe has put you in an exquisite pattern of destiny. Your life not only centers around you but with others as well as you bring them to their higher consciousness.
  2. You're years ahead of your time, like an old soul trapped in a young man's body. You view the world in a philosophical sense and lean heavily in your intuition as you let your instincts and insight push you forward. Your wisdom and knowledge are admirable traits that people will see in you.
    When you were a child and even now, others tend to misunderstand you because you have a unique point of view, as if you know things that they don't and live in a period that's not your own. Your refusal to submit and lose your individuality to belong will cause them to draw their distance from you.
  3. You don't take these prejudices to heart and use this solitude as a time to contemplate what really matters. Although you like helping others, you know that it's wise to develop your own values first and solidify your identity before serving others with full capability. Your maturity is what often sets you apart from others.
    Extending a hand to people comes naturally. You do it with such lightness- no expectations of a person owing you and no ulterior motives. You do it because it's a want and a need.
    But despite involving yourself in other people's business, you tend to be a recluse. Most of the time, you give what you can, so it is a small reprieve to have some parts of you denied from the general public. Being sensitive to other people's energy may be advantageous in assessing their needs, but it can also overwhelm you when you stay in their presence for too long.
    To be able to endure, you must have some time to yourself to reflect and replenish. Well-versed in the art of listening, you're often chosen as someone's confidant. They vent out to you, and you absorb their feelings like a sponge.
    You have an air of understanding, and the empath in you reaches out to them in their time of suffering, but this can be draining in more ways than one- emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It might even affect your physical well-being.
  4. Your childhood years were far from being a walk in the park. There were many traumas and emotional pain inflicted on you, and some of them that, until now, you haven't quite recovered from. Your young mind often questioned your unworthiness for you to receive such treatment; But now that you've grown up, you know that you did not deserve any of it.
    You do not invalidate how you feel about your past experiences, but you no longer dwell on them. You believe that you were just a victim of circumstances and that some of them were necessary for your personal growth. You may not wish the same agony on others, but you are thankful for the strength you gained out of it.
    It may have hardened your exterior, but it has softened your core with compassion for the predicament of others. It is through the abandonment and hardships you experienced that you are able to connect better with others. You know where they are coming from and how much understanding they need.
    Some people are just pushed over the edge because no one believes in them. As a lightworker, it is your duty to rid yourself of granting judgments to people before hearing their side of the story. Because even the worse sinner is able to repent once he makes an effort to change his ways and the divine realm would finally cast their light upon them. Your main drive in life is your devotion to helping people.
    If there's a problem that needs fixing, you're quick on your feet to resolve it. You often find yourself restless if you leave it be. Such an attitude requires involving yourself in other people's business even if they didn't ask for it.
    Because of your high altruism, you often find yourself on a difficult path where you need to sacrifice now and then. You think of problems that are well beyond you. You were never satisfied with the status quo because there's a nagging voice in you that there is more that you should do; That there is more that people with power could have done.
    Not one to wait for others to act, you take matters into your own hand. You’re idealistic and like to point out areas where people could make improvements. If taken the wrong way, others would view you as a pedantic person, but for those who appreciate your insight, it can be consoling that someone actually cares about things that others would simply neglect.
    It would serve you well if you’re cautious enough because having a hero complex would earn a few enemies along the way, and betrayal could be waiting at every turn. No matter your intention, if the other party has no plans to meet you halfway in the first place, it would only end poorly.
  5. Because of the internal hell you've suffered at a younger age, you tend to put up defenses around you and have developed a pessimistic perspective in the past. Your traumas have affected your mental state, but you realize that your reaction to the situations you were in is only normal through your spiritual journey. You knew that adapting to the problem was a needed push for you to transform.
  6. You embraced all your deep-seated emotions of disappointment, frustration, sadness, anger, and hurt. You acknowledge them because having to think positively all the time only subjects you to the vulnerability of having others exploit you. It's not that you wanted to spend time with your pain and get stuck on it, but you knew that remembering it is an act of kindness towards yourself.
