Saturn in Aries: Mastering Self-Control and Making Better Choices -

Saturn in Aries: Mastering Self-Control and Making Better Choices

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Planets have great significance in astrology. We usually only know about our signs and learn about their influence on our life. However, astrology doesn’t stop there. Learning about the placement of planets during your birth will give you a better understanding of your life.

Saturn is usually a fearsome planet. Not that it’s bad or only brings misfortune, as some suggested. Instead, it’s more like a teacher, a taskmaster that shows us what we needed to work on in this life. We all have struggles, fears, limitations we need to address. Saturn is here to help us know that.

Saturn represents our boundaries and restrictions. It shows us where in our life we have to work on. However, instead of despairing over these weaknesses, we can turn them into our strengths. Knowing which sign Saturn was placed in our natal chart can help us figure that out.

If your Saturn is in Aries, your limitations and fears may involve balancing working with others and maintaining independence, in significance to having Saturn return in Aries. With your drive, talent, and energy Aries brought into your psyche, you can turn your dreams into reality by putting up a structure. By discovering what holds you back and overcoming them, you will achieve what you want. 

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Discovering your Saturn in Aries Sign

Aries is the first of the signs. It’s known for being fearless, fiery, and tends to move forward without hesitation. Meanwhile, Saturn is the planet that shows us our boundaries and where we should take action. It’s the taskmaster, authority figure, or the one that tells us which areas in our life we need to improve.

You are bold and daring. Deep inside, you know you are here to lead. You have the need to show the world how to get things done, which can make you controlling at times. Through this, however, you can be relied on when things get tough.

You may also be someone who has a clear goal in their mind. You know what you want to do in life. You have it pictured out, yet somehow you feel not being able to achieve anything. This is where Saturn comes in.

Saturn teaches us to become disciplined and work hard in a specific area of our lives. For these natives, it’s about learning to master their own self. They have a lot of energy inside them. However, without structure to follow, they can’t get what they want to achieve.

In another way, lack of self-confidence may also be one of their biggest obstacles. Despite their bold and daring nature, these people can be too cautious about doing anything. Saturn in Aries will ask them to leap into the unknown without losing control.

To achieve anything in life, they must learn to make better decisions. They need to think through things without losing their courage to move forward.

Saturn in Aries Personality Traits

Saturnian Aries are known for being resourceful, reliable, and fearless. They make good leaders because they have a strong personality and aren’t afraid to go headfirst into action. However, they may also want to act independently.

Because they are used to doing everything themselves, they don’t ask for assistance from others. They don’t see the benefit of getting help from other people. Their unwillingness to cooperate makes them separated from others and can get them into conflicts.

They are aggressive and have a lot of fire inside them. They are energetic and want to get things done. Sometimes, though, they tend to take control of things without expecting help. They may also deny assistance from others and can be controlled, which makes people wary of them.

They need to practice cooperation and communicate with others effectively. It will help them make better relationships and achieve success.

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With Saturn in Aries, you can attain your goals and become a leader. By summoning confidence and being comfortable in taking risks, you can live the life you want. These, combined with discipline and structure, will make you an unstoppable force.

  • Independent and Reliable

These natives like to do things on their own. These traits make them dependable and resourceful. People can rely on them to do anything.

On the downside, they can become too self-reliant without ever needing the help of others. It may be because you are used to doing everything yourself or aren’t just comfortable working with others. It can also be because you prefer not to depend on them to get things done.

However, this can make you a little lonely. Without the support of others, goals take longer and are harder to achieve. This doesn’t mean you have to rely on others all the time.

Teach yourself to become cooperative while maintaining your independence.

  • Assertive and Bold

Being the first of the signs, Aries is known to be a trailblazer. They like to go where others haven’t gone yet. With their bold and courageous spirit, they can become a force to reckon with.

These people are also known to be assertive and even dominating at times. They take the initiative to do things that other people aren’t willing to do. At times, they can become too controlling. They have the innate need to take charge of situations and do bigger things.

These qualities can make them good leaders and would help them get ahead in life. If combined with the disciplinary Saturn, they will develop self-control. They need to master this trait to know wisely when to take action and when not to.

Sometimes, though, Saturnian Aries can become indecisive with their actions. Or, in other times, they charge ahead without thinking of the consequences. Saturn wants them to learn to think things more thoroughly whenever they make decisions.

While they already are courageous, they can become too cautious as well. Whenever they see obstacles or rules that may limit their freedom, they may become hesitant to act or form a decision. Knowing when to act and when to take caution can be difficult. But finding a sweet spot between the two can make them get more things done. 

  • Focused and Determined

Their focus and determination make them a force to reckon with. They can become unstoppable once they set their eyes on something. However, they may lack structure or discipline in accomplishing these goals. They may become hesitant in accepting help or opportunities, which can result in disappointments.

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Saturn in Aries Fears and Limitations

Saturnian Aries can become great leaders and successful in their chosen field. They only need to master the art of making better decisions and muster the courage to go forward. By learning to trust their own decisions after thinking things through, they can realize their dreams and goals.

While it’s good to be cautious, there are times that they need to be comfortable with taking risks. Being indecisive is just as unproductive and dangerous as making poor decisions. Saturn teaches you to become wiser and systematic in your decision-making process.

Cooperation and getting used to working with other people can help broaden your perspective. You need their assistance as much as they need yours. A good leader doesn’t only control and dominate. They listen to their member’s opinions. With that, you can make better decisions, especially when it involves other people.

Saturn in Aries Relationship

These natives tend to be dominating and controlling, even in their relationships. Whether it’s in friendship, family, or love, they want to take charge. They may come out as authoritative, which can make people avoid or see them as problematic. Learning to be okay with not being first or in control of everything can make them more connected to others.

That’s not to say you don’t have excellent qualities. Being self-sufficient and reliable, people can always depend on you, even when things get rough. You also like to try new things, which makes you exciting to be with.

Saturn in Aries women are rational and responsible. You can always be relied on, yet playful and passionate. Meanwhile, Saturn in Aries man can have a bit of a rebellious streak. They don’t like to play by the rules and would fight for the things or people that matter to them.

Saturn in Aries Career

In the workplace, these natives like to be the boss. They want to do things their way. They have an inner need to prove themselves, thus resulting in them being competitive and controlling. This can make others uncomfortable with them, which can also lead to conflicts.

Learning to control your anger and impulses is one thing you need.

Also, you need to realize that you don’t have to have the upper hand in everything. However, you shouldn’t also give up your power.

Know which battles to fight. Discern which opportunities are worth your attention and effort. Saturn in Aries will teach you to think critically and analyze the situation to make good decisions.

The Significance of Saturn in Aries in Your Life

Saturn in Aries reveals your responsibilities and limitations in life. You are a daring and courageous leader whom people can always depend on. You are also a trailblazer who doesn’t fear moving forward and going into the unknown. Let Saturn teach you valuable lessons you can use in this life.

While you have what it takes to become a leader, you need to learn the importance of cooperation. It’s alright to ask for help. Let others share their thoughts or opinions. At the same time, have the courage and develop the confidence to show your ideas to the world.

If you struggle to take your plans into action, Saturn is here to show you discipline yourself. It will also teach you to make better decisions.  Everything you do doesn’t only affect yourself, but others as well. Practice self-control and good communication with others, and you can become whatever it is you want.

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