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When a Libra Man Goes Quiet: Let Him Be!

Is the Libra man giving you the silent treatment? What’s up with him, and can you do something about it?

When the Libra man goes quiet, ignoring and rejecting him will serve no purpose but prevent communication and discourage him from pursuing you. Let him be and allow him to find his own time to speak up and open himself up to you.

Not keeping in contact for days or weeks is normal, even for the friendly and affectionate Libra man. This does not mean that he’s lost interest or has fallen out of love with you.

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The Libra man being quiet can mean many things, and the best way to know is to talk to him. Although talking to him can be tricky, mastering it can make you deal with the silent Libra man with no problem.

This article will make you understand the ins and outs of the Libra man’s personality and his reasons to go quiet on you. It will also give you the ultimate tips on making your silent man speak up and reconnect with you.

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The quiet nature of the Libra man

Libra is a Cardinal Air sign that initiates the fall season and is the most driven and purposeful of all the air signs. The Libra man is an extrovert who loves to charm and influence people with his excellent communication skills.

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The Libra man uses new ideas and his inherent balancing force to connect with new people and expand his social circle. He is anything but quiet or reserved in social settings; he is always the conversation starter and the center of attention.

Ruled by the planet Venus, the Libra man is romantic, emotional, and can be very difficult to pin down. He will make rash decisions when in love and is prone to making showy and grand gestures of love.

The Libra man values justice and peace; he hates conflict and will do anything to avoid it. When he gets hurt, he will carry a grudge and dwell on his sorrow and suffering.

When in a relationship, the Libra man can blow hot and cold on his partner. He can be clingy because of his romantic ideals and fear of being alone or be aloof because of his need for freedom and personal space.  

Reasons for his silent treatment

The Libra man seldom goes quiet so when he does, take it as a sign that he needs time to be alone. Allowing him to shut down and restart his system is the best way to respond.

The following are some reasons for the Libra man to go quiet or cold, pull away, or ignore you. Read through them to learn how to make him open up to you again.

He is going through a tough time

The Libra man works hard to maintain a life of order and balance, and when this life is threatened by chaos, he will focus all his energy on dealing with this threat. He may sacrifice his personal relationships and hit pause on them until his peace is restored.

When your Libra man is going through a tough time, the least you can do is not add to the stress by complaining or demanding his time. You can help him further by being supportive and offering your help when he needs it. 

He is making up his mind

The Libra man is notorious for being a slow but determined decision-maker. He likes to take his time to go over every detail and information before making up his mind about which action to take.

To ensure that the Libra man makes the right decision, he isolates himself and prevents contact with other people who may influence his decision-making process. Let him make his decisions faster by keeping out of his way.

He is holding a grudge

The Libra man’s sensitive side will not let injustice and meanness slide. If someone wrongs him or his loved ones, it will not be easy for him to forgive and forget.

Having a strong sense of justice, the Libra man will seek out the truth and punish the wrongdoer by cutting them off his life. You can make him let go of his grudge with honest communication and patience in rebuilding your connection.

He’s testing you

The Libra man may stop talking to you to see how you’ll react. He will only do this if he is unsure of your feelings and has strong feelings for you that he can’t find the courage to ask you directly.

The Libra man will test whether you are prone to being needy and clingy if he ignores you to pursue other aspects of his life like his career or hobbies. He wants balance, so he may not like it if you act too clingy and confront him or too callously and ignore him back.

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He’s not into you

The Libra man is a charmer and can have any woman he wants. And like all men who can have their pick of any women, he might pick you without any intention of taking things further than a hook-up or a one-night stand.

If the Libra man you’re dating goes silent all of a sudden, reach out for an explanation and accept whatever explanation he gives you and move on with your life. If he is not brave enough to give you one, that’s when you know that you are better off without him.

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His focus is on someone else

The Libra man’s attention is not 100% focused on you if someone like an ex or a close friend is also vying for his attention. He is the type to have lingering feelings that can make him come back to an ex or confuse a close friendship for romantic feelings.

This might make you overthink and confused about your Libra man's feelings for you. 

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Don’t chase the Libra man when he’s focused on someone else; it’s not a good plan, and it will only turn him off. It may seem hopeless at first, but the best you can do is wait for him to decide and do your best to show how you care when he turns his focus back to you.  

Make your Libra man speak out

When the Libra man goes quiet, no amount of words can force him to speak out if he is not ready. Below are some ways to encourage him to decide to break his silence.

Take a step back

When the Libra man pulls away, it’s tempting to go after him and demand answers. But doing so will work against your favor and may even force him to break up with you.

Take this chance to think things through and find out if you have done anything to cause the aloofness of your Libra man. This is also a great time to evaluate your relationship from your point of view and decide if you intend to be with him no matter what.

Approach carefully

The Libra man will have as much time and space as he needs, so you must wait for him to start communicating when he is ready. The Cardinal sign in him will always initiate and reach out when he decides to.

If you think it’s taking your Libra man too long, you can approach him but do so out of your concern and genuine affection. Don’t make him feel like he’s done something wrong or that you are accusing him of unfaithfulness.

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Not everything is about you

When the Libra man checks out or becomes emotionally distant in your relationship, it’s not always because of you. Libras are not great at dealing with multiple tasks at a time and are even worse at juggling emotional and intellectual concepts together.

Give your Libra man the chance to get his grip and organize his life on his own terms before you demand his full attention. Keep from thinking about yourself all the time and try to put yourself into his shoes to understand what he is going through.

Don’t assume the worst

The Libra man is a Cardinal Air sign whose nature is impulsive and unpredictable. Don’t panic and assume the worst when he breaks contact with you.

There is a good chance that the Libra man is unsure how to feel or is yet to find the words to express his feelings and thoughts, so he chooses silence for now. Assuming the worst from your man will mean breaking your trust in him, and this always spells doom to any relationship. 

Keep the communication strong

Making a relationship last with the Libra man starts and ends with good communication. It is probable that he stopped talking to you in the first place because you failed to communicate with him on the level that he expects from a person he cares about a lot.

Replay and reevaluate your past conversations with your Libra man and see how you respond to him. Take note of the words you use, your body language, and overall attitude; improve on these areas, and you can encourage your man to be more open and enjoy communicating with you.

It can be alarming when your Libra man suddenly goes quiet around you, and it's completely valid and normal to feel that way. 

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