    And that with every fall, you rise back up higher. Every scar and every wound- you made it your own. This kind of strength burns brightly, and it compels others to look towards it.
    You become a source of inspiration for those who are at their lowest point. Despite your deep connection with the spiritual realm, you're not fond of the constraints brought by religion and therefore deviate from it. It is your personal belief to attend and look after every being, even if it means appearing to be unorthodox in the eyes of other religions.
  7. You choose to help with no discrimination. You offer assistance even if the person's values do not align with yours. You look out for others not because you are afraid of divine retribution or because you use your sense of charity to measure how sinful others are.
    You don't keep personal scores; you help because you want to and because you can. Your kindness is innate and not foretold by others. Most people like doing things for others in order to win favors which isn't wrong, so as long as you're not actively hurting someone.
    We're all trying to find ways to survive, so to each their own- but not lightkeepers. Lightkeepers are always on the lookout for the sake of the common good. They're not afraid to stand up and declare what is right, even if it means to stand alone.
    As a lightkeeper, you believe that spirituality may take different forms on different people. Their ways of expending their energy and awakening might not be the same, which is why despite your strong faith, you do not fully commit to a particular religion.
  8. You have within you an amalgam of different ideas. Never one for conventional methods, your way of healing involves being passionate and creative.
    Feeling other people's energy can be staggering at times which is why you look for different activities to release what you have been absorbing, In a way, when you offer up too much of yourself, art keeps you sane. Art is a part of what you give yourself- a rare selfish deed for you.
  9. The path that lightkeeper threads are often faced with difficult decisions, which results in them being lone wolves. Their moral compass causes them to take the initiative even in challenging situations. They see the bigger picture, which most would overlook, and this is how people would dislike them.
    They move according to their intuition and insight, and they don't bother explaining themselves. For them, the world isn't black and white, and you can't simply categorize good from evil. They don't necessarily justify it, but they believe in people doing wrong things for the right reasons, as well as the proverb that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    They don't pass judgments swiftly and like to work silently unless a dire situation would call for them to stand up for a good cause. It's their non-conformist attitude that makes it hard for them to find their place in the world.
    They're mostly avoided for their complexity and disagreements, but some give their nod of approval because of seeing how resolute lightkeepers are when standing by what they think is right. Of course, you can’t force someone to be accepting of the truth that they aren’t ready to receive.
  10. You're able to materialize the things you envision. Your power of manifestation is strong. When you ask for it and believe in what you manifest, you will obtain it in due time.
    This is because, although you work hard for the things you want, you also know when to surrender and let the universe take control. But you must remember that manifesting comes with a price.
    It can be harmful when you let it get the better of you, especially with dark and intrusive thoughts—like, for example, wishing for misfortune to befall others. Having ill intent will only attract negative energy.
  11. Lightworkers are natural healers. You are in tune even with wounds that aren't seen on the surface. You practice self-growth and nurture others as well.
    In a group, you're usually the one who constantly checks if everybody is comfortable and that no one feels like they're left behind. You try your best to envelope everyone with your calming presence, and having you by their side, reassures them.
  12. As a keeper of the light, you try to fade in the background as much as possible. But being an instrument of peace, you do not step back in the face of conflict and would stand up for those who have no voice or the ones who struggle with oppression.
    You aren't one to care too much about propriety and would protect someone at the cost of your image. You feel afflicted at the thought that some people, especially those whom you’re close with, might not understand your way of reasoning. But you know that you have to do what's right.
    This path chose you, and you chose it back. Still, you never let your temper get the best of you and would try to find solutions to balance the situation or an option where people could get along. Simply put, in a social setting, you’re the mediator.
  13. Whenever you feel like your energy is coming close to being empty- you fall back into nature. It is one of your primary sources in renewing your connection with your higher self. In nature, you find the kind of calm and serenity that you have given others.
    The natural setting resonates with your core; it bridges the gap in yourself. Your being an empath not only applies to people but all beings, so while you tend to the environment, it gives back something in return.
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How to be a keeper of the light?

