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When an Aquarius Man Doesn’t Like You Anymore: Deal With It!

Do you feel like you’re losing your Aquarius man’s interest? How can you tell when he doesn’t like you anymore?

The Aquarius man will not take the direct approach when he has lost interest or fallen out of love. He will show changes in his behavior and treatment of his partner and wait for her to deal with it and leave him.

The Aquarius man’s behavior may show a lack of courage, but that’s how he is. He would rather wait for you to realize his disinterest than face emotional confrontations and arguments.

This article will show you how to deal with the complex personality of the Aquarius man and how to tell if he doesn’t like you anymore. I hope this helps you keep your man and that you never see the signs I listed here.

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Understanding the Aquarius man  

The Aquarius man is a Fixed Air sign having an unpredictable and moody personality. It is difficult for anyone to know his likes and dislikes because he seldom expresses how he feels and thinks.

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The introverted personality of the Aquarius man makes communicating with him tricky. He is protective of his privacy, and he will not let people know his opinions and feelings until he has had enough time alone to process and make up his response.

The Aquarius man communicates best with his close friends and family because that’s when his comfort level is at its highest. He needs to feel secure that he will not be judged or misunderstood before opening up to anyone.

Friendship is so valuable to the Aquarius man that he can sometimes prefer friendship over romantic relationships. Being good friends with someone is one of his criteria when committing to a long-term relationship.

The Aquarius man in love is loyal and affectionate; he likes to be the hero knight who fights for his woman and wins her love in the end. He does have trouble expressing his needs in a relationship, but a patient partner can learn to make heads and tails of his behavior in due time.

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How to deal with the Aquarius man?

It will take a lot of patience, but once you’ve mastered communicating with the Aquarius man, you are on your way to building a solid and lasting relationship with him. Honesty never fails to win his trust, and trust, in turn, will make him open up and let you get closer to him.

Here are some things to consider when dealing with the Aquarius man. These will help you make sense of his flighty personality and prevent him from losing interest in you.

Be his best friend

Being the best friend to an Aquarius man means spending time with him and making him feel comfortable and happy in your presence. Take the time to know what he likes or dislikes and find out what you have in common and your significant differences.

Make the Aquarius man feel supported and understood, not judged or pressured to be something he’s not. Be a good listener, someone he can trust and respect that he’ll turn to you whenever he needs someone to talk to.

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Match wits with him

The Aquarius man likes intellectual conversations and a partner who can keep up with him in this regard. Discussions on his favorite topics and interests will engage him better than flirtatious or emotional topics.

Challenge your Aquarius man to have deep but respectful arguments on your common topics of interest, making sure that you have genuine enthusiasm and knowledge, or he’ll see through your pretense. Take care not to take things personally and offend him or take offense yourself.

Give him his alone time

Allowing the Aquarius man the time to be alone is essential for your relationship. Accept his introverted personality and don’t force him to be more outgoing when he is clear about his discomfort.

Don’t make the Aquarius man give up his alone time, or he will resent you and, hence, your relationship. Give your man and yourself some time alone to pursue your individual interests and have personal growth outside the relationship.

Let him fight his battles

Leaving the Aquarius man alone also means letting him stand on his own, fight his own battles, and figure out solutions to his life problems. He will not take it kindly if you meddle with his affairs and dictate what to do with his life.

Don’t run the Aquarius man’s life for him; he sometimes allows people to do that because of his fear of confrontation and reluctance to express his feelings. Offer your help and wait for him to ask when he needs it.

Have fun

The Aquarius man is difficult to understand, but if you do put in the extra effort, you’ll know what makes him happy and feel excited. He will settle in comfort and security in your relationship if you let him have fun, be it with you, alone with himself, or with his friends.

Having fun with your Aquarius man can mean surprising him with a cozy and intimate dinner or a spontaneous date night at his favorite place. You can also try doing something new in the bedroom, participating in thrilling activities, or trying new hobbies together.

Be honest

Playing hard-to-get or downplaying your feelings will only confuse your Aquarius man. Let him know where you stand and what you expect from him; he will appreciate it and be honest with you in return.

The Aquarius man is not dishonest but is prone to hiding his feelings when he senses that people keep things from him or manipulate him. Being truthful will make him at ease and have more trust in you.

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How to tell when he doesn’t like you anymore?

The Aquarius man loses interest when someone fails to deal with his complex personality. Not wanting to deal with confrontations, expect him to pull away or ignore you until you are forced to end the relationship yourself.

You know he’s given up on you through the signs listed below.

He keeps his distance

It’s normal for the Aquarius man to distance himself emotionally and physically once in a while. But when he finds that being away from you is better than being with you, he might stay away for good.

Even if the Aquarius tells you that he’s still committed to you, he will keep distancing himself if he is already considering breaking up with you. He will wait to be sure before telling you because he would hate to confront and hurt you.

He can’t meet your eye

When the Aquarius man doesn’t like you anymore, he will feel guilty and avoid meeting your eyes. He will make excuses not to be alone with you for long periods.

The Aquarius man can’t meet you in the eye because he feels you’ll find out that his feelings and affections are no longer evident in the way he looks at you. You will feel his anxiety and lack of ease when he’s around you.

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He talks less

If your Aquarius man, who was open and chatty before, speaks less and becomes secretive, he is no longer interested in a long-term relationship with you. Limited communication is a sign that he already has limited trust in you.

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The Aquarius man may respond to you if you initiate a conversation, but he will no longer share as much information as he used to. You might still catch his interest if you find a topic he’s passionate about, but you won’t keep his interest for long.

He has a short temper

The Aquarius man has low patience for things he dislikes; he will have a shorter temper when he doesn’t like you anymore. You will notice him getting irritated and snapping at you more often than usual.

He will not be aware of it, but the Aquarius man will be irked by everything you do, no matter how well-meaning your actions are. He is done with you when you can never do anything right in his eyes.

He is using you

The Aquarius man is not above using someone for personal gain. You can tell he doesn’t care if your relationship is centered on his needs and every decision revolves around him.

If the Aquarius man lets you pick up the check all the time, makes you his house-elf, and keeps asking you for favors, then it’s time you rethink your reasons for being with him. If you don’t get as many benefits as you are giving him, say your goodbyes because it’s clear you are being used.

He doesn’t want a relationship

If the Aquarius man tells you that he doesn’t want a relationship, that should be enough for you to understand that he doesn’t like you. He is easy to commit to someone he cares about and sees a future with.

Take it as a consolation that the Aquarius man was honest with you and didn’t lead you on. Be thankful for the closure and for the chance to find a better man who will be a better fit for you.

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