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Who is Aquarius Soulmate?: The Most Suitable Signs

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Out of all zodiac signs, Aquarius is the most intellectual of all. This sign sees things from a different perspective, which is uncommon to understand.

Thus, not all signs are best for Aquarius. Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, and fellow Aquarians are among the best candidates for Aquarius soulmates.

This guide will dissect why the zodiac signs mentioned above are the most suitable signs for Aquarius soulmates. So, it's best to read until the end to find out!

List of Signs Best for Aquarius Natives

Being the most intellectual among all the signs, Aquarius people are not an easy catch. Their point of view is uncommon for the average mind to understand.

They find it hard to continue a relationship due to varying opinions when they come across a soulmate. These dissimilarities often cause deep emotional pain and consume way too much energy.

 So, if you are an Aquarian, here are some zodiac signs that make the best pair with you!

Aquarius Soulmate Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a spontaneous and adventurous sign. People born under this sign are also confident, passionate, and with a great sense of humor.

Unsurprisingly, Aquarians are attracted to those traits. Both signs yearn for adventures and new experiences.

The best thing about the Aquarius-Sagittarius soulmate pair is they respect each other. Although there are still differences, they work things out and understand each other.

They also give each other space for growth and freedom. Their

mutual understanding provides them with a sense of independence even in their relationship.

In this relationship, sacrificing time and space isn't a thing. Instead, both explore their inner depths or even go on a solo trip.

Though both signs are emotional, they can handle each other during hard times. On top of that, their intellectual level matches, making it easier to discuss complex matters.

That said, Sagittarius makes the best soulmate for Aquarius.

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Aquarius Soulmate Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

The Aquarius-to-Aquarius soulmate compatibility is a good one. This means getting doubled positive attributes, more fun, energy, and intuition.

Since the two people are of the signs, they can talk to each other more openly. This makes the relationship a lot easier, with much fewer misunderstandings.

In this relationship, a lifelong commitment is expected. But, note that efforts from both parties are still needed to maintain the relationship.

What's best about this relationship is that it doesn't restrict both people in the relationship. They get to keep their individuality intact.

The Aquarius-to-Aquarius relationship shares the same goal of making the world better. That said, an Aquarius soulmate can do very well with an Aquarius counterpart.

Aquarius Soulmate Zodiac Sign: Libra

Libra, being Aquarius's soulmate, offers a great relationship. Moreover, these soulmate ties usually give favorable benefits like an immediate bond.

They match well intellectually, making them a perfect combination. In addition, Libra provides Aquarius with a sense of psychological independence and security.

Both signs are also very outgoing and adventurous. Simply put, they know how to really enjoy life, making it more fun and exciting.

The native Libra male can fit your requirements if you are an Aquarian female. This is because Libra males can solve problems with their optimistic approach and critical thinking, just like you.

Meanwhile, Aquarian natives know how to match the passion of their Libra partner. The Libran, on the other hand, is willing to put effort into reaching the intellectual levels of the Aquarian.

This power couple can achieve almost anything due to their level of comfort with each other. For this reason, Libra is among the most suitable soulmates for Aquarius.

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Aquarius Soulmate Zodiac Sign: Gemini

One of the best Gemini soulmates is Aquarius. Gemini, being Aquarius's soulmate, can form a good connection. Both have similar interests and never run out of exciting things to do when they have free time. 

When they get together, there's a raw and genuine connection of thoughts. Both signs complement each other in their own way.

For instance, Gemini encourages Aquarius to explore what they like. In return, Aquarius inspires Gemini to be focused on their goals and achieve them eventually.

Since Aquarians are highly intellectual, they are often attracted to someone they find hungry for knowledge. Gemini just happens to possess such a thirst, making the two signs an ideal match.

Aquarius Soulmate Zodiac Sign: Leo

 If you've been a fan of astrology, you know that Leo craves attention wherever he goes. Aquarius balances this out by ensuring they shower Leo with the needed attention.

Though that may sound like Leo is an attention seeker, people born under the Leo sign have wonderful personalities. Combined with the Aquarian high intellect, the two make a powerful and unique couple.