  1. Turn your back on the selfish way of living. Cleanse yourself and get rid of self-serving intentions that are meant to elevate you at the expense of others. You are not the midpoint of the universe, so not everything has to be about you. You work diligently towards making yourself better, but that does not mean that you will look down on others.
  2. Be kind and fair to all. Your compassion must not only reach a selected few but is inclusive to all. You do not choose kindness based on someone's looks, social status, how they treated you, or what favor you can gain out of them. For so long as there is a wounded person at your doorstep, you will heal them.
  3. You must be thankful for what the universe has gifted you with. It is innate that you keep giving, so coveting what others have and being angry with what you lack does not align with your role as a lightkeeper. It would help if you practiced contentment by focusing on the present.
  4. Always believe in the goodness of everybody. In a scornful world, it's hard to remain positive, but you must always look for that shred of light that shines despite the darkness. It may be necessary to have your fair share of doubts, but never let hatred consume you and prevent you from holding on to the hope that goodness will prevail.

Sometimes, what prevents a person from completely falling into despair and corruption is having someone put their faith in them. As a lightkeeper, it is your duty to always look for the light in bleak places.

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Tuning into your frequency

Being a lightworker means you hardly have any time for yourself, which is why you let the universe read and respond to your frequency. They're unable to recognize your inner desires or your needs.

It reacts instead according to the vibration of your soul and being. When your energy has the frequency of anguish, fear, or guilt, you attract the likeness of those having a similar theme to your emotions.

If you want to attract positive things, you must give out the vibrancy in line with happiness, warmth, peace, and festivity. The good thing about this is that you have control of your frequency and, therefore, know what to do to manifest your goals.

Here are a few things to do to raise your vibration:

1.) Invest in journaling.

Don't be afraid to pull out your unused notebook and start documenting your thoughts. An ideal time for this would be when you just woke up before going to bed. Don't filter anything and let the contents reflect your mind.

Afterward, you can read it aloud and see if you still agree with it. Keeping a journal allows you to track your mental development, like if there were changes in your mindset.

2.) Spend time with nature.

If you're a few blocks away from the beach, do an impromptu visit. If you have a dog, then walk them to a nearby park.

Drowning in the noise of the hustle and bustle of the city life for too long can be too overwhelming and distracts you from discovering yourself. Being one with nature allows you to open up to the universe and tap into your higher self. Seize the opportunity to feel a sense of serenity by indulging in the beauty of natural wonders.

3.) Take a bath and add some beauty products to it

Yes, you read it right. Raising your vibration means self-care, even in the smallest of things. If you can look out for others, then you have to look after yourself too. Get yourself some bath bombs or bubbles and soak longer than your regular shower time.

Cleansing your soul is a difficult journey, and you have to start somewhere, so cleanse your body it is. The cooling sensation on your skin will muddle out any negative or self-deprecating thoughts. Scrub your worries away. Smell divine, feel divine.

4.) Engage in physical activities.

Meditating and expending your mental energy is good and all, but you can't stay motionless for too long. You're already slowly decomposing, don't waste your life not doing anything. There are instances in which being stagnant leads to more anxiety, so shake it off.

Hone your skills, preoccupy your mind. Do the hobby that you've long been postponing because you were too caught up with life.

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Some of you are just making excuses. The now's you have does not stretch to infinity unless you have stumbled on the fountain of youth. Take that pottery class you've wanted to go to as a kid, continue writing that book whose plot still lingers in your mind, but you eventually stopped because you think it wasn't good enough.

5.) Stay hydrated.

Do I even need to explain? Drink your water. You can't spend tons on buying clothes and make-up and having luxury products but still look like a gaping fish or a fruit that's past its expiration date. Not only does dehydration make you look ugly, but it affects your physical fitness and even your mental state.

