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What Is Manifestation & How Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

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Was there ever a time when you wanted something so bad that you’ll do everything to get it? You then started to do the things you need to do, tell it to the universe, and amazingly, the thing you wanted so bad was already yours! Amazing, right?

How about the term Law of attraction? Have you ever heard about it? It is a very popular term nowadays where you attract the things in your life by having faith and believing in it. Maybe you’ve already heard about it, and maybe not. Whatever your answer is, the law of attraction is very much similar to manifestation.

What is manifestation?

It is a concept made during the 19th century. It is said that manifestation puts your strong beliefs, thoughts, and feelings into the physical reality. Yes, just like how you wished and took action to get the thing you wanted so bad.

What’s impressive with manifestation is that it is not limited to material things, you can also manifest the life you’ve always wanted. It could be your relationships, financial life, even how you want other people to see you. It is indeed your thoughts and beliefs happening in the real world you are in!

No matter how exciting manifestation may seem to be, it is important to understand that you can manifest anything you want, only if you have the proper mindset and focus towards it.

Many people tried manifesting and failed so many times, and it’s because they haven’t considered doing the right or proper way of manifesting the desires they always wanted.

Now, are there things to consider before manifesting something in your life? Of course, yes! And we will talk about those things in this article. So keep on reading if you want to do manifestation the right way.

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How to Manifest Anything You Want?

We all have goals and dreams we want to achieve, but no matter how hard we want all those things to happen or to be in our lives, we may notice that some things seem to interfere with it.

But, there’s good news for you! Anyone can definitely change and remove that!

That’s where manifestation will be a lot helpful for us. It is changing how we think, feel, and beliefs that are not useful for us so that it can give room to the things we want to happen in our lives.

If you want to take the steps and start manifesting, here are the main elements to do and consider for starting right away and attracting everything you want!

  • Know What You Want and Be Specific About It

Knowing what you want is the first step for manifesting. You have to know what is it that you really want to acquire or happen. You cannot move to the next steps without doing this clearly because how can you move forward if you have no idea where you are going?

Keep in mind that you should also be specific about your dreams and goals. Don’t be afraid to be transparent about the details of the things you want.

Instead of saying ‘’I want to be rich“, say “I want to earn a million every month.”
Instead of saying “I want to travel“, say “I want to go to Paris and spend a week there just relaxing and doing everything I want. “

It might be overwhelming at first but trust your instincts. Keep them coming, and don’t interfere with them. What’s coming to you the real desires that you want in your life.

Suppose you need some help or are confused with what you want. Ask yourself these questions:

Is it something that I really want, or it’s something that other people influenced me to want?
What is the reason for wanting this to happen in my life?
What benefits will it give me?
Will this help me achieve my full potential?

These questions will help you confirm whether you really want to manifest that particular desire or not.

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  • Remove the Beliefs That Are Blocking Your Potential

Now that you know the real desires of your heart, it is time to look at the things that are blocking them. We may not notice, but there are certain things in our lives right now that are blocking our full potential or even the things we always long for.

Is it really possible to remove those that are interfering with your desires? What if it’s already with you as early as you can remember? What if it has already grown into you?

Well, the answer to those questions depends on how willing you are to achieve the full results of your manifestations. Anything is possible as long as you put your efforts and focus into it!

Look into your life, and assess yourself what those are. It is essential to be aware of these things so you can remove them or avoid them at all costs. Of course, that is only if you are willing to do everything to make your manifestation successful.

The answers you’ll have could even surprise you! It could be your environment, your friends, family, career, and even yourself.

You must also learn to acknowledge and admit all these to yourself. One of the best ways to remove what’s blocking your life is to accept it and shift your mindset around it.

  • Start to Ask For It

Now that you have a clear vision of what you want and the things that are blocking your way from getting there, start asking for it. There are many ways to ask for it. It could be in the form of meditation, prayer, setting up a vision board, or sharing it with your accountability partners.

It is important to ask for the things you are manifesting because that’s where the magic happens! You may think that no one is listening to you, but there’s always someone who is willing to help you achieve your dreams and goals in life. You just have to start asking for it!

