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Who is Virgo’s Soulmate?: The 5 fierce signs for you!

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Knowing who your soulmate is, as a Virgo native, is essential. This is to have a clue of what it is like to be paired with other zodiac signs.

As an Earth Sign, your best pair as a Virgo-born is someone that is grounded like you. That said, your ideal soulmate is born under the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Pisces.

These signs are similar to Virgo in the sense that they are loyal, grounded, and know how to gain wealth. To know the rest of the compatibility details, consider reading this article until the end.

List of Signs Best for Virgo Natives

To better understand the best matches for you, you must know your traits as a Virgo native. First, it's best to understand that you are intellectual since your ruling planet is Mercury.

In addition, you are good at communicating with others. You are also independent, organized, modest, and flexible.

Though there are no definite when it comes to compatibility in astrological signs, as a Virgo, you are drawn to people that can help you learn and grow. So here are some signs that best match you as an Earth Sign Virgo.


In a relationship, the Cancer-Virgo tandem creates balance together. Virgo is one of Cancer's best soulmates. The moon-ruled and Mercury-ruled signs shared intuition, introspection, and intimacy.

Both are open-givers, respectful, attentive, and commitment-oriented. That said, this relationship is founded on emotional understanding and loyalty.

Cancer softens Virgo's critical and judgmental nature, while Virgo helps Cancer remain grounded. Cancer also aids Virgo in pursuing life's more practical side and expression.

In terms of characteristics, Virgo is very dependable and hardworking. Virgo natives help Cancer-born to provide for their needs, while Cancer is the life partner Virgo needs.

In sexual compatibility, both signs share a sentimental sex life. As a water sign, Cancer is sexually influenced by feelings and emotions, while Virgo is turned on by touch.

Nonetheless, Virgo and Cancer are both not aggressive in bed. Instead, the two share an intense, burning passion for each other.

This connection is a type of love that takes time to start, but once it's on, it's almost impossible to put out. But, like in any other relationship, their differences eventually will cause a rift.

Virgo can be nitpicky, biased, and rational, while Cancer can be clingy, too emotional, and moody. When such moods clash, it is not surprising that it will somehow strain the relationship.

Fortunately, their romantic chemistry and shared interests will overshadow their issues. Also, as long as Virgo tries to listen and empathize with Cancer's feelings and Cancer respects Virgo's independence, the relationship will make it long-term.

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Next on our list for Virgo's soulmate is Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign that helps Virgo feel supported and comfortable to be their true selves.

Because of their easy-going connection, Virgo and Capricorn would make great lovers, incredible friends, and trustworthy business partners. In terms of relationships, the two signs will experience the best of all worlds—physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

Those positive things mentioned make it clear that the two are a perfect match. These two also support each other the way they can.

For instance, Capricorn supports Virgo all the way with their practical dreams. This could mean helping them in funding their dreams and promoting them.

They also help Virgo unlock their full professional potential, which Virgo appreciates and admires. But, on the other hand, the dutiful and analytical Virgo helps reassures the conservative and serious Capricorn.

Virgo also lets Capricorn see the importance of establishing a work-life balance. As a result, it helps bring routine and order into Capricorn's life.

In general, both signs are family-oriented and financially grounded. Both are always working hard to have the best in life.

The two understand that their connection is not deeply passionate and sexually active. Though this may sound bizarre, such a relationship condition is okay with them.

This is because neither Virgo nor Capricorn needs frequent physical affection or validation. This is because neither Virgo nor Capricorn needs regular physical affection or validation.

However, this doesn't mean their sex life isn't fun or fulfilling; it's the other way around.

How so? Capricorns love to experiment when it comes to sexual pleasure. So they won't shy away from using or trying new positions or toys.

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Meanwhile, the mutable Earth Sign of Virgo is cool with whatever Capricorn likes doing. Virgo natives are open to Capricorn experiments, which the natives like.

In this soulmate connection, as long as Virgo is willing to be less critical and judgmental and Capricorn keeps things tidy, this relationship will last.


Another compatible soulmate connection for Virgo is the fellow Earth Sign, Taurus. These two are both patient and reliable, which are excellent recipes for a peaceful and lasting relationship.

This pairing is heaven-sent since both are loyal, slow to anger, caring, and calming in a relationship. Moreover, Earth signs are naturally systematic, practical, and grounded.

Both are like-minded in many ways, particularly in responsibility and financial security values. They are also perfect for each other because Virgo adds versatility and humor to the relationship, while Taurus brings stability and sensuality.

These two signs are also almost often in sync with other. For example, as a fixed sign, the rhythmic lovemaking of a Taurus helps soothe Virgo's critical mind.

