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Who is Aries’ Soulmate?: The Best and the Worst Signs for You

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When it comes to soulmate connections, it's very important to check your compatibility with other signs. This is to understand which signs connect best with you and those who don't.

As an Aries-born, you will look for a soulmate that complements your traits. You will need someone who encourages and respects your independence— like Aquarius, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

Why so? You will know more by reading this guide until the end, so never miss a line!

List of Signs Best for Aries Natives

To understand the signs best for Aries natives, it's best to know how they are as a person. We all know that Aries-born people are bold, fiery, and very aggressive individuals.

They are also very spontaneous and adventurous. But, more than that, they value their freedom so much.

That said, their ideal soulmate should be someone who isn't too restricting. They also must know how to have fun since Aries is always the party's life.

But, despite their love for fun and impulsive nature, they are also passionate about life. That said, it could be a challenge for them to find a soulmate.

They will need a soulmate who is encouraging and supportive in all they do. Their soulmate must also respect their independence and learn how to bring stability.

This can be tricky since Aries will need an energetic soulmate to fuel their fiery energy without fanning the flame excessively. But unfortunately, they are also too picky and will not receive anything less than the best.

However, Aries's perfection-seeking attitude will shift once they feel a genuine and strong soulmate connection. Then, they will try to be with their other half, especially if they find someone who is genuinely a ride-or-die type.

They won't think twice about competing just to win their soulmate's heart. But what's good about this is that they will never play games with them.

However, they tend to be too curious and selfish, hurting even those close to them. They will also need loyalty from their partner.

In all honesty, Aries may ask a lot from their partner. For instance, they also need someone who prefers to have a life outside the relationship.

This is because they are very sensitive when it comes to their freedom. Their partner must not try to change them or interfere with how they ruin their lives.

That said, not all zodiac signs can handle these preferences. But, lucky for Aries-born, there are five out of twelve zodiac signs that match them well, and they are the following:


Our first sign that complements well with Aries as a soulmate is Aquarius. Both signs are fun and adventure-loving individuals.

 That said, they are thrill-seekers that seek after all the best things in life. They also share many common values, like their love for travel, meeting new people, and going out.

In addition, Aquarius also guards Aries's ability to make things happen with zeal. Meanwhile, Aquarius also love the honesty and directness of Aries.

On the other hand, Aries appreciates Aquarius' honesty and uniqueness in the relationship. Though Aquarius isn't as emotional as other signs in the zodiac, they pair well with Aries since they help them trust and fully embrace love.

Both have mutual admiration for each other, making them ideal partners.

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Right from the start, the Aries and Leo soulmate bond is incredible. The two simply have excellent intimate and emotional connections.

Being both fire signs, the flame in the connection is fiery. Just by looking at them, you'll feel the powerful energy around them.

Nonetheless, there are some cons to this connection. First, both have strong feelings and opinions that may cause them to fight each other occasionally.

But, no issues are unsolvable as long as two parties are willing to talk things out. They also have to be willing to be open in talking about their shortcomings and fears with each other.

Once they do that, this power couple will be unstoppable in love, career, and business. Their support for each other will bring passion and immense future success.

That said, Leo is definitely a worthy soulmate for Aries.

But you can check why an Aries man is compatible with an Aquarius woman.


Libra is another ideal soulmate connection for Aries. This is because these two can forge a trusting relationship where there will never be doubt of their connection.

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Both will thrive in this relationship because of their shared personal satisfaction and love. There will also be no boredom in this relationship since they both challenge and excite one another daily.

Not only do they get along really well, but they also genuinely complement one another. This special bond between Libra and Aries isn't afraid of problems in the future.

This is because they find it very easy to trust and balance each other's personalities.


Though Scorpio and Aries tend to be opposites, they are the definition of opposite attracts.

 Mars rules both, so both of them may come off as standoffish and aggressive. However, deep down, they can build a strong connection to show their great passion.

They also admire each other, making them look like a match made in heaven. However, love can still get rough in this connection since trust is essential for Scorpio, and Aries may sometimes do questionable things that will question Aries's commitment.

