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What Is the Twin Flame Runner Thinking?

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The Twin Flame Runner thinks about the chaser all the time, every day.

It is common to believe that Twin Flame's Runner finds happiness after fleeing their Twin Flame, but this is not true. Since escaping from a Twin Flame seems like denying one element of yourself, the further you run from them, the more grief and agony you endure.

As a runner, they experience the same intense emotions that you, like a Twin Flame Chaser, do:

  • You feel a fierce painful longing for your Twin Flame
  • You occasionally break down in tears feeling strange emotions
  • You feel deep anger for your partner (stress of awakening to the connection)

This is how the runner and chaser stage goes:

You meet your twin flame, strike up a fast connection, and become close. 

Perhaps you'll go on a few dates, develop a sexual relationship, or form a relationship. However, one of you will feel as though the connection is too powerful.

As a result, they'll flee in one or more ways. Running away does not always imply that they will leave the relationship.

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You must understand that the twin flame runner does not intend to harm you. There is no malice in the separation phase, which is emotionally, spiritually, and physically challenging. 

In this case, the Runner is acting in self-defense.

The road to finding your twin flame is loaded with difficulties. False twin flames, uncertainty, and painful separation stages are all part of the human experience. 

It might be the most challenging thing we'll ever face, but it'll all be worth it in the end.

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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

It allows us to recover and fully prepare for that relationship. 

There are a variety of causes for separation to begin. Moreover, the twin flame runner might be thinking about a lot of things.

  • They are overwhelmed 

The love shared by twin flames is unique. No other relationship is as powerful as the bond shared by twin flames.

However, the sensation is foreign to both parties, and it can be overwhelming at times. Therefore, people may find it difficult to adjust to things at first.

Every person who enters into a twin flame relationship experiences this. However, some people are unsure about how to approach situations at first. 

As a result, it provides an excuse for some people to leave the relationship.

  • They are opposed to change.

It's a pervasive personality characteristic of being frightened of change to some extent. Even the most daring of us want certain things to remain the same.

Things tend to change during a twin flame journey. These adjustments have the potential to be significant and life-changing.

  • They're afraid they'll lose the other person.

The way a person loves his twin flame is impressive. Moreover, it makes the bond go far more profound than any other.

You'll either give it your all or attempt to put things right before it's too late. The same may be said of twin flame relationships.

The chaser gives everything he has to the very end. However, the Runner is terrified of being connected. 

This is why some desire to run away from the relationship.

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  • They want to figure things out.

Some want to work things out in their lives before committing to a long-term relationship. When it comes to a twin flame relationship, though, everything moves at a fast pace.

The Runner in this scenario also wants to be in a relationship with his partner. He wants to figure out a few things before moving further in the relationship.

The chaser will have insecurities and would find the situation difficult. However, the good news is that they will both reunite.

During this period, the twin flame runner is most likely lying to themselves. They won't be able to tell you how they feel.

There are many instances where the Runner is unaware of the cause for fleeing. Both the Runner and the chaser might struggle in these scenarios.

Nothing truly changes when the chaser stops following the Runner. On their own, the Runner must come to terms with the connection. By communicating with the Runner, the chaser won't be able to do anything about it.

Above all, it does not mean:

  • They lie to you
  • They beat you
  • They abuse you in every way they can, whether it's emotionally or physically.

It's most likely not your twin flame if you feel any of those mentioned above. In any relationship, their actions have no justification.

Especially not in the case of a twin flame. They would never hurt you or cheat on you in a twin flame relationship. 

Because they're a part of you, it's not in their nature.

Don't allow the idea of “twin flame” to serve as an excuse for their bad behavior. However, they may become overwhelmed and distance themselves from you.

The chaser stage of the twin flame runner might span a few weeks or years. In reality, it may be determined by the self-improvement work you're performing.

Make an effort to improve yourself. Heal your wounds, step into your purpose, and be VERY attentive to the universe's signs.

What Motivates The ‘Runner' To Run?

To begin, you must recognize that twins frequently have vastly differing degrees of comprehension. One twin is sometimes referred to as the self-conscious' twin.

While the other lives in the dark, far less aware and together.  In a worldly sense, they may be together, but spiritually, they may be living blindly day by day. 

Unaware of their own goals and motivated solely by feelings.

Most of us have been in this scenario, either because our twin flame has fled away from us or because we are the Runner. This explores the twin flame runner's point of view.

Twins are soul mates, complementing and balancing each other. When you reach spiritual maturity, meeting your twin is a blessing.

It means your trip and thirst will be over.  You will be able to enjoy the bliss you deserve.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this connection. They are spiritually immature and unprepared for their twin. 

As a result, they become the Runner.

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  • Unable to comprehend the connection
  • They are adamant about not starting a relationship.
  • They are perplexed by the connection because they are the player type and have never experienced such overpowering attraction before.
  • Doesn't want to stick with one person and experiment with new people now and then.
  • Is unsure why they are sensing a spark.
  • Does not have a bashful personality but is unable to recognize their own emotions.
  • Conflates attraction with a strong pull
  • Isn't spiritually awake and isn't aware of the twin flame's power
  • In a relationship and finding it difficult to stop it
  • Because of their shy character, they keep their emotions hidden.
  • Doesn't see why they should spend time with the twin.
  • Has previously been disconnected and is unsure of how to reconnect.

There could be various reasons for the twin to flee but keep in mind that they cannot escape. 

They will always return to the twin, no matter what they believe or do, because the soul attraction is far more intense than any other. The other twin must wait till the appropriate time.

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The Runner's Perspective on Overwhelming Feelings

They have to go away from us the more they love us.  Remember, this is a fresh and unaccustomed affection.

However, it can generate a lot of questions. It may cause people to reconsider their entire perspective on truth and life. 

For some people, that might be a compelling experience and can be an explanation.

If that's why they ran, then they're most likely thinking about you all the time. 

No matter how hard they try, they cannot ignore the concept of you. They will eventually realize how important it is to have met you.

If they aren't your twin flame, they may no longer care and have moved on, especially if they've gone off with another person. 

But if you're sure you're twin flames, you'll know that you've always loved each other.

What is the Twin Flame Runner's point of view during the long period of physical separation?

The runner Twin Flame's internal resistance to feelings of pure love for their divine spouse uses so much energy that it constantly annoys the Runner. When you run away from a Twin Flame, you're ignoring your feelings.

It's a journey of receiving unconditional love. The Runner begins to recover as the fear of feeling love fades. 

Finding a Twin Flame is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I wrote an article about Twin Flame Runner Return Signs, which you might be interested in. 

Once you've experienced how fantastic they make you think, you'll want to feel that unconditional love forever. Your runner Twin Flame will return to you sooner or later.

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