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Leo in the 10th House: Innate Capacity To Lead

The 10th House, also known as the House of world leaders and social status, holds the truth about our position in our social groups or community. It is about the authority we gain as we show our strengths and abilities to other people. We work hard to manifest the best version that the Universe wants us to be through this House. 

People under the 10th House loves ego gratification and see it as a sign that they actually did a great job at something they worked hard on. This gratification can be as simple as praises over a successful task or achieving a goal, promotions in the workplace, and fame from any form or aspect in our lives. 

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On the other hand, Leo is born a leader and has little to no problem attaining their goals and achieving great heights. They are the perfect match for the 10th House. Together, this placement can surpass a person's goals and vision for himself. 

Leo in the 10th House is a leader since birth.

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If you have your House point in the 10th with the Leo sign, you probably are a leader for as long as you can remember. You are an organized person, and you love to lead people to success and balance in life. 

In business or work, you prefer to be your own boss. You do not like to be under the authority of someone because you know better when it comes to managing people and finishing a task victoriously. 

Your leadership is supportive and spontaneous yet firm. Your employees see you as a demanding boss who is strong and authoritative, yet they admire you because you always acknowledge their efforts. You make sure that all their hard work pays off by supporting what they do and guiding them along the way. 

Respect and admiration come your way because you are an outstanding leader. These helps boost your confidence and make you want to strive for more as these compliments fire up your desire for success and good leadership. 

You express yourself through your leadership skills. You are a good leader because you appreciate the value of your employees and the hard work that they make all the time.

Your presence creates a massive impact on other people. 

You attract the public with your charm and excellence. You catch their attention not only because of your skills, but they have a gut feeling that they need to pay attention to what you are saying or doing. People eventually realize that listening to you and watching you spark their willingness to be as successful and hardworking as you. 

It is easy for you to attract people because you are exciting and enriching. Your humbleness, creativity, and leadership bring people to your doorstep to receive enlightenment and get themselves on the right path. 

You can quickly get up to the societal ladder because of your charm, wit, and skills. People around you can easily trust you because of your undeniable excellence when it comes to your chosen expertise. 

Vocation work is one of the best options where you can utilize your gifts. Working in an environment where you can lead gives a chance to people who you attract and uplifts your morale. 

Through praises and compliments, you see the fruits of your hard work and leadership. You are never shy at accepting compliments because you see them as well-deserved merit for your efforts for other people. 

You like to establish a reputation.

As a Leo in the 10th House, you indeed have a big ambition in life, especially yourself. Your career is important to you, and so, you make it a priority to earn and build a good reputation. 

Other people admire you for your leadership skills, and you make sure that these people know your appreciation. With this attitude towards yourself, life, and other people, you can make all your dreams come true. 

Similar to Leo in the 12th House, just like all things, when praises and admirations go straight into your head, and it's the only thing you want to gain from doing your best, things can go south. You are not afraid of leading and voicing your opinions that this may lead to scandalous arguments and mishaps. You still have to remind yourself that not all people accept and understand opinions or criticisms the way you objectively do. 

Public recognition is one of the goals of Leo in the10th House placement. Award gives an assurance that your leadership and hard work are appreciated and respected by many people.

This recognition is your stepping tool in building a reputation and, later on, getting more authority in other aspects. This also drives you to improve yourself more. You have to be humble at all times because you do not have to prove anything. The people around you can already see your success without you bragging about your social status.

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Take advantage of your intuition and imagination.

Trusting your intuition and imagination can significantly help you in manifesting what the Universe has for you. You need to be spiritually aware of the things you need to accomplish to bring success to it and lead you to more abundance and recognition.

Through spiritual awareness, you will get to bring out your leadership skills and abilities. You can prove to be the best at whatever you are doing without exerting too much effort because it is innate in you. You need to pour your heart into what you are doing, and you will be surprised by the great results. 

Focus on your inner world more than anything else.

Although you feel the drive to succeed and applying the gifts you have from the Universe through praises and compliments from other people, you should not rely on it too much. In this placement, it is more likely for you to succeed if you work hard for a task because you want to improve yourself and your skills. Doing things because you want people's approval will only rot the passion you have for what you do.

If you continue living in the idea that your importance and excellence are only measured through other people's approval and compliments, you might get trapped in a labyrinth of dissatisfaction. You will think that the only important thing in the world is freedom and being rich.

Always remember that what matters is how you see yourself and not how others see you. You don't have to exaggerate things just to be recognized as better at doing something or of a higher class than the others. 

When you attain the power you need, that is the time for you to focus on your dreams and actualize them. It is easy for you to decide what path you should take if you only focus on reaching your goal. 

You may find goals in this placement passed from generation to generation, and there may be things that will get in your way, but you should not let these hindrances stop you from reaching your goals.

It will lead you to more success if you do not do things because you sincerely want to collect praises and compliments. It is better to see them as rewards for the hard work you are exerting.

Listen to other people's opinions without losing your voice. 

One of your qualities as to why people look up to you is that you listen to them when they need you. You accept their suggestions and criticisms and make sure that they are acknowledged. You put them in significant consideration when it comes to deciding essential things for the group or community. 

Never lose your passion to achieve greater heights, especially when talking to your people, as this might affect their performance. You are what you preach, so when you speak negatively, all things will turn out negatively as well. 

If you feel unsure of things, it is better to rest and think about how you will approach something that involves the sake of your people. Arguments may come if you approach things negatively, so you need to compromise and find the balance that would work for everyone, including you.

You are still the head of the group, so it is up to you to decide how to fix things while considering everything you need. Voice out your opinion but never forget to listen to others affected by your decision for the group.

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Always remember the things listed below about your sign and House

  • Having a Leo in the 10th House makes you a natural-born leader. 
  • You are logical, wise, and innovative, especially in working with a team.
  • You like being the center of attention and receiving ego gratifications like praises, promotions, and fame.     
  • Success for you means being recognized as someone noble and knowledgeable.
  • You inspire people to be conscious of the path they are taking.  
  • People admire you for being an excellent leader.

You are good at governance; you can use this to inspire people to achieve their dreams. The people around you benefit from your leadership as much as you. You have to be humble and disregard your social status because it might get you in trouble.  

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