When you are all dried up, how will you gain the energy to pursue and manifest your goals? Must you force the universe to pick up such dry vibration? God didn't bless you, only for you to sell yourself short. When you're given the raw materials, you have to make the best out of them.

6.) Listen to healing frequencies.

There are a lot of benefits in listening to healing frequencies. One of the most commonly employed for transformative purposes is the Solfeggio Frequencies.

Its advantage includes dealing with relationships, managing with fear and change, and awakening one's intuition, among other things. Music therapy can help you relax and relieve tension.

Powerful lightworker manifestations to practice:

1.) Start with something small

A few years ago, I woke up in a hungry state and told my mom that I wanted a burger, and lo and behold, not a few minutes later, I heard a voice outside our gates, and it was my grandmother bringing burgers and drinks. She only comes to our house occasionally and for her to get exactly what I want a few seconds after I made my declaration. If my power of manifestation is not strong, then I don't know what is.

You may also have these moments when you unconsciously say out loud the things you want at the moment. You can call out on the universe for something small and believe that they will deliver. You should remember to express your gratitude.

2.) Writing a script

On a paper, narrate the things you desire and the events you want to happen. Write it as if it already occurred and write it in detail—the more precise, the better.

A lot of people made testimonials to this game, stating that a few years after manifesting, they got precisely what was written on the paper. Perhaps you can envision earning that degree, going abroad, or finally having a house and family of your own. Grab a stationary and pen, and ink it down.

3.) Envisioning your desire

Map it out in your mind. Spread your imagination. The more you solidify the image in your mental landscape, the easier and more likely it will manifest.

You can't expect to achieve goals that you aren't even sure of in the first place. When you are hesitant or doubtful if you want something, your chances of losing it are high, even when you already have it. You must be sure of what you desire for yourself and have a firm grip on it.

How to visualize:

a.) Put yourself in a quiet environment. To declutter your mind, your venue must also be free of noise and distractions.

Having other things gain your attention will cause an interception when you start visualizing. This could happen in your meditation room, at a nearby park, by the beach, or anywhere that will not disturb you.

b.) Concentrate.  Now that you have established a quiet place, you must also have a sound mind that's free of unnecessary thoughts.

Be in your most comfortable position, close your eyes and relax your breathing. Focus on the rising and lowering of your chest and of the other physical sensations you feel.

Be mindful of the present. When your thoughts start drifting to the past or the future, you must take it back to the present.

c.) Visualize what you desire

Draw your goals in your mental canvas. Fill it with colors and accuracy. Be as detailed as possible.

4.) 55 x 5 manifestation method

The 5×55 manifestation method entails choosing an affirmation for what you want to materialize and repeating it 55 times over the course of five days. Everything is made up of energy, and humans emit energetic frequencies all the time through our thoughts, emotions, and actions.  Whenever we form ideas that fit the energy of our desires, that's when the law of attraction comes into the picture.

How to use this method:

a.) Affirm it.

Think of your desires and narrow them down to their specifics. It would be advisable not to think of too many at the same time, so your affirmation isn't too long.

State it as if it's happening in the present. Think of something that makes you anticipate, and while manifesting, don't hold back on your value of appreciation.

Example: I will get another job opportunity.

I will not fail on my major subject.

I will have the money to buy that lamp.

It should be short but elaborate.

b.) Write it down

Like in the scripting method, you must write down your affirmation. Make sure your writing style doesn't stray towards the future or past. Stay grounded in the present.

c.) Surrender

After the second step, you must clear your affirmation from your mind. Allow it to drift in the vastness of the universe until it finds its way back to you. Thinking too much about it might attract negative energy, which could be harmful to you.

When you become obsessed with having something or someone, your mind starts making up different scenarios of how it's impossible to reach. Your energy will vibrate in the spiritual realm and ultimately affects your life.

