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Leo Compatibility in Love, Sex & Relationship: What Sign Is Best?

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Color:Gold, Yellow, Orange
Ruling Planet:Sun
Date Range:Jul 23 – Aug 22

Now here comes the Kings and Queens of the Celestial Zodiacs. Prepare the feast and roll the royal entourage; Leos want nothing less than extravagance and pride in their royal status. Known to be dramatic, passionate, and proud, Leos represent those who can also be generous, warm, sarcastic, theatrical, and humorous.

Leos not only value their social status, but they're also known to be confident. They can set the standards for society, and they have enough authority and dominance to command other people. As such, Leos tend to be the leaders in the crowd. They rise to the occasion, and they face anything without fear or doubts at all.

Of course, Leo's personality can extend deeper into their subconscious. They have something much more to offer not just to their friends but also to their romantic partners. As you'll see in this list, Leos tend to be the type of people who will give everything for their loved ones. They're prone to manipulation, which is why they need someone wise enough to help them.

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Here’s the list that will help you know if your zodiac matches the outrageous but lovable celestial Lions.

General Characteristics Of Leo

Leo as a Fixed Sign

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Together with Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius, Leo falls under the fixed signs of the zodiac. These Fixed signs coincide during the middle of a season (summer for Leos). In astrology, the fixed signs represent the “doers” of the celestial zodiacs. What has been started by the Cardinal signs will be done by the fixed signs.

As a Fixed sign, Leo means that they tend to be confident in their skills and be self-reliant, making them consistent in their work and love life. As Fixed signs, Leos also tend to be stubborn and uncompromising at times. It'll be challenging to change Leo's perspective, most especially if they think they're right.

Leo as a Fire Sign

As Fire signs, Leos know how to be passionate and sensual. They know how to take care of themselves, and they know how to pursue their goals and dreams in life. As unpredictable as the Fire, Leos also jump into situations without thinking of the possible consequences. Leos think that they have enough resources to resolve any consequences they may face.

Domineering and enthusiastic, Leos also know how to be authoritative. As Fire signs, they'll exert authority and dominance over the other zodiacs. They like to be on top of everything, and they want the feeling of being admired for their sheer strength and determination.

Leo as Ruled by the Sun

The Sun rules only one zodiac, and that's Leo. As the only zodiac under the Sun's rulership, Leos have unique personalities that set them apart from the other zodiacs.

As the center of the solar system, Leos like to be the center of attraction. They'll do anything in their power to gain fame and recognition from other people. Leos derive their self-worth from the grandeur and extravagance that they show other people, which is why they're often egoistic and proud of themselves.

As a zodiac under the Sun sign, Leos can have expanded egos and pride. Their very own hubris can sometimes lead to their downfall. Because of their need for fame and recognition, they can't handle harsh criticisms and judgment. Even if they mean to improve Leo's work, they'll take it as an attack on their pride, and they'll lash out in anger and disappointment.

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Compatibility With Other Signs

1. Match Made in Heaven

Leo and Aries

When a Leo and an Aries fuse to become lovers, sparks will fly, and the fires of passion and desire will govern the relationship. Both Aries and Leo value independence in the relationship, and they'll respect the freedom that each one needs to thrive.

As Fire signs, Aries and Leo would have a healthy competition between themselves. They'll see to it that their partners can grow into the person that they aspire to be. Both Leo and Aries share the same qualities and habits, making their bond more robust and tighter.

The only problem that may arise in this relationship will be the fight for dominance and authority. Both signs like to be on top, and neither of them would submit under their partners. They can only resolve this through mutual understanding and shifting power between the two of them.

Overall, the chemistry between Aries and Leo proves to be great. No one of them would be contented to get left behind. This relationship will take the throttle down to full speed and accelerate to endless possibilities that can happen between an Aries and a Leo.

Leo and Sagittarius

Of course, if Aries proves to be an excellent match for Leos, then so is Sagittarius. Since both Leos and Sagittarius fall under the Fire sign, both value passion and desire in the relationship. Nights will get spicier, and love will get hotter as days pass by between a Leo and a Sagittarius.

They may have several differences, but even those complement the qualities of their partners. Leos will introduce the warmth and enthusiasm of the Sun to Sagittarius. They’ll teach the centaurs how to live life in style and grandeur. On the other hand, Sagittarius will draw the adventure out of Leos. They'll show the celestial lions how to be great risk-takers and handle criticisms when Leos face them.

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Together, there’s nothing that a Leo and a Sagittarius can’t accomplish. Their willingness to take their relationship to new depths and try things unknown to them will make their relationship filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Like a firework display, this relationship will never run out of fuel to keep each other going.

2. Very Compatible

Leo and Leo

When two Leos join together for a love match, the whole world will know. They'll make sure that each of their friends will receive the news and will congratulate them. Of course, the relationship between the two Leos in love can go way deeper than their superficial need for fame and attention.

