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Who is Leo’s Soulmate?: The Best Signs as Life Partner!

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Leo-born individuals are influential go-getters and are always on the run for success. That said, they need a patient, supportive and understanding partner.

With the given qualities, Leo natives will have an ideal soulmate connection with Taurus, Aries, Gemini, Libra, Cancer, and Leo. These signs can give Leo the attention, support, and love they need.

To know the full details of these zodiac connections to Leo, never miss a line, and you'll get it. So, let's start!

List of Signs Best for Leo Natives

To better understand the best signs for Leo natives, it's best to first know about the traits of Leo. This way, you will clearly see why the signs listed below are the right ones for Leos.

First, it's best to know that Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and the Lion is its symbol. That said, they are fiery, influential, passionate, hardworking, and successful.

This is where things become critical for Leo. They need a partner who will be there for them to appreciate both small and big achievements.

They will often need to hear your compliments and support to boost their pride. But, unfortunately, they can also be possessive, so they need a lot of assurance from their soulmate to prove that it's only them in your life.

However, that will only happen if their partner goes a bit overboard. In general, they are open-minded people, but it won't still be easy for them to find their soulmates.

But, once they do, there will be nothing like their relationship in the zodiac. So, to keep the suspense short, here are the different zodiac signs that best fit you as soulmates:


When it comes to compatibility, Aries and Leo are good for each other. Aries is the first zodiac sign in the chart, while Leo is the fifth zodiac sign.

These two signs are both powerful and are naturally drawn to each other. Hence, their bonding develops when these two signs get together, making it a perfect recipe for love.

If Aries and Leo get together, nothing can stop them. These two signs are kindred by nature and fearless, passionate, powerful, and highly social.

Together is a powerful couple since they can achieve anything in life through their courage and vigor. Both are drawn to each other because of their self-reliance and almost an instant bond.

Since both are pros when it comes to flirtations, their relationship is spicy and full of excitement. Moreover, they can forge a brilliant connection since both are fire signs.

These two work well with each other because Aries doesn't really mind not having the limelight. This means that Leo can get the things they want quickly.

Also, they both know many ways to entertain one another, so there's no boring time when they are together. On top of that, their fun-loving streak is unmatched.

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One of the best Gemini soulmates is Leo. If there's an embodiment of the theory—couples that play together, stay together, it's Leo and Gemini. Together, the vivacious Lion and witty twins make a couple everyone loves and adores.

Leo's fiery and bright personality and Gemini's youthful charm complement each other well. Anyone who sees them will automatically think they are a perfect pair.

How so? The Leo and Gemini compatibility shows why the fire and air sign matches great.

They are both enthusiastic and expressive when it comes to trying new things. In addition, they never fail to adore each other, which is cute and a recipe for a good and lasting relationship.

That said, Leo and Gemini natives get each other's attention due to their charismatic demeanor.

In this relationship, Gemini ensures to give attention to Leo, while Leo makes sure to provide Gemini security. That said, this makes them the best soulmate for Leo.

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Another sign best for Leo is Taurus. These signs form a fantastic duo when they come together in a relationship.

Taureans are very understanding of Leo's need for attention, and they are willing to give that to them. In fact, they don't mind if Leo gets it all.

They also complement each other because Taurus is mature enough not to care about the limelight and give it all to Leo. As a result, this makes Taurus one of the best soulmates for Leo.

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The two are also loving in nature, which serves as the driving force for their relationship.

Though Leo likes to take their own time when giving to the other person, Taurus is optimistic about the situation. So naturally, this makes the Lion fall in love with the Bull.

So, in the Taurus-Leo connection, it's clear that they are among the best soulmate pairs in the zodiac.


Regarding the best soulmate for Leo, Cancer is undoubtedly on the list. These two have the ability to sail through all the situations in life.

Most of the time, their relationship will be smooth sailing as long as they express and show their love to one another. But moreover, there's a great sense of respect, appreciation, and gratitude in this relationship.

