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Who is Gemini’s Soulmate?: The 6 best zodiac signs

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Many people believe in soulmates, and the fact that you are here means you are among them. However, believing and figuring out who your soulmate is, are two different things.

Based on compatibility, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Cancer match well with Gemini. Gemini's adaptable and curious personality complements the nature of the given signs, so they do well romantically.

A Gemini soulmate knows how to love and see beyond the stigma. They also choose to have an open mind and acknowledge that a relationship needs social and intellectual stimulation to thrive.

List of Signs Best for Gemini Natives

If you don't know from which zodiac sign your soulmate can be, here are some of the best soulmate candidates for you:


One of the best Sagittarius' soulmates include Gemini. Though Gemini and Sagittarius are two opposing signs, they surprisingly make good soulmates. This is because the two signs can balance each other out.

This connection starts as friends first, helping them through rough times. After that, the relationship has the potential to be lasting, with new fascinations on every corner.

Both are curious individuals and love to explore. This allows them to teach and learn from one another.

Also, opposites attract, so they will always have a thing for each other. The chemistry between Gemini and Sagittarius is also undeniable since it's very apparent.

The wisdom and guidance of Sagittarius also help the indecisive and confused Gemini to find their path in life. Also, since both are intellectuals, they can't help but stimulate each other.

With that said, it's clear that a Gemini and Sagittarius soulmate connection is one of the best in the zodiac.

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When it comes to a soulmate connection, Gemini and Aquarius signs are good for each other. One of the best Aquarius soulmates is Gemini. Compared to other signs, they are likely the most similar to each other since they are both air signs.

Being Gemini's soulmate, Aquarius will feel more understood and supported. Both signs also take a long time to commit to a relationship, putting no pressure on the relationship.

That said, the two have more than enough space, allowing their love to grow without pressure. In this relationship, Gemini extends help while Aquarius listen.

On the other hand, Aquarius encourages Gemini to become the best version of themselves. The two also make a good couple since they know how to handle their emotions.

They know how not to get overly emotional when conflicts arise. This allows them to think clearly and resolve the issue at hand.

Even in anger, they can still think rationally and discuss their problems. With such an understanding of each other, it's no wonder why Gemini and Aquarius are best as soulmates.


Aries fuels Gemini's air energy as a fire sign, making things spark. Aries takes the lead in this relationship, being an initiator of change (cardinal sign), which is not a problem for the go-with-the-flow character of Gemini.

On top of that, Aries also help Gemini to learn to relax. But the fiery sign of Aries also pushes the Gemini when things get stagnant in their life.

That said, Aries's loving, funny, and wacky characteristics are undeniably good for Gemini as a soulmate. Both signs are willing to be innovative and find creative means to live together.

Nonetheless, like in any other relationship, both must work hard to maintain the relationship. Though the two can be in a loving relationship, they can also get easily bored.

That said, both partners have to work on keeping things interesting in the relationship. If they work on this, Aries and Gemini can be ideal soulmates for each other.

These two always inspire and support each other. Aries also positively influence Gemini's life, making them suitable soulmates for Gemini.


Gemini and Leo love to be in a crowd and have boundless energy. Gemini finds Leo being a social butterfly, which matches their outgoing personality.

The two signs are both likable and popular, making things easier for them. They are often invited to parties, get-to-together, and other events since they are entertaining and energetic.

The Gemini-Leo soulmates both have high charisma in making conversations. The only downside of this connection is that Gemini can get cold when Leo brings up some sensitive topics.

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Leo is also not the type who will go after the coldness of Gemini but instead scurry off to heal their pride. But, as long as the two are more understanding toward each other, these two signs are a good match for each other.

If you are interested in how to have a successful relationship with Leo as a Gemini person, you must be willing to give out praise and encouragement. Leos always love to get compliments and encouragement wherever they go, so it's your job to shower them with these things.


Though Gemini and Cancer are in absolute contrast with each other, they can still be good soulmates. This is due to their range of attitudes.

They can have a fantastic connection if they choose to work on their differences. However, like in other relationships, both have to overcome challenges.