Close your eyes and be as calm as still waters. Have faith that the universe is in favor of you and your wishes.

Why 55 x 5, you might ask?

The number 5 symbolizes change, restructuring, and evolution. To have this number boost your energy grants you a new beginning.

4 Signs you are shifting your levels of consciousness

  • You would rather spend your time alone, away from the noise of it all. There are relationships you have cut off and habits you have gotten rid of. Over the course of your life, you have constantly been evolving, but this time you no longer announce it. You quietly accept your new form and are taking the time to come to terms with it.

Losing the older version of you makes you feel melancholic but at the same time relieved. You know that your past self is no longer the person you need right now. You feel grounded with who you have become, as if the answers to your previous questions finally materialized.

  • You no longer go after things or people. You don't fight to stay in someone's life or be at a definite location. Your yes' starts becoming no's. You know that there's more on the other side of quitting, and so you pursue it.

You resign from your job.

You move to a new town.

You start exploring new interests.

You begin disappearing from social gatherings.

It's not that you're losing interest; it's instead of your perspective that shifted. That none of the things you worried about will ever matter in the future.

And that your heart is set in a new environment, in a new horizon. It's hard to say goodbye to a routine you've built and are now used to, but you know it's a necessary turning point.

  • As you start organizing your mindscape and preventing intrusive thoughts from controlling you and your life, your vibration sets off in a cheerful tune. You begin attracting the things that you really want and not just those that give you temporary pleasure. There is an abundance of blessing coming towards you, and you bask in it with appreciation. You no longer reject what's meant for you because you have purposely lost your feelings of unworthiness. Opportunities begin to sprout, you will form new connections that are more in line with your current self, and things will finally fall into place. The universe rejoices in your rebirth.
  • You can't fight off your initial reaction that things are about to fuck up one way or another, as it always has, but there's a tiny voice that says, ”Not this time.” And you believe it, you want to, and you do. After a series of misfortune, a miracle has finally come your way, and you're no longer a fool that lets it get away. There's this sense of anticipation that's rolling out of you in waves.

The Duality of a Lightworker Empath

The Empath goes through two stages which rely on their self-awareness and the consciousness they have of others. The first phase is the time of darkness where their sense of awareness is shrouded.

They solely depend their purpose on others and forget their own identity. Because of this, they often fall victim to abuse and neglect.

In their journey, they give parts of themselves with every person they meet until there is nothing left of them. A toxic person becomes a frequent visitor in their lives, and they would even justify the very behavior that harms them. They're actively playing with fire without them knowing. And it becomes a loop of getting trapped in mistreatment.

We often see this in trauma bonds. No matter the number of red flags a person shows, you still stick to them and relieve yourself with their little crumbs of fake kindness.

You're like a personified rehabilitation center and have this silly notion that they need you to fix them. They can never venture in the path of healing if they rely too much on the fact that someone will always tolerate them and accept them for who they are.

Loving someone unconditionally for who they are is a myth because everyone needs personal development. You either take down notes or go to therapy.

The second phase would be an Empath's capability to rid himself of the former situation. He has the power to leave that agonizing place.

As an Empath, this is the part where you no longer allow yourself to be blinded by your mission to others. You fight for the right cause and not because others leave you with no choice.

You are able to distinguish things more clearly instead of randomly choosing sides. This is your transition period of self-healing and discovering who you are.

You no longer devalue yourself for the sake of others. It has finally come to your senses that you matter too.

With renewed vigor, you continue trudging forward with your advocacy, but this time, you are not easily swayed and weigh things first before coming to a decision. It makes you feel better at knowing that your mission has a higher purpose behind it.

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A lightworker's mantra

I am a medicine that the world needs. My role is vital and I, too, am important, and as such, I will not neglect myself. I will be kind to myself and take only what I can because my energy must also be preserved.

I will establish boundaries for my own stability and in order for me to keep giving strength to others. It is through self-healing and prioritizing myself will I manifest the things that are truly meant for me.

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