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About us

Welcome to Spiritual Galaxy. The Universe has conspired to lead you here to my Blog.

This Blog was made to extend my love and passion for this field. Since you can access anything on the internet, I want to contribute my knowledge about the spiritual realm and the Universe to those who are seeking answers and clarity in their everyday life.

My name is Karen, and I am a psychic medium, a professional astrologer, a spiritual advisor, and a life coach. I have been in this field and sharing my abilities with many people for almost 19 years.

I have been helping people by giving them answers and clarity regarding life. My goal is to bring spiritual understanding to people and guide those who seek to understand how to use their own psychic abilities.

I specialize in numerology, tarot and oracle cards, twin flames, zodiac, horoscope, dreams interpretation, healing crystals, manifestation, relationships, and astrology.

I grew up in Portland, Oregon. Even when I was a child, I was curious about everything and continually asking questions about life, spirituality, death, where people go when they die, their souls, dreams, and synchronicities in this world.

As the years went by, my interest in this topic grew more potent, and so I continue to search for answers. In the early times of my career, I consulted many psychic mediums and clairvoyants and attended some seminars. I read a lot of books and studied things such as Crystals, Emotional Energy and Healing, Angels to Astrology, Meditation, Law of Attraction, and Numerology.

Each time I get answers to my questions, it leaves me in awe of how aligned and accurate all the information from the books and fellow Psychics has been. Once a Clairvoyant advised me to follow what my intuition tells me, for they saw that I had this dormant, sleeping “Clairvoyant ability” inside of me, just waiting for me to tap on it and utilize its energy.

Since then, I have been practicing and honing my psychic abilities. I was able to deliver accurate messages, describe energies and emotions from other people, see the forces they carry with them and perceive and sense events in the future.

I got my Astrology degree from the Celestial Institute. I've studied with well-known astrologers and tarot masters. I'm a member of the International Astrological Association, International Association for the Study of Dreams and the Tarot Guild.

Since I started this psychic journey, I have been conducting workshops, mentoring people on how to unlock their Psychic potential, and publicly demonstrating Mediumship and Clairvoyance.

I have carried out thousands of tarot readings and advised many people of different ages, ethnicities, and religions.

Moreover, I’ve been teaching and counseling people about healing and helping them to become spiritually awakened.

What you will find in this blog is genuine, honest, and compassionate advice. What makes Spiritual Galaxy unique is that I only give advice that people are going to need and not something they want to hear. I am very transparent, accurate, and direct with my readings.

As a spiritual advisor, I am passionate to provide many people comfort, assurance, and guidance, both as individual and group readings.

There are multiple categories on this blog, and I do hope you find here the answers you’re looking for. Life can be a roller coaster ride, and it’s vital that we are guided from time to time to stay on our path and our life’s purpose.

Here are some of the testimonials that I got from my readers via DMs and emails:

“When I found Karen's blog, I was searching for direction. Her articles immediately struck a chord with me, deepening my connection to spirituality. Karen's 19 years of experience shine through her insightful sharing. She simplifies spiritual concepts, making them accessible. Her knowledge in tarot and astrology leads to enlightening discoveries. Karen is a gifted guide on my spiritual path, for which I'm thankful.”
– Jessica M., Portland

“I've been skeptical about spiritual topics, but Karen made me see them differently. Her practical way of explaining things made spiritual concepts clear to me. I found her knowledge in numerology and tarot particularly enlightening. Every session with her uncovers new aspects of my life, guiding me through the spiritual realm.”
– Michael L., Seattle

“Life was throwing curveballs at me, making everything feel overwhelming. That's when I stumbled upon Karen's work. What a relief it was! Her calm way of explaining things really made sense to me. Her blog isn't just a bunch of articles; it's like a peaceful retreat. She talks about dreams and spiritual connections in ways that really click with me. Karen's been at this for nearly 20 years, yet she makes all these spiritual ideas easy to get for someone new like me.”
– Sophia R., San Francisco

“Karen's blog feels like a quiet spot just for me. She writes about star signs and future predictions in a way that seems just right for what I'm going through. It's amazing how she knows so much about these spiritual things but still talks about them in a simple way. Karen's been doing this for many years, and it really shows. She helps people like me find our way when we're feeling a bit lost, using her words to light up the path.”
– Alex K., Vancouver

“I was really struggling to understand my connection with someone I believed was my twin flame. That's when I found Karen. She had this simple and clear way of explaining what twin flames are and how these intense relationships work. Karen shared stories and insights that made me feel like I wasn't alone on this journey. She helped me see the bigger picture of my relationship, guiding me through the ups and downs. It felt like she knew exactly what I was going through and offered the advice I needed to hear. Thanks to Karen, I now have a deeper understanding and appreciation of my twin flame journey.”
– Natalie H., Sacramento

“Reading Karen's blog really helped me with my relationships and job decisions. Her articles on tarot gave me clear advice that made sense and helped me feel more confident about what I needed to do next. It's like she understood exactly what I was going through with my partner and at work. Her guidance felt like a friend talking to me, making everything seem a bit easier to handle.”
– Sofia P., Chicago

I am simply a conduit to the immense Universal knowledge open for those who seek it. I hope this blog helps you find the answers you’re looking for. I wish you all the luck, and may your angels guide you always. I hope you keep coming back to this blog. See you soon! 😊

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