In such a situation, love can really get rough. However, if Aries truly loves Scorpio, they will not do anything to make Scorpio question their love and loyalty.


Aries is one of the best Sagittarius's soulmates.

Sagittarius and Aries are another ideal pair when it comes to a soulmate connection. This is because both have a highly intimate and emotional connection.

On top of that, they also have a high level of communication, making conversation a lot easier. They also share many common values when it comes to relationships.

The two signs align themselves well, making them ready to take on the world. Moreover, both are willing to face all the challenges as long as they are together.

Aries will also never get bored with Sagittarius because they find it exciting to discover what Sagittarius holds. This leaves room for their relationship to explore their passions and interests.

That said, Sagittarius and Aries will be incredible soulmates since they share their passion for love and their perfectionist attitudes.

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Worst Matches for Aries

Not all signs are an ideal match for Aries as soulmates. That said, it's helpful to know that Aries, Cancer, Gemini, and Pisces are your worst matches as Aries natives.

In another section of this guide, you will understand why these start signs are incompatible with Aries. Mars rules Aries, a cardinal sign to better understand this.

They prefer direct communication and are very proactive. Aries also tend to steer away from complicated people since they like things to be straightforward, without any drama.

In addition, they are also very assertive and never play games in love and relationships. They are the type that will go straight to the point and deal with the repercussions after.

They also tend to be very confrontational with a quick temper. That said, Aries won't match up well with hot-tempered signs like themselves.

As a result, they get into many unnecessary fights because of their hot-headedness. So, if you are an Aries native, it's best to avoid entangling yourself with the following signs to prevent throwing yourself into a predicament.


Aries to Aries match is among the worst pairing in the zodiac. The romantic relationship in this connection will turn sour just after the first honeymoon phase.

This is because you cannot put two Rams in one room and expect a lovey-dovey situation most of the time. Both have terrible temperaments and are very confrontational.

That said, the relationship will be full of arguments. They will even argue just for the sake of argument, which is very detrimental to any relationship.

To make matters worse, both are very egotistical. No one is willing to back down and act as the bigger person.

The conversation between the two is very hard to watch and listen to. They won't just listen to each other and go to the extent of monologues, which is all about themselves.

Both are also impulsive, leading them to many regrets in life. Aries is best to be with someone who is patient and knows how to listen well.

They also need a type of soulmate who will be there for them through thick and thin and encourage them to do their best. However, if you are dating a fellow Aries, don't expect to receive such things from them.

An Aries-to-Aries relationship won't just work, no matter how hard you try. This is because these same signs are meant to buttheads with each other.

With their temperament, the relationship will be in chaos and is meant to end one way or another.

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Based on astrology, Cancer is among the most incompatible signs with Aries. Cancer's best soulmate is Aries. This is because Cancer and Aries have different value systems.

For instance, Cancer's water sign doesn't value spontaneity, which Aries holds dear. The Crab only cares for the feeling of other people, while the fire sign of Aries is the total opposite.

They overvalue spontaneity and are brutally honest. They are not afraid to say no or hurt the feelings of others as long as they know that they are only being honest.

On the other hand, Cancer will lose their respect for Aries quickly. They will assume that Aries lacks empathy due to their communication style, which is brutally honest.

They will judge Aries as insensitive though it wasn't Aries's intention to hurt anyone. Their communication style is too different, leading to many misunderstandings and fights.

So, it's evident that Aries and Cancer are unsuitable for any relationship. Their view of life and their priorities in life simply don't match.


Pisces are well known to be very sensitive among the zodiac signs. To make things worse, Aries natives really mix well with sensitive people since they are very straightforward.

Pisces can misinterpret their NO-BS communication style as aggression. So, that said, there will be no good communication between the two.

Aries will keep things worse, and Pisces will end up in angst. Likewise, Aries will also lose respect quickly for Pisces.

They won't just get why Pisces can't be empowered overnight and see them as playing the victim card. They will also think that Pisces is too weepy and whiny, which irritates them.

That said, there's a future for Pisces to Aries connection. So, as an Aries-born, it's best to avoid entangling yourself with them romantically.

Doing so will prevent wasting time on a relationship that is not meant to last.

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