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When a Taurus man is sorry: Does it show?

The bull-headed Taurus will charge at you if you are at fault. But he can be too proud to admit when he’s in the wrong.

You can play the waiting game with the Taurus man, but you simply cannot win over him. You will wait a long time for him to feel sorry and be remorseful of what he did.

So how can you beat the Taurus man at his own game and make him regret his actions towards you? It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

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Let me show you how!

The Taurus man when cornered

First, let’s get to know the true nature of the Taurus man.

Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign ruled by the planet Venus, the Roman goddess of love. It’s represented by The Bull, having unchanging and stubborn qualities.

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The Taurus man’s personality is calm and stable with a hidden streak of sensitive and emotional characteristics. You may see him as an unfeeling rock because he doesn’t need to show how he’s feeling all the time, but he can be hurt as easily as anyone.

It may take longer for the Taurus man to decide on everything, but he never backs away from his decisions once he’s made them. This makes him a dependable and loyal partner, but it can also make him stay in toxic relationships for a long time.

The Taurus man tends to deliberate long and hard before initiating a move. He is often mistaken as weak-willed or spineless, but he will charge like the bull once he’s cornered and finally made his decision.

The Taurus man is the stable and dependable partner you need for a lasting relationship. He loves the routine and familiarity of home life, but it can get boring to him and his partner after some time. 

What makes the Taurus man sorry?

The Taurus man is slow when coming to terms with his feelings, and it doesn’t help that he is also not showy of his emotions and likes to keep them bottled up inside him. But the good news is that he is not as unfeeling as everyone thinks he is.

The Taurus man will feel sorry if:

He fails to keep his promise

The Taurus man takes pride in his dependability and would do anything to keep any promise that he has made. It makes him feel bad to fail anyone who has relied upon and put their trust in him.

This failure is shameful for the Taurus man; it will definitely eat at him. He will worry that no one will ever trust him, including himself.

He knows he caused pain

The Taurus man feels terrible when he knows his actions caused pain to other people. He feels negative emotions when he sees anyone suffering from pain, and those emotions double if he is the source of that pain.

Although the Taurus man will never admit to it, he is prone to blaming himself even if it’s not his intention to hurt anybody. He takes responsibility and will do what he thinks are the necessary steps to put things right.

He feels the guilt

The Taurus man thinks of himself as a good person with an excellent moral compass. If he feels that he has done something wrong, he feels overwhelming guilt that will push him to apologize and make up for the wrong.

But the Taurus man is not always aware that what he is feeling is guilt. He has difficulty recognizing it, so it will take him time to acknowledge and come to terms with his guilty feelings.

He cares a lot

The Taurus man’s sensitive and emotional side suffers if he cares a lot about the person he has offended. He will even start hating himself for allowing that to happen.

Remorse or that deep regret is a painful feeling for anybody, and it seems that the Taurus man feels it more painfully than any other sign. His tendency to sweep his feelings off under the rug further adds to his internal strain.

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How the Taurus man shows he’s sorry?

The most common negative trait of the Taurus man is his callous and hurtful behavior over his partners. The truth is, you will never, EVER, hear your Taurus man admit his mistakes and apologize for them.

You will feel like your Taurus man doesn’t care about you and that it doesn’t matter if he hurt you or not. The thing is, he will show you he’s sorry in other ways than just saying, “I’m sorry.”

He will distance himself

Alone time is essential for the Taurus man to deal with his inner turmoil effectively. His guilt pushes him to stay away from the people he loves to prevent himself from hurting them further.

Allow your Taurus man to have his time for himself while letting him know that you support and understand his actions and future decisions. If you got hurt by his actions, let him know that you understood why he did it and that you forgive him.

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He feels stressed out

Guilt and remorse can stress your Taurus man out and cause mental and physical effects. These effects may include anxiety, sleeplessness, restlessness, acne breakouts, and appetite loss.

Your Taurus man is already suffering enough, so if you love him and want the best for his health and well-being, find it in your heart to forgive him. The symptoms will not improve instantly, but constant reassurance and showing your love to him will make him bounce back in time.

He gets angry easily

Anger is the Taurus man’s go-to emotion when he can’t process his emotions systematically. He will snap at you if he feels like you’re nagging him and blaming him for his wrongdoing.

Remember that his conscience is already nagging him on the inside. Don’t add to that pressure, or else the intense emotional and mental pressure will push him over the edge and out of your reach.

If your Taurus man has reached his breaking point, you still stand a chance with him by saying the words he wants to hear, which are all found in Taurus Man Secrets guide.

He will change his ways

The Taurus man rarely apologizes and admits to his mistakes but will show that he’s sorry by a change in behavior. If he fought with you over his untidy behavior, for example, he would show he’s sorry by learning to be more organized and clean.

The trick here is to learn how to get your Taurus man to understand your perspective. Stubborn as he is, he can be logical and rational about most things and will eventually understand where you’re coming from.

He makes it up to you

You know your Taurus man is sorry even when he does not say so if he makes it up to you in other ways. He may give you more attention, give you gifts just because, or even be extra sweet to you on some days.

Let your Taurus man know how you appreciate his actions and acknowledge his efforts to keep your relationship healthy and strong. In return, promise him that you accept any mistakes he has made and will continue to make because he is human, imperfect and flawed.

He has more patience

The Taurus man knows that a person who has been hurt will say and do anything without thinking. He is also guilty of impulsive actions when he is angry and hurt.

The Taurus man will have more patience and won’t hold a grudge if you make harsh and hurtful comments or be vengeful towards him. But holding your tongue and thinking twice before reacting to your pain will save you a lot of trouble and might even save your relationship.

He will not let go of you

The Taurus man who hurt you and feels sorry will want some time off but not entirely separate from you. It will take him a lot of time to make such a major life decision as a breakup, especially if your relationship has lasted for a long time.

The Taurus man will be aloof and might even hold off any communication with you for a while, but he will not break up on a whim. Wait for him to come back to you on his own, and you will be doing yourself a favor.

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He wants to forget

The Taurus man will let bygones be bygones by simply forgetting about it. He doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, he’s wrong and sorry, and so it’s time to move on.

Expecting to hear apologetic words from the Taurus man is a tall order because he hates being reminded of his past mistakes. The best thing you can do is allow him time to forget, and he will thank you for it.

So how can you make the Taurus man sorry and regret his shameful behavior towards you? The answer is, No, you can’t make him.

The Taurus man already feels remorse and guilt for what he’s done; your job is to let him be. Allowing him to suffer and resolve these feelings on his own will make him come back to you a better person and a better partner.

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