Gemini Rising (Also Known As Gemini Ascendant): Naturally Curious -

Gemini Rising (Also Known As Gemini Ascendant): Naturally Curious

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Sun signs reveal one's inner personae. It serves as the personal guideline of every person in processing information coming from different areas of their life that will affect the actions and way of thinking. On the other hand, Rising signs how they receive the data, how they project themselves into the external world, and how people receive that projection.

Gemini Rising individuals have a natural curiosity that other signs do not have. You are naturally curious about so many things and gravitate towards the unknown if but to add new knowledge. You see the world as a place to explore. The world presents this vast area to gain new experiences, discover the unknown, and learn how things work.

You are a great conversationalist. You like to talk about different and many things. That fast-thinking brain of yours needs no stimuli, and yet many things trigger it. You are a social being, and so, because your chatty self would need ears and responses to keep things excited.

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People you meet would usually describe you as a free-spirited person; you project an impression of adaptability to changing circumstances and loving it; you find it no problem to go with the flow; in fact, it excites you. But this lively and energetic personality would not go well with everyone. It can almost be intimidating for sensitive individuals, such as Cancer, especially when you display your eloquent self with that refreshing candor.

Personal Life

Home is your den. And that den may tend to be messy for other people's standards. You are not a minimalist; it will be too dull for your taste. Your books and music library will have a variety of genres. You would not settle for a monochromatic wardrobe; after all, you will always be ready for any adventure.

You are most of the time curious, so you will not be staying indoors for a long time because of this restlessness. You need to connect with people and talk to them. It would help if you talked about these ideas that are rushing into your mind. It's no wonder that you keep diaries and journals to write down half of what is in your mind.

In the face of a new challenge, you can become too engrossed one second and then in search of another as soon as you figure it out. But it is not as simple as that sounds. Before you even switch to a new problem, you would have dissected the issue, considered all angles of the story, understood all there is to understand, satisfying your curiosity. However, this may sometimes be an endless game. Your Sun sign will help stabilize the intensity of such curiosity that will help you achieve satisfaction.

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Family and Friends

Your family will be the first to experience your chatty self. As a child, you began talking early. You would have bombarded your parents, and their friends, and everyone for that matter, about questions on why things are a certain way, how things become a certain way, and so many more. That would have been an admirable quality, and annoying at times, of a child trying to learn his/her way into the world.

Growing up, your sense of curiosity will only grow. You would need to taste life first hand, but stay cautious as you are curious. The last thing you would want is to get into all sorts of trouble for the sake of experience. A close family connection will help you to be responsible in your explorations.

In your inner circle, you would likely be the fashion police, aware of the newest trend. Your social media is alive 24/7, so your family and friends are likely to be as updated as you. I mean, you sure can't stop talking about the news or the newest gossip there is. But talking is not the only ingredient in a conversation. You will also need to learn how to take a break and listen to what others have to say.

You may be the generous family member and the wittiest of them all. But if you fail to listen to them in return, the connection you have with them will crumble faster than your wit.

Learn to balance your way of connecting.

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One of the best connections is love. How to find it? Gemini would surely know. You are rarely single because you are always hunting for a new connection, a new lover. Soon after a breakup, you are already up on your toes and mingling with new possibilities. But that may be a problem in the long run.

Looking out for new possibilities may prohibit you from experiencing the person you are with right now. Indeed, the world offers a buffet of possibilities, but committing to one is a reality you cannot simply ignore. Allow yourself a chance to experience this person you are with right now. The meal is as important as the hunt. We can't be hunting forever.

If you are dating a Gemini, the challenge is to keep up intellectually. The trick is to be up to the challenge of their personality. At first, it may be to satisfy them. But in the long run, you will acquire the skill of fast thinking, improved comprehension, and open your eyes to the world as seen from the eyes of your Gemini.

Intellect is what turns on a curious and witty Gemini. You often prefer a partner whose life is different from yours. Their life is unknown territory that you are eager to discover. But take caution. You have a responsibility to learn the art of commitment in relationships. People are not new books to read and discard to the shelves after reading them. Remember, people are changing beings. We all transform into a new version in every learning curve. 

Are you one who loves deep and long conversations? A Gemini would be happy to oblige. A long-term companionship and friendship are what a Gemini would offer, and never a dull day. If they find a partner who stimulates their mind and supports, if not participate in, their curiosity, a Gemini will hold your hand into a world filled with possibilities.


The inquisitiveness of a Gemini will be most beneficial in the chosen career. It will ensure the companies an efficient and highly effective employee. You learn fast and will try until you perfect their function. You are resourceful in learning your way around new roles. And you certainly won't mind a variety of tasks, for you are a natural multi-tasker.

Gemini would not be too eager to change jobs quickly. They have the natural tendency to learn things with more patience than the Sun signs. However, they would not thread well in a repetitive job. Gemini hates having their minds stagnate. Sales is a great career choice. They will be dealing with a complex mix of clients' personalities. Nevertheless, any career would not be impossible, for a Gemini would always take the challenge. 


For you, change is good because it keeps things going. Not too much difference, though, for you would still prefer the freedom to keep doing the things you like doing now. Gemini Rising people will always maintain a space for the unexpected or to study the current reality. You want to understand how people are, why they are the way they are, and what they think about many aspects of life.

Your natural sense of curiosity will sustain your vitality. Your need for variety will provide for a flavorful life. So embrace it, and not fear these questions in your mind. It would help if you learned how to build boundaries. Don't let the next question distract you from a beautiful answer to the previous one.

Your greatest challenge is commitment. Take a step back and work your curiosity on that. You will discover soon enough that the known world can be as exciting as the unknown one.

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