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Elevator Dream Meaning & Interpretation: Life’s Ups & Downs

Have you dreamed about getting on an elevator? What was your feeling? Have you ever been curious about what it could mean? Let's find out!

Dreaming about an elevator isn't a usual dream. Thus, some may find it difficult to unravel its interpretations. This dream could hold many meanings that can help you assess your situation in your waking life.

To have this kind of dream indicates your awareness of your surroundings. This dream suggests that it's easy for you to spot an opportunity, and you make sure that you grab it for your benefit. You're the kind of person who makes things happen even amidst opposition.

Discover all the possible meanings of this dream in our extensive guide below.

Comprehensive Elevator Dream Interpretation

●    Going Up Elevator Dream

If you dreamed that the elevator is going up, the dream foretells about your success. You will be successful in all your endeavors in life, such as your career, relationship, and more. If your life isn't going well currently, this means that you have to be patient enough to wait for this blessing.

As much as possible, exert effort in all your dealings to ensure your success in the future.

This dream could also mean that you are very aware of the incoming problems in your life. Thus, you have prepared yourself beforehand to make sure that you will not get affected that much. The dream also signifies your wise character as a person.

●    Elevator Going Horizontal Dream

Seeing an elevator going horizontal means that you are pre-occupied with unimportant things. It would be best if you tried to control the flow of your thoughts to overcome this issue. As of now, it could only be a small, unnoticed problem, but it will escalate if not controlled immediately.

You could end up having no focus on essential things in life. Thus, it's essential to deal with this early on.

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●    Falling Elevator Dream

Dreaming about a falling elevator means that your hidden personality will come out. People who thought that you're a nice person will finally see your true color, and you will not be happy about that. This dream foretells that people will start to get away from you, and your image will be bad.

●    Not Moving Elevator Dream

If you dreamed that the elevator isn't moving, it means that you are not motivated to do anything. You are not happy with how your life is going, and so you stop doing anything productive.

If this resonates with you, you better exercise your willpower. If there is something you don't like in your life, try to find a solution that can change it. Your situation will never change as long as you're not willing to change.

If you're too bored, you can try to go shopping, watch a movie, or do whatever you enjoy doing. Whatever it is, try to take action to deviate yourself from boredom.

●    Stuck Inside the Elevator Dream

If you have dreamed that you got stuck in an elevator, this means you are feeling stuck with your life. You could be having a hard time moving forward because of your past situation. Whatever it is, try to let go of it so you can move on with your life.

This dream also foretells about a robbery that can happen to you soon. Always be careful and take precautionary measures to protect yourself and your belongings.

Be mindful of people that are deceitful and are out to sell something fake. As much as possible, buy your needed things from trusted stores.

●    Going Down Fast Elevator Dream

To dream about an elevator going down fast suggest that you will meet a very influential person. This person will bring great fortune into your life, and you will learn a lot from them. You will meet this person at a social gathering.

It would be best to take good care of this relationship, bringing enormous stability to your life.

●    Going Up Fast Elevator Dream

Dreaming that an elevator is going up fast means that you are a keeper of someone's deepest secret. This secret could be a significant blow to that person when revealed to others. Other people will try to bribe you and trick you into letting them know about the secret.

No matter how much they try, never betray that person. This person trusts you so much that he or she decides to tell you to help ease their burden.

Be a good friend towards that person and shut those people who love to gossip.

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●    Empty Elevator Dream

If you dreamed about an empty elevator, this signifies daily life problems that we go through. This dream does not contain any negative nor positive connotations. It could be that you are only stressed out by your routines and encounter some small problems.

You might have been thinking about these problems that they manifested in your dream.

●    Full Elevator Dream

Dreaming about a full elevator signifies a warning. It would help if you were careful as this dream means you will encounter an accident that will injure or hurt you. As much as possible, be careful while driving or crossing the street.

●    Elevator Door Closing Behind You Dream

To dream that an elevator door is closing behind you means success in obstacles. You could've been experiencing some obstacles in your waking life. Nonetheless, this dream tells you that you will overcome them without any difficulties.

●    Missing an Elevator Ride Dream

If you dream that you missed the elevator, it means that you will find ways to solve your problems. You will be creative enough to solve your problem without anybody's help.

This dream also means that you will get saved from a terrible situation in your life, similar to dreams about Jesus. It could be that you have avoided a particular situation that could have brought bad luck into your life.

●    Open-Close Elevator Dream

To see an elevator that kept on opening and closing in your dream means luck in love. This dream foretells that your love life will be great. You will have several options when it comes to a partner or boyfriend, or girlfriend. With many choices available, you will find the one that will make you happy and contented.

When it comes to a career, this dream means that you will have several job offerings. Nonetheless, you have to make a decision where you best see yourself before the door closes.

●    Modern Elevator Dream

If you have dreamed about a modern elevator, it means that you are taking things fast. This action could be a good thing; but, there are things in life that need the traditional approach. Try to assess the situation if it needs a fast approach or a slow one.

●    Defective Elevator Dream

Seeing a faulty elevator in your dream indicates uncontrollable emotions. You could be suppressing these feelings for a long time and became uncontrollable.

If in your waking life this has not yet happened, make sure to deal with your emotions. You can share it with others close to you or try controlling your emotions with conviction.

Positive Interpretation of Elevator Dream

Your elevator dream contains a positive connotation if:

  • The elevator isn't faulty.
  • The elevator speed is average.
  • You are enjoying the lift with others.
  • You are feeling happy during the dream.
  • The elevator works well in going up and down.

Negative Interpretation of Elevator Dream

Your elevator dream contains a negative connotation if:

  • You feel scared during your dream.
  • The elevator isn't working well.
  • Seeing a hideous figure in the elevator
  • The elevator speed is either too fast or too slow.
  • The elevator made a sudden drop.

In getting an accurate interpretation of your dream, it's best to get the vivid details of your dream. After that, you can start to assess which part of your life could this dream resonates. From there, you will have a great insight into what your dream means and what it's trying to tell you.

Take some time to relax and enjoy yourself so that you can stay inspired to work hard. For more information, see this article about Snail Dream Meaning.

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