This action will create a fire within you that whatever you are asking for is already on its way to you.

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  • Work Towards Your Goals

How would you put your dreams into reality? Work towards it. Aside from manifesting the life you want, working or taking action is another way to get you your desired results. But the thing is, working towards the goals you have may look easy, but it’s actually not.

That’s why it is essential to be wise for the actions that you are going to take. Taking the right steps with the right mindset is a smart way to get you from where you are right now to your goals.

Working for the things you are manifesting is a clear sign that you are really eager to do the things that will attract your desired goals. This way, whatever you are manifesting will surely come to you sooner than you think it will.

Actions will depend on the results that you desire. But, here are some ways that you can do before taking action:

Create a specific action plan on how you’re going to pursue those dreams and goals of yours. Be strategic and know that you can always get back up and try again even if you fail. Always have a backup plan in case it is already needed. Make sure that it is still aligned to your manifestations.

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  • Trust Your Process

Just because you have already started to work on your goals and start manifesting them, it doesn’t mean that challenges won’t come your way. As mentioned earlier, failure will definitely hit you in one way or another.

But don’t lose hope yet! The failures that may happen to your life are just another challenge, a test to see how willing you are to go out of your comfort zone and go manifest to achieve those goals of yours.

Trusting the process doesn’t mean letting failure get over you or letting it overpower you. It simply means that all that is happening in your life is part of the process. You might not know it yet, but the lessons you’ll learn from your journey will be the ticket for you to achieve your desired life.

Manifesting is trusting that no matter what comes your way, it is all part of the journey. It is a journey that will benefit your growth and make you ready for the manifestations you’re asking to the universe.

  • Check Your Energy to See If It Needs Any Change

Your energy has a significant role in your lives. It will always depend on how you currently feel because your energy will resonate throughout the world. That’s why even if you don’t talk to a person yet, you can feel him already, and it’s because of the energy he’s putting off.

How would your energy make your manifestation better? Your energy will determine the situations and people that you’ll attract in your life. How do you respond to certain conditions? How do you deal with other people? What kind of perspective are you focusing on? Are you more focused on the positive, or are you dwelling more on the negative?

How do you feel while answering those questions? If you thought and felt negative, then there’s a great possibility that you might be putting off negative energy. But don’t worry! Just like our limiting beliefs, you can shift your negative energy to a positive one to attract and manifest the good things in your life.

Shifting your energy might be a hard thing to do but remember that it is essential for you before you can receive physically the things you are manifesting. You must understand that in order to fully grasp what you are manifesting for, you must first position your energy in the right direction.

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  • Be Grateful with What You Are Receiving

Manifesting is one of the sure ways to get what you want and deserve to be attracted to you. That is why, no matter what it is that comes in your life, be grateful for it. Whether it’s a small thing or a huge one that most of the people around you may notice, make sure to accept it with open arms.

Being a grateful person will not just make your manifestation more effective. It will also reflect on your daily lives. Grateful people tend to be happier and more successful because this trait will always let you see the good things in life.

Practice gratitude every day by telling how grateful you are to the people around you, like your friends, family, and most especially to yourself. Aside from that, you can also have a gratitude list where you can list down all the things you are grateful for in your life. You can choose to share this with other people or keep it private. It totally depends on you.

Manifesting, having a grateful attitude, and working for it will make you limitless. It will be your best formula to achieve the things you’ve always wanted.

  • Now that you know the proper process of manifesting, you are good to go!

It doesn’t matter how long you should wait for the results of your manifestation. What’s more important is that you are doing the right thing and are enjoying the process. There will be a lot of ups and downs before you can truly grasp the things you’ve been manifesting in their physical form. 

Because of that, you need to understand that the journey is as much as important as the things you are manifesting for. Just open yourself up to the possibilities and opportunities that may come your way. The universe will then orchestrate your life in the way you’ve always wanted.


Is There a Possible Way For You To Know if You are Already Close To Your Manifestation?

Of course! The universe will never fail to give you the signs when you are already close to your manifestations. The better news is that it will be clear for you and won’t give you any confusion. Be aware of your emotions and surroundings as these are the instruments used to show your signs to you.