They also must learn to listen to each other and provide attention and care to the relationship. The problem starts to arise when Gemini ignores Cancer or doesn't give the comfort they need.

Despite challenges in this relationship, this has a chance to thrive as long as both parties are willing to work things out.

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What's better than having a soulmate who totally understands and gets you?

Gemini and Libra are a great match since both signs are positive and ruled by the air element. This makes them cooperative and intellectually compatible by nature.

Being a Gemini, a Libra counterpart, can provide the balance and harmony you need in your life. They also understand your struggle both in love and in life.

In this relationship, these two signs will never get bored of each other since they both love to go out and have fun. In addition, a Libra soulmate will give you absolute devotion, love, loyalty, and affection.

With those positive points, there's no doubt that Libra goes pretty well as Gemini's soulmate.

Now that we're done with the suitable soulmates for Gemini, we can move on to the worst matches. This way, you'll know as a Gemini-born person, which signs don't really go well with you.

Worst Matches for Gemini

Not all signs are meant to be a soulmate for you. With this knowledge, you can choose whether you'll get entangled with a sign deemed incompatible with you.

So, here are the signs that you can crash out on your list of soulmates if you'd like to:


Scorpio and Gemini spell disaster, whether in the business or romantic fields. The two are just so different that they can't be stitched together.

Gemini only wants the shallow ends of life, while Scorpio prefers to go deep. But, unfortunately, Scorpio is also pretty quick to get annoyed by the small talk of Gemini.

On the other hand, Gemini sees Scorpio as being too much and too intense to handle. On the other side, Scorpio will detest Gemini for making jokes about things that matter to them.

While Scorpios tend to hold grudges and desire to avenge themselves, Geminis are all about forgiving and forgetting the issue. They are willing to leave the past behind and concentrate on the present.

So, wherever you see it, you can't find common ground between the two signs.


Another sign that doesn't bode well with Gemini is Taurus. Gemini's open-mindedness may come as a serious character flaw to Taurus.

Gemini's lightheartedness and playfulness may also dismay, anger, or annoy Taurus. Meanwhile, Gemini may get frustrated by Taurus's aversion to going on an adventure and trying new things.

The two are just way too different from each other. Taurus is a typical homebody, while Gemini loves to seek thrill in life.

Gemini also struggles to comprehend why Taurus takes so much to do their task. This is because Gemini is all bout doing things as fast as possible.

That said, they need a partner who can keep up with their crazy fast pace life. Furthermore, Gemini may also find Taurus too gripping with their money, which they don't like.

Geminis simply love to spend more than what's comfortable to Taurus. A Gemini and Taurus pair will be a disaster with these opposing things going on.


At first, no one may suspect that Capricorn is not a good match for Gemini. However, Capricorns are such old souls that, as a Gemini, you may find them intriguing.

 On the other side, Capricorn also appreciates Gemini's playfulness and finds it refreshing. However, such admiration for each other can eventually turn sour.

In time, Gemini will realize that Capricorn takes life too seriously, while Capricorn will think that Gemini is fooling around in life. As a result, Capricorn may assume that Gemini is mocking life in general, creating bad blood between them.

Capricorns are decisive and could not get why Gemini tends to change their minds at the last minute. Even in the business department, they don't go along well.

Capricorn is more conservative, while Gemini isn't afraid to be experimental. With such differences, the incompatibility of these two signs runs deep.

That said, these two won't make good soulmates.

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If you want a peaceful relationship, it's best to consider steering away from Cancer if you are a Gemini. These two are simply terrible matches.

There are only sporadic times when these two signs get on the same page. For instance, Gemini is all about thoughts, while Cancer is wholeheartedly about feelings.

Furthermore, Cancer finds Gemini's irreverence as being insensitive and cold. But, on the other hand, Gemini sees Cancer as a bit too soft and illogical.

Finding common ground for the two signs to thrive is complex with such differences. For example, Cancer is faithful to their beliefs, whereas Gemini can throw their whole life plan when they see it's their best option.

Though this attitude is needed in life, it is something that Cancer finds hard to understand. So, these two don't match well wherever you try to see things.

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