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When a Scorpio man wants you back: Will He Show It?

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How do you know when a Scorpio man wants you back after a breakup? If he does, how do you hit restart and keep him for good?

The Scorpio man takes a long time to get over someone and almost always wants them back after a breakup. Although he may appear like he doesn’t care, there are obvious signs that show his intention to get back together.

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This article will help you figure out the Scorpio man’s personality and know when he wants you back after a breakup. I also added some tips to deal with his behavior and what to do when you decide to get back together.

The complicated Scorpio man 

First, let’s try to understand how the Scorpio man thinks and feels; we need to look at his personality as a Fixed Water sign. The complicated personality of the Scorpio man comes from the contradicting quality and element of his sign: fixed and stable versus flowy water. 

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A Scorpio man sometimes show hot and cold attitudes.

The Scorpio man’s personality is also complex due to his ruling planets: the passionate and aggressive Mars and the aloof and mysterious Pluto. He is sensitive and emotional, but he tries to hide it behind a cool and calm demeanor. 

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The Scorpio man leaves a relationship if he feels misunderstood, disrespected, mistrusted, and not accepted for who he is. He feels intense emotions that he can love his partner long after a breakup; if unresolved, these feelings can make him obsessive or carry a grudge.

He wants you back! 

Below are the obvious signs that a Scorpio man wants you back and how to deal with it:

He is in constant contact

The Scorpio man will be in constant communication with you if he intends to get back together. He acts casual about it because he fears rejection and wants to gauge your feelings first; you may receive drunk calls from him once or twice because he needs liquid courage to call you.

If your Scorpio ex makes random calls and sends you texts out of the blue, let him be but don’t ignore him. If you want your Scorpio man to return after a breakup, do not ignore him.

He reconnects with your family and friends

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The Scorpio man who wants you back not only keeps in touch with you but also with the people close to you. This is how he shows you that he cares for you and that he’s not closing the door on the idea of you two finding your way back together.

Staying close to your family and friends is also a way for the Scorpio man to keep tabs on you without letting you get an idea of his intentions. He wants to look cool and aloof, but he still wants to know how you are doing, who you’re seeing, and other updates in your life.

He tries to see you often

The Scorpio man will try to see you often if he wants to get back together. He will hesitate to ask you out on an official date, so he will make excuses to see you; he may ask you for a favor, seek advice, or inquire about a mutual friend or common interest.

You will also bump into your Scorpio ex several times because he tries to see you by accident in the places he knows you go to. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can talk to him about it or even avoid him altogether; if you like that he’s trying to see you often, ask him to have coffee the next time you see him.

He is hot and cold

The Scorpio man who wants you back may confuse you with his hot and cold behavior when he acts interested one day but distant the next. Getting these mixed signals from your ex shows the internal battle within his contradicting personality.

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He tries to make you jealous

The Scorpio man often enters a rebound relationship to get over his ex and to test how she’ll react to this new person in his life. His emotional needs after a breakup are so all over the place, and he can’t control and deal with them by being alone.

He reinvents himself

Let the Scorpio man know that you notice and approve of him reinventing himself by commending his actions and complimenting his hard work and dedication. Tell him you support him in taking these steps to better himself; this will give him the confidence to approach and reconnect with you.

He reminds you of the past

The Scorpio man intent on winning you back will remind you of your past relationship and the memories you had together. If he still has feelings for you, his emotions will be too much for him when you are around, and he’ll be nostalgic.

Show the Scorpio man that you miss the good old days as much as he does, and share some of the things you remember of your time together. Letting him know that you cherish these moments will boost his spirits and motivate him to ask you to have him back.

Keep him for good!    

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Think and talk

Don’t rush into getting back together with the Scorpio man without going over your relationship issues. No matter how much you love each other at this point, your unresolved issues in the past are still there and will resurface once you have settled into your relationship and your feelings have settled down.

Work with your Scorpio man to think and talk about your relationship's past, present, and future. Understand each other’s wants and needs and learn to compromise; don’t give in to everything that the other wants because it can lead to resentment and bitterness in the future.

Keep moving forward

Once you’ve resolved all your past issues, learn to let go and forget about them. Bringing up the past when you are facing a relationship problem will only make your current issues bigger and cause each other pain and frustration.

The things you should be taking with you as you go forward are only the happy and loving memories of the past. Learn to forgive your man and yourself for past mistakes and try your best to keep yourself from doing them again.

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Have fun

Enjoy this fresh start with the Scorpio man, and don’t take things too seriously that you forget to have fun with him. Learn to let go of the urge to control and make everything perfect because, reality check, no relationship is perfect.

You and your Scorpio man should know when to take a step back from the pressure of getting along and spending time together. All relationships go through rocky roads and twisting paths; having fun and not stressing over your issues help you and your partner stay stronger against life’s challenges.

Depending on what stained the once flawless connection between you and your Scorpio man, you may be unsure if he's really serious about winning you back into his life. 

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