  • You Start Seeing Signs

Ask and it will be given to you. There’s no harm in trying and asking for a sign. It is also an excellent way to ask whether what you’re manifesting for is already near you.

Many signs can be shown to you. It could be in the form of butterflies, rainbows, repeating numbers, or even feathers. It is a great reminder to keep on doing what you are currently doing because you are on the right track.

  • Synchronicities

You’ll know that you are near the manifestations you have when certain things keep on happening that might be thought-provoking for you. The universe works in a way where similar energies attract one another. That’s why if you are already near your manifestations, there’s a big possibility that you’ll keep seeing synchronicities everywhere you go.

Pay close attention to these synchronicities or meaningful coincidences. They might be leading you to where you’re meant to be, or they might be telling you something.

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  • The Universe Sends You Tests

Not all signs are attractive and appealing. Another sign that the universe may give you is a challenge to test your capabilities. If ever this happens to you, don’t lose hope. The lessons you’ll learn once you pass this test will be your key to the things you’re manifesting.

That’s why you always hear success stories where they first experienced hardships before getting and achieving the things they currently have. It’s the same for you!

Again, don’t doubt your abilities and trust yourself. As long as what you’re doing is aligned to your manifestations, then you’ll be achieving it sooner than you think.

  • New And Better Relationships Will Start Happening in Your Life

When you start to focus on the things you know you deserve, new branches of relationships with people aligned with you will begin to sprout. You might not notice it right away, but it is a clear sign that you are on the right path.

It simply means that you have done and are doing the right thing that you are making room for the right people in your life already. Look carefully at what they are benefiting you and what you are giving them.

You might be surprised that they are the ones you are manifesting with, or they are the bridge to make your manifestations become a reality.

  • You’ll Feel Calm and Relaxed

One of the best signs that you’ll encounter when you are on the verge of your manifestations is that you’ll feel calm. You won’t feel any disturbing feeling, and this shows that you are doing the right thing.

Despite all the challenges that are happening in your life, you’ll still feel at peace because you know that you are on the right path. Continue with what you’re doing and keep the proper mindset. Be aware of other signs that might be telling you different things. Being mindful will also help your manifestations be closer to reaching you.

  • You Will Always Feel Passionate and Excited

Knowing what you want and knowing that it is on its way will surely get you excited! When you always feel this every single day, you know that you are on your way towards your manifestations.

You get this feeling of excitement for a reason, enjoy these moments, and nurture more the things that you are passionate about. They may be leading you to your manifestation, that’s why you’re getting those feelings!

Before reaching your manifestations, you might experience some or all of the things mentioned. Remember that it will depend on your journey and willingness to adapt and change for your manifestations.

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What are the Things You can Manifest?

Everything! Yes, you’ve read that right. You can manifest everything and anything as long as you want it to be a part of your life. This is also true for your mindset, financial life, relationships, if you wish to change some of your physical attributes, and even material things!

If you feel that manifestation is not working for you, you should start assessing yourself as to why it’s not working. You might have missed doing some of the listed things above, or you are waiting impatiently. Be patient and trust your process. Once you understand how everything works for the improvement of your life, manifesting will be easy for you. 

You Should Start Manifesting Now!

As long as you know that you are ready and willing to commit to the desires of your heart, you can always start with manifesting. Just follow all the given ways to manifest mentioned earlier to make manifestation easier for you!

Always remember that your world is a reflection of your own mind, and manifestation is simply attracting the things you think you deserve. Let the universe know what it is, and it will surely guide your way there.

To sum it all up, manifestation is being aware of who you truly are and the things you desire most. But, achieving and obtaining those things will require you to walk on a journey where your faith will be tested, and a lot of challenges will be faced.

All these will be for your own progress and for you to obtain the things you are manifesting for. How much are you willing to do for the things you deserve? Are you willing to commit to the improvement of your actions, visions, beliefs, and energy?

Once you have made up your mind, always remember to ask the universe for it. The universe will then send you to the right place, the right people at the right time. When you learn to coordinate with the universe, you will be able to reach your highest potential and realize that there are many possibilities open for you.

With manifestations, your world will be limitless and will be full of things you have been longing for.

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