Meanwhile, the attentiveness of Virgo gives Taurus the nurturance and affection they crave so much. Moreover, both can expect to share a deep-rooted bond mentally and physically due to their Venus-Mercury connection.

Even with their self-expression differences, this pairing has a profound level of self-respect, love, and trust. Also, both signs value hard work and honesty.

This means these two signs will consciously try to stay together whatever obstacles come their way. However, boredom and stubbornness in their routine can sometimes overwhelm them.

However, with their open communication and loyalty to each other, they can keep themselves on track. That said, as long as Virgo and Taurus have fun and continue to date, this soulmate relationship will last.

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    The next soulmate sign that is good for Virgo is Scorpio. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio can get Virgo's attention quickly due to their overflowing confidence and passion.

    Though Virgo is not intensely emotional or outwardly seductive, the connection is profoundly intimate and intellectual. That said, the foundation of this relationship is based on self-empowerment and magnetism.

    For instance, Scorpio pulls a sense of creativity and mystery out of Virgo that no one ever could pull off. These two signs also know how to uplift and support each other with the potential to bring out each other's best.

    In particular, Scorpio brings courage, confidence, and emotional power into this soulmate connection, while Virgo gives stability, logic, and dutiful service. Both signs are physically intimate and greatly enjoy their passionate and sensual lovemaking.

    However, it is best to note that Scorpio may get more aggressive and controlling in bed than Virgo. Their tempo and turn-on differences can sometimes be too overwhelming for the reserve Virgo to handle.

    Fortunately, Virgo is down-to-earth and very straightforward. So, Virgo won't hesitate to say enough is enough when Scorpio's passion becomes too overbearing.


    Now, it's time for our final candidate—the water sign, Pisces. Though these two are opposing signs, they work well together. Virgo is one of the ultimate Pisces soulmates.

    In fact, this connection brings so much physical attraction and intense emotional chemistry to the relationship. Pisces and Virgo's pairing tends to bring out both the best in each other and the worst.

    However, as long as both are willing to work on their differences, they can have a lasting connection. This is because the two share strong verbal and emotional reassurance.

    The two signs also hold the same traits, such as being loyal, dutiful, and empathetic. Their relationship's foundation is built on finding the balance between idealism and practicality.

    For instance, Pisces brings creativity and imagination to the connection, while Virgo gives stability. Both are best for each other in a way that Virgo admires the fantasy-loving Pisces, while Pisces adores the detail-oriented Virgo.

    At times, the emotional disposition of Pisces may get overwhelming for results-driven Virgo. Meanwhile, the criticism of Virgo may ignite Pisces' insecurities.

    However, if they consciously try to get over their differences, this soulmate connection can last.

    Now that we are done with the best soulmate matches for your sign, let's move on to your worst matches.

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    Worst Matches for Virgo

    By now, you may know that not all signs work compatibly with you as soulmates. There are just signs that you are bound to stay away from in terms of romantic relationships.

    To give you some idea of which signs to steer away from, here are the signs that you need to watch out for:


    First on our list for the worst soulmate match of Virgo is the Fire Sign, Aries. This pairing isn't meant to be both in business or romance.

    The high emotions of Aries are something Virgo can't deal with or understand. Virgo natives will also find Aries individuals as explosive and abrasive.

    They will also be confused about why Aries can't keep their anger to themselves. That said, there's little to no hope for this connection to work out.

    Virgo's communication style can only trigger the angry Aries, adding fuel to the fire. As a result, Virgo will lose respect for Aries due to their impulsive nature.

    This is very opposite to Virgo's way of handling things. Virgo is used to thinking thoroughly before doing any action, often coldly and rationally.

    On the other hand, Aries will be bored by Virgo's way of life. They will find their routine to be stifling with calculated moves.

    Aries may even judge Virgo for being too cold and distant, not giving any room for emotions to flow. This will make the relationship dreary without spontaneity and a sense of adventure.

    That said, the connection will never sweep off the feet of the passionate Aries. They may even resent Virgo for how they act in the relationship.

    With all the differences mentioned, Virgo and Aries are never meant to be.


    As a Fire Sign, Leo is simply a terrible match for Virgo. In addition, a Leo woman and Virgo man have different ways of communicating, which becomes a serious issue in the relationship.

    On top of that, their traits also widely differ. For example, Virgo is just over-critical, while Leo constantly needs reassurance and compliments.

    As a result, Leo may end up hating Virgo for being harsh and nitpicky. Meanwhile, Virgo may view Leo as a Juvenile and attention-seeker, which is a bit harsh.

    With such incompatibility, it is very apparent that Leo will never have a good soulmate connection with Virgo.

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