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Elephant Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism, & Dreams

The elephant is a member of the Elephantidae family. The biggest mammal has a long trunk, columnar legs, and a big head with temporal glands and broad flat ears. Breathing, drinking, and eating are all of the trunk's essential tasks. Most breathing is done through the trunk instead of the mouth.

Elephants sip water into their trunks and squeeze it into their mouths, swallowing up to ten liters of water at a time. They consume by removing grass, leaves, and fruit and putting this stuff into their mouth. The trunk is also used to gather dust or grass to spray over itself to protect it from bug bites and the sun. If danger is detected, elephants lift and swing their trunks like an olfactory periscope, smelling the air to get information.

Elephant Spiritual Meaning

Elephants are strong and wonderful creatures, and people on earth have to take care of their existence. There are countless interesting facts about this spirit animal. Among the several reasons why people consider them to be holy, exceptional, and godlike entities with deep spiritual and symbolic significance.

Patience, intelligence, strength, loyalty, and strong family ties are the features of elephants. If an elephant spirit animal appears, it signifies you have these characteristics in youIt also signifies your sensitivity, compassion, and devotion to values. A stable, peaceful, and non-temperamental elephant, until disturbed.

Elephants can form friends with loyalty and love. They live in matriarchal groups, forming deep ties. The elephant spirit animal encourages people to live in harmony with nature and to develop loving and intimate tiesBe cautious if the elephant spirit animal appears to you in real life, the media, artwork, or elsewhere. No coincidences exist.

The elephant spirit animal gives you the strength to remember. If you feel weak, he offers power to you and travels out into the land to bring you water and food to feed you. The elephant spirit will help you recall the pleasant memories you have long forgotten and the reasons for living that offer delight, pleasure, and nourishment to your thoughts, body, intellect, and soul.

Similar to the wolf spirit animal, the symbolism of elephants and energy reminds you of your life's goals and gives you the desire and power to pursue them. The elephant has great dreams, shares his ideas with you, and expands your imagination to explore new routes which you have not thought of before.

The elephant is a symbol of power that urges us to be strong and gentle equally. Patience is one of the fundamental traits of the elephant spirit animal. Even though it is so big, its speed does not match its size, since it does not need speed. He depends on conscious thinking and patience to satisfy all his demands. The elephant's patience compensates for the lack of speed. Patience, properly understood, is a great gift.

The importance of the elephant in your life reveals your great intellect. You are considerably more knowledgeable about your surroundings than most other individuals. You love thinking about things. This is because your memory is firm. You think about something before you say something or do something. You know when your talents will be flaunted and when your peace will remain.

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The significance of the elephant allows you to persevere and to be patient. Once you have fixed your mind on a goal, you learn how to provide your path to achieving your objective.

The spiritual significance of the elephant indicates that it would be beneficial to continue to develop your abilities and reveal your real self to have a more fulfilled and rewarding life in general. Therefore, it is vital to recognize and focus on your strengths to beat any weaknesses. So, figure out how to work to your capabilities and develop into the finest version of yourself.

Chinese Symbolism

The elephant signifies power, insight, and prudence in Chinese folklore and mythology. The path to the Ming emperor's palace in Beijing is bordered by large elephant sculptures sitting and standing. Childless females are known to deposit stones behind these monuments on the assumption that this might aid them to bring forth a son. The elephant is holy to Buddhists as well.

Similar to the squirrel spirit animal, Elephants are seen to be a sign of good luck and happiness in Chinese culture. Elephants may also indicate good luck, wisdom, safety, and fertility in Feng Shui, depending on the location they represent.  An elephant with its uplifted trunk is considered good luck, whereas fertility is indicated when the trunk is down.

Celtic Symbolism

Like Native Americans, the Celtic civilization was unfamiliar with elephants. The lone case in their writings was that King Antiochus I Soter of Seleucid used it to frighten his foes. This has caused the elephant to hold a place in the Celtic symbolic pantheon associated with military tactics and surprise.

Native American Symbolism

Native Americans, in general, live in a different location than those massive roamers, which means they have few connections to the animals. The Cherokee, on the other hand, invoke the elephant for wisdom, memory, and longevity in their medical ceremonies.

Christian Symbolism

Elephant symbolism in Christianity refers to modesty, purity, and patience. They are shown in many ancient works of art and are intended to symbolize Adam and Eve in their male and female forms. The Bestiaries, which include facts and tales about practically every animal (including mythical) claimed to exist, reveal that the elephant has various symbolic implications.

For a long time, elephants were believed to have no joints in their knees, thereby symbolizing the fall of man. A falling elephant would be a person who has sinned. The symbolism of the elephant also indicated purity as the animals exhibited no signs of desire.

Spirit Animal in Dreams

An elephant is usually a sign of strength and power. Elephants are big and gorgeous animals, often considered to be magnificent and strong animals. Seeing an elephant in your dream might be a sign of being patient and strong in tough circumstances.

  1. To be afraid of an elephant or to see an elephant blocking your way in a dream is representative of difficulties or hurdles in your life.
  2. Elephants are best known for their high-value family bonds in the animal world. Dreaming about an elephant can suggest that your family has a problem that requires your attention.
  3. To flee from an elephant in your dream implies that you are afraid of being in charge of your own life. You can sense that something is stronger than you are.
  4. Caressing an elephant in a dream suggests you are going to plan a venture. If the animal appreciates your actions and is friendly, it suggests there are no barriers on your road. His disappointment is a clue that you still have to work on your strategy.
  5. Dreaming of elephant training signifies striving for leadership positions. If the animal responds to you and acts well, it implies that you are going to get a good job. If an elephant kicks you, it means you are not going to make it.
  6. A dying elephant is a negative omen of peril or disaster. You should be wary of harmful events and scenarios in which powerful individuals might be dismissed. Seeing an elephant dream in a room suggests you have bad emotions and uneasiness.
  7. Seeing someone shooting or murdering an elephant with firearms is a terrible indication of financial problems. Circumstances are going to compel you to abandon some things in life, like property or a lifestyle. You have to do whatever you need to endure in difficult times. The equilibrium, security, and harmony of your life are being attacked. You are in danger of coming to an end.
  8. Feeding an elephant in your dream means that, by your generosity, you will increase your social standing within your society.
  9. A friendly elephant approaching you reflects your or someone else's introverted personality in your life. Consider responding to other people's nice approaches. It may lead to genuine friendships.
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Call your Spirit Animal when:

  • You are weak in mind, body, and spirit.
  • You need to improve your ability to retain information.
  • You have been tasked with a special project that you must accomplish within a given timeframe.
  • You have lost sight of what you want to achieve.
  • You are not feeling inspired.
  • Your driving strength is always low.
  • Your life seems to be without direction.


If we learn anything from the elephant spirit animal, it is that compassion, dedication, and open communication in relationships are very strong and vital to keeping connections alive and trustworthy, whether it is with friends and family or with a partner. In their connection with all animals, elephants are both harsh and soft at the same time. While guarding others, elephants are fierce, but when nurturing others, they are soft.

The matriarch, the oldest and most experienced female leader of a herd, is known for being both kind and fair in her approach to leadership. Elephants can interact with one another telepathically. This may educate us about how to properly listen to people and how to communicate effectively.

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