Murder Dream Meaning & Interpretation: Were You The Killer? -

Murder Dream Meaning & Interpretation: Were You The Killer?

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Have you ever experienced dreaming about a murder? Were you scared, or were you the killer in your dream? Ever wonder what this dream could mean?

Dreaming about murder isn't a typical dream. It could contain vast interpretations that could mean many things. This dream suggests that you have suppressed anger inside you.

It could be that there's a situation in your life where you can't express your anger as it will affect your career. It could be that you had a fight with your work superior and you can't talk back, fearing that they will fire you.

If you dream that you killed someone, it indicates that you will end your procrastination. You could be deciding to move forward with your life, leaving all the dramas behind. Similar to vomiting dreams, dreaming of murder also signifies that a past enemy will come back to drag you down.

Witnessing a murder foretells that those who are close to you will lean on you during their problems. You could be a great advisor that they sought you out for advice.

Above are only a small part of what could a murder dream mean. Want to know more about the interpretation of this dream? Go with us as we travel to the world of dreams and interpretations once again.

The Detailed Meaning Behind Murder Dream

●    Killed by Someone Dream

To dream that you got killed by someone indicates difficult times. It could be that you are struggling with something in your waking life. This dream also signifies an end of a once valuable relationship.

The dream could also be telling about a tragic situation that will happen in the future. Nonetheless, you will overcome it without having any difficulties.

Another interpretation of this dream is betrayal. There's a high possibility of having fake people in your inner circle. Try to observe the people around you for any deceitful acts.

Never trust too much, and as much as possible, be careful in letting anyone in into your life.

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●    Killing Someone Dream

Killing someone in your dream doesn't always mean a bad thing. It could mean that you influence other people's lives. You could be influencing them through your advice or your example.

The dream also means that you have the power to ruin other people's plans. Nonetheless, you may consider not going down that path as it will bring you a lot of trouble in the future. You will not also be peaceful as your conscience will make sure that you'll feel the result of your action.

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●    Seeing a Murder Dream

Witnessing a murder in your dream indicates your hate and grudge towards someone. Seeing someone in your dream being raped and murdered signifies that someone did something wrong with you in the past. This person could've hurt you and shame you in front of other people.

You could be wanting this person dead, but your good nature always prevails. However, it's not easy for you as you battle with your evil nature. It could be draining you that makes you want to give in and avenge yourself.

The key to your problem is forgiveness. For now, it may seem that you are in control of how you act and feel, but you don't know exactly when you will burst. Thus, the primary key to your dilemma is forgiveness.

When you learn to forgive someone who's wronged you, your negative feelings will also go. It might not be right away, but it will happen. The hatred, grudges, and ill feelings will start to fade away.

Trust the process and never be a slave to your evil nature.

●    Killing Your Family Dream

Having can this kind of dream can be traumatic and terrifying. Nonetheless, when it comes to a dream, this means that you will go with your own choice in life. It could be that your family is always deciding for you, and now, you're getting back your power.

You could be embarking on a new journey without having the pressure to follow specific rules. This journey is all about you and what you like to do and achieve. You deserve this as you may have gone through being a lapdog for many years, and now, you've come to see a new light.

Celebrate your new life, but never forget about the people who brought you up.

●    Stabbing Someone to Death Dream

You could get worried about what this dream could mean as it pictures a grotesque event. Nonetheless, you don't have to worry about this. This dream actually signifies a good meaning.

If you dreamed that you had stabbed someone to death, it indicates prosperity. It could be that your business ventures will go up and gain huge revenues.

The dream also indicates personal development. You could be enrolling yourself in a new course or buy books that will help you in your journey. Whatever resonates with you, success is with you.

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●    Shoot-Out Dream

Shooting dreams can be paralyzing. You could see several bodies lying on the ground, lifeless. This dream refers to your pent-up anger and trouble with someone in your waking life. Someone could be trying to challenge your patience, and you are almost at the peak of giving in to your emotion.

This situation could be extra hard for you. Nonetheless, you are doing the right thing. If you feel that you want to fight back, keep on holding on to your good nature. If possible, don't engage in any fight, as this will bring chaos and discord to your life.

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●    Murder With Weapons Dream

If you witness a murder and see the weapon clearly, it means that you are trying to figure out how to move forward in life. You could be experiencing something painful in your life. It could be that someone you love left you, or your waking life is stagnant.

Whatever resonates with you, you can only move forward in life with action. Even if you only take one small step at a time, it will still help. The important thing is, you are moving forward and not letting yourself get stuck in the past.

As long as you decide to change your situation, you can always turn your life around for the better.

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