This is a typical give-and-take relationship, where both partners provide for each other's needs. That said, Cancer and Leo are great soulmates.


In the Libra-Leo relationship, minor mistakes or flaws are not pointed out. Instead, both love each other so much that they are willing to overlook the shortcomings of both sides.

On top of that, this pair can sail through all the situations in life. Their relationship will usually be smooth sailing as long as they openly express and show their love.

This relationship has a strong sense of respect, appreciation, and gratitude for one another. That said, this is a typical give-and-take relationship, where both partners provide for each other's needs.

Individually, these two signs can walk into a room and instantly get the attention of everyone—that's how charismatic they are. The Venus-ruled Libra is graceful yet flirtatious and charming, while Leo is friendly, confident, outgoing, and wild.

That said, this pair is a perfectly wild combo for soulmates.

Worst Matches for Leo

Leo-born individuals are charismatic and magnetic. This is why it's not surprising they turn heads wherever they go.

Besides that, they are also warm and friendly with a cheerful personality. However, though these traits are ideal, they don't get along with all the signs in the zodiac.

Although Leo can have a natural rapport with some signs, getting entangled romantically with Leo is another story. Some of these signs find being with a Leo in a relationship tricky.

Some may find the Leo-born individuals to be too arrogant to take. Others may even resent them for their need to always be at the center of attention.

That said, not everyone is on Leo's side despite their charismatic nature. While others may appreciate their straightforwardness, others will hate them for that.

They will be called insensitive and other bad names. So now, let's take a good look at why these signs are incompatible with Leo.


Another not-so-good soulmate for Leo is Aquarius. Though both may not be that different, their differences draw a line between them.

Leo is mostly about themselves, while Aquarius is for a larger community. That said, their values significantly differ from each other.

Aquarius assumes that the Lion is selfish and egotistical, while Leo will find Aquarius to be a ridiculous character. Though these two signs may work out, the relationship will be full of headaches and stress.


Capricorn and Leo as a soulmate pair are a big NO. These two signs will not be even good as friends, much more in a relationship.

Capricorn will find Leo to be immature and childish and will often get annoyed by Leo's need for attention. They also find it hard to understand how Leo manages to get things done when they are busy putting themselves in the spotlight.

On the other hand, Leo is not interested in Capricorn because they find them incredibly boring. They will instantly assume they are all about work and never about fun.

Capricorn will also hurt Leo's ego through their brutal honesty. Likewise, if Leo doesn't recognize Capricorn as an authority, it will also hurt Capricorn's ego.

With these obvious facts alone, the two in a relationship can't go anywhere. So instead, they will constantly push each other button's, spreading toxicity.

Capricorn has a very low tolerance for drama, which Leo loves to bring to the table. So, with these differences, it's best to thoroughly consider having a relationship with this sign.

However, if you are hellbound to experience being in a relationship with a Capricorn, make sure to learn to compromise. As long as you two won't give up on each other and decide to work things out no matter what, your relationship may last longer than expected.

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Another terrible match for Leo is Leo itself. As we told earlier, Leo is self-centered and is always after the limelight.

Now, if we double that, it'll be a disaster. Some native signs may work with other native signs, but it's not the case for Leo.

This is because both crave the limelight, but sharing it could not be their thing. So they can't share their crown as a couple and will constantly be in a fight to get it alone.

What Leo-born individuals need in their lives is a partner who doesn't mind being backstage, cheering for their Leo beau. On top of that, they also have to allow Leo to go after their achievements and not be whiny about not having enough time in the relationship.

If you can't do that, then it's best to steer away from the path of a fellow Leo. Though being in a relationship is about love, adoration, and spending time together, this relationship will be about a battle for egos.

This relationship will have no fun, and everything will be dull and annoying. Therefore, a Leo-to-Leo relationship is best to be avoided if you want a peaceful and loving relationship.

You can't just expect these two attention lovers to be in the same room without trying to show off who's better. So one will tell how great they are, and the other will share the same story to prove that they are a great person too.

So, it's clear that these two signs are never meant to be together.

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