Aquarius and Leo can have a good love connection, but both have to make several compromises. First, the two signs have a magnetic attraction toward each other, starting with friendly flirtation.

Their temperament is the only thing that comes in the way of this pretty good connection. Nonetheless, this doesn't usually become an issue as long as one is willing to compromise.

So, above are the zodiac signs that match well with the Aquarius sign. However, it's best not to forget that many associated factors can influence the success of the connection.

That said, it's best to consult an experienced astrologer to look into your budding connection. Now, we can move on to the worst matches for the Aquarius sign.

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Worst Matches for Aquarius

Since we're done tackling the best possible soulmate for Aquarius, it's now time to know the worst matches. This way, you know who can be your worst connection and avoid them if you want.

As stated above, Aquarians aren't that easy to get along with. This is because their level of intellect is far beyond what an average mind can fathom.

As a result, they either loved immediately or despised instantly. There's no in-between.

But Aquarians don't mind this since they prefer to be disliked for who they are rather than loved for who they are not. They also have traits other zodiac signs can handle, such as being aggressive and firmly standing up for what they believe in.

 So, without much further ado, here are the signs that are worst for Aquarius:


People born under the Aquarius sign flourish when they are given space to be spontaneous. Meanwhile, Taurus needs stability and commitment.

That said, the differences in personalities are apparent. Being fixed signs, they are both very stubborn, so they can't do well in being soulmates.

In this relationship, arguments could last for months since neither is willing to compromise. As a result, watching this relationship will be exhausting.


Aquarius and Pisces are no good for each other. However, both are proud, so neither is willing to back down during arguments, and we know where that leads.

Their personalities clash since Pisces are innately romantic, while Aquarius prefers platonic. Thus, it's pretty hard to see them eye to eye.

For instance, Pisces is willing to spend all its free time with its lover. As romantic as that can be, Aquarius finds that suffocating.

Pisces will also find Aquarius too cold since they control their emotions too well. This makes sense since people born under the Pisces let their emotions flow freely.

Aquarius finds such behavior a recipe for disaster, so it's hard for them to find common ground. Overall, this pairing should be avoided at all costs to avoid having an unfortunate relationship.


A Virgo and Aquarius connection is one of the worst matches in the zodiac. Although these two signs are known for their rationality and logic, getting them to see eye to eye will be an uphill battle.

Virgo needs particular stability to soothe their nerves, which can be a bit too much for the carefree spirit of Aquarius. Aquarius may even find Virgo overly critical, which they don't really like.

On the other hand, Virgo finds Aquarius too disorganized and careless in all their ways. In fact, Aquarius is the type who doesn't mind being late as long as it means getting something good done.

That said, it's very clear why Virgo and Aquarius don't make good partners in life.


One of the many reasons a Cancer and an Aquarius don't match well is that they are total opposites. For example, Cancer can be clingy in a relationship, while Aquarius wants space in the relationship.

Simply put, one desires vulnerability in the relationship while the other chases freedom. In such a case, emotional incompatibility is evident.

Another difference is that Cancer loves to stay at home, while Aquarius loves the spontaneity found outdoors. Cancer also loves to be in a stable relationship, while Aquarius prefer an unlabeled relationship.,

So, keeping a lasting relationship is almost impossible, even if there's an initial spark between the two. Moreover, their idea of fun vastly differs, so they continue to clash even with minor things.

While cancers are homebodies, Aquarius is the outdoorsy type who loves to go out and make new friends. Unfortunately, these differences make it hard for them to have fun together.

Things may get better a little bit if the two are willing to compromise with each other. However, there will be many compromises to make this relationship last.

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Capricorn is another worst sign for Aquarius. Although the two are both ruled by the sun, Aquarius doesn't really mind steering away from the norm.

On the other hand, Capricorn will do everything to keep its reputation as good as they are. They also vary in many ways.

For instance, Capricorn is more about their families and themselves. Meanwhile, Aquarius is about a larger community.

So, as you can see, their vast differences don't really lead somewhere good in a relationship. That said, it's safe to say that both signs are not made for each other.

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