Gemini Man Testing You: Don't give up on him! -

Gemini Man Testing You: Don’t give up on him!

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You may wonder if Gemini Man is serious to you because of what he acted and did, so the testing might confuse you. This article might help your curiosity about a Gemini Man.

If a Gemini man starts to test you, he will intentionally ignore you. You may have short conversations, he may cancel your hangouts or events, and he may not respond to your messages.

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Do not give up on a Gemini man. It is possible that a Gemini man may ignore you. This is one way for him to see if you are persistent, if you love him, and if you are willing to be his woman.

Shana is one of my readers who shared her experiences with a Gemini man testing her. Always know your worth if a Gemini man suddenly shows he’s uninterested in you, don’t hesitate to block him and make sure he has no access to anything about you and your life.

What will you do if a Gemini Man is testing you? And how will you notice if he is already testing your love? 

Would you be able to understand a Gemini Man?

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I have included answers to these questions below.

How is Gemini Man testing you?

Gemini Man sees you as nothing; he wants to build connections and discover more of you. There’s no commitment for a Gemini Man unless you make him want you more and chase you.

If a Gemini Man starts to fall for you, he will test your feelings to have security that you are the other part of his life.

You may feel ignored by a Gemini Man. It is intentional; yes, he wants to do it because it will test your sincerity on him.

He will make sure you give him freedom on what he is going to do. If you give him enough space, it is just the equivalent of giving all your support to him.

And when you are complaining about it, he will not hold on to you because it gives pressure.

Yes, no woman likes to be committed to a man who tends to ignore everything about her. Like it is a clear sign that he is not into you, but it is different from a Gemini Man.

There is still communication, but it is not a long conversation. As long as you still respond and tell him that you are there when a Gemini Man needs you is an additional point.

He might also cancel the event just to see how you react. It is more on immature moves of a Gemini Man, and instead of telling him that you are angry and annoyed about it, show him that you don’t care even if he canceled the event and be with his friends.

Yes, it is an annoying side of a Gemini Man, but it is a part of a test if you are going to support him and let him go. As he is sure that you are supporting and not against the unexpected cancellation, you are giving him an interest in you.

He might also not respond to your message for a whole day to determine your patience. What you can do is to make yourself busy, thinking that it is also for you not to give too many feelings to him.

The more challenging you are in a relationship with a Gemini Man, the more he succeeds in what he does. What you may get from that testing and challenge is a love that you will never regret.

Gemini Man is attracted to a woman who is outgoing and adventurous as much as he is. So for a Gemini Man to discover those things, he will test you.

He might invite you to high places like mountain climbing, hiking, going to falls, caves, or even a hanging bridge. If you love those places, then you passed the test.

The thing you can do is to initiate and invite him to go for a trip. Before he tests your trust, you are giving him hope that you can do it.

It is just the beginning of a Gemini man after you succeed and overcome every test he does. It is for him to evaluate and measure your sincerity for him that the love that you gave is what he needs for his life.

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In return for the love, a Gemini Man will reassure you about the care, love, attention, effort, loyalty, and support. It’s like rewarding you with a whole package that you never asked for.

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Why is Gemini Man testing you? What is the reason?

That kind of test will determine how you can be an understandable person, how sincere your love is, and to see how much you want him in your life.

It is not just about determining how adventurous you are but also seeing how you want a Gemini Man to hold on to you and have him as your safety; if you agreed to a Gemini Man to be with his adventure, that is like trusting him.

Gemini Man will not be your hero as always, so don't expect him to be. If a Gemini Man is serious about you, then he will start testing your love.

What happens if you ignore the testing of a Gemini Man?

If you ignore a Gemini Man, it proves that you don’t want him; you are just showing that you are not interested in him. When you let go of a Gemini Man because of the tests he did, you just proved that you are not worth it for his love.

Because he does that to see if you have confidence and if you are serious about falling in love, he will not commit to something that he knows is uncertain.

When Gemini likes your behavior, whether you are patient, whether you have confidence when you are with him, whether you are determined to seduce him, he will not let you go.

Let's talk about the loyalty of a Gemini man. You already know that a Gemini man can fool you, but if you pass by what he does, he can take you seriously.

He will recognize you as an important part of his life, and he will make sure that you deserve everything he does. Yes, he wants to make you a princess.

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Positive Traits of a Gemini

Talks about the pride of a Gemini Man. He is very gentle. He can be the first to apologize and never argue with you as a sign of respect and understanding.

He builds connections and understanding. A Gemini Man doesn't like to be pressured. 

Just enjoy the first date, nothing more; this man must be the one to get in touch with you to tell if he is starting to like you.

Gemini Man loves to communicate, so instead of being silent, try to share something about you. He is good at handling women's moods, so you might fall for it.

Though a Gemini Man has a wonderful memory, he doesn’t look at the past when he started liking you. He focuses more on what is currently happening and embraces what’s happening as of the moment.

If he saw you as a woman that was always there and never gave up on him. Gemini Man will make sure to give and spend most of the time with you to discover new things together.

Negative Traits of a Gemini

It will be hard for you to understand a Gemini Man. If you think that it is easy to get a Gemini Man, it is a no, for he likes to act like a boss, not a partner.

He is not serious when you have a first date with a Gemini Man; there are a lot of processes to see the feelings of a Gemini Man. He may consider you as the woman of his life because of the first date.

But don’t expect that it will be a sweet and passionate love. If a Gemini Man loves to be with you, there is a testing way for him to measure your love.

Do not get attached to a Gemini man because he has traits that, if he doesn't like you, he will not tell you and you will never reach him again.

Sounds not good, right? It is because he still doesn't want to hurt your feelings and doesn't know how to explain it, so he leaves with no words to be heard.

Gemini Man tends to get bored easily, so be the one who initiates the idea of getting out somewhere that is new to him. 

Yes, you will be an initiator because if you do that, he might be seeing you as serious about him.

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Understanding the side of Gemini

Gemini Man is good at giving advice and opening up a conversation that you might find interesting. You might also fall in love with Gemini Man when having a first date.

You may also feel disappointed when a Gemini Man tests you. That kind of trait in a Gemini Man is hard to understand, but if you look deeper, you may see why he does what he does.

You don’t need to worry about a Gemini Man; it is for both of you. Just please do not give up on a Gemini Man; it will be worth it. Telling you this for you to see the value of accepting a Gemini Man is for your relationship to last.

It is not just about the challenge; it is about the connection. After all those things, He will reveal the sweet and loving personality that he has.

He finds you attractive. That's why he is testing you. 

It happens when you are still dating or in a relationship. You might also enjoy the way he talks to you as part of his plan.

He can make you laugh, show his romantic side and compliment you for reassurance. That’s how a Gemini loves in the beginning. 

You will love this side of a Gemini Man because even ants might get diabetes from the sweetness.

More on quality time. You don’t need to ask for updates because Gemini Man will give it to you, so you won’t be worried about him.

If you truly loved a Gemini Man, in whatever he does, you will understand and will not set your mind to give up. 

You may not see it as a testing part of a relationship with a Gemini Man because it will be more natural to understand his side.

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