Two Leos in love can get an extraordinary relationship. Both vibrant and warm, Leos can share their enthusiasm to create an ecstatic pair of lovers. They can share their adventures, and both can understand what their partner is going through. They can also be leaders in their respective fields, and they'll share the same passion and desire for their craft. They value loyalty and trust from their partner, so what else can they ask for.

3. Compatible

Leo and Gemini

Leos also tend to have a magical connection with the Air signs, most especially with Geminis. As an Air sign, Gemini values mental connection and intellectual prowess over emotion and intuition. You can often find them daydreaming and getting soaked up in their thoughts.

These qualities attract the hyperactive and enthusiastic Leo. They share the same energy to accomplish things, and their differences complement each other. As a Fixed Fire sign, Leo likes to be ahead of everything. They need to be in control, and as much as possible, they don’t like unnecessary changes in plans. As a Mutable Air sign, Gemini can take charge of those unnecessary changes. They can adapt, and they're flexible. These things add up to make Leo and Gemini a perfect match in the celestial world.

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Leo and Libra

Another Air sign that would suit well with Leos will be the Libras. Playful but thoughtful, Libras also value mental connection and intellectual discourse over emotions and intuition. Both Leos and Libras like physical affection, which will make their relationship stronger. Both can be vain, and their public image is important to them, making them anxious for each other.

In this relationship, Leos will be the leader, while Libra will be the follower. As a Fixed Fire sign, Leos will be very decisive about their desires while Libra, as a Cardinal Air sign, will be flexible enough to work in the background.

One problem that can arise will be due to the flirtatious and sociable nature of Libras. Leos trust and loyalty can border on possessiveness if left unchecked. As the Air signs that they are, Libras like to communicate and be in an excellent personal relationship with other people. Leo will see this quality as flirting, which can cause many issues within the relationship.

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4. Neutral Relationship

Leo and Aquarius

The relationship between a Leo and an Aquarius will lie in a balance between their qualities. Their signs complement each other in the zodiac wheel, which means that their characteristics balance each other.

The individualism and progressive ideas of Aquarius will attract Leos, while the sheer strength and pride of Leos will attract the meek Aquarians. In this relationship, Aquarius will be the visionary, and Leo will be the driver of that vision. Aquarians always had those ideas but unable to realize those, so they need Leo to complete the task

Aquarius, like the other signs, can exhibit aloofness and distance when deep in thought. Leos may be unable to understand this, which can stir some drama. Nevertheless, the relationship gears toward peace and harmony.

5. Incompatible

Leo and Cancer

Leos tend to have some differences with the Earth and Water signs. Leos may have some trouble understanding the placements of these signs, causing conflict in the relationship. For instance, Leos may dismiss the sentimentality and emotional affection of Cancers. Leo doesn't want to attach emotions as much as possible because that complicates matters.

Cancers beg otherwise, who only needs to feel needed. Cancers triumph with their capability to care and nurture the person they love. They need to feel that there's an emotional connection between them and their loved ones. If Cancer feels that emotional connection is absent, they'll retreat, and they'll get moody.

Leos may have trouble recognizing their emotions, much more expressing them. Cancer people can help them with it, but they also need to make Cancers understand that they value their independence. Cancers and Leo need to maintain independence in their relationship so as not to suffocate each other..

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Leo and Virgo

The issue will be different as well. If Leos find it hard to recognize Cancers' emotional depth, it's even harder for them to fathom the perspectives of the practical and pragmatic Virgo.

As Fixed Fire signs, Leos would jump into a situation without considering the consequences. They'll face it when it comes, but if it doesn't, then good for these celestial lions. In contrast, Virgos will take their time taking note of each step and considering the consequences along the way. This process might sound boring for the Leos who always want to be on-the-go.

Also, the way Virgos deliver things might hurt Leos. Remember that Leos can't handle criticisms. Virgos can be very critical and judgmental once something fell below their standards. As such, they tend to criticize the rash and abrasive Leo about their decisions.

They have to work so much to make the relationship work. But when Leos and Virgos can make it work, it'll work wonders. This team can be unstoppable with Leo taking the lead and commanding other people, while Virgo will be working in the background, taking care of all the details. 

6. Very Incompatible

Leo and Capricorn

Between Virgo and Capricorn, Leo will find it harder to stick with the rigid structure and organization ruling over Capricorns' lives. If Virgos can put an ounce of emotional attachment to people and places, Capricorn never! Devoid of any emotional attachments, Capricorns will focus on their ambitions and achieve their dreams. As Earth signs, Capricorns must stick with the rules and plant their feet on the ground.

Leo's characteristic enthusiasm will find it challenging to intersect with the workaholic Capricorn. Leos love to indulge themselves with pleasure, while Capricorns never does so. Even in personal style and tastes, they differ a lot. Leos love new trends and hippy styles, while Capricorn will stick with the classic and the traditional.

Leos and Capricorns are both on the other end of the pole. Leos want to take risk while Capricorns want the sure thing. Their lives will only intersect with their shared quality of doing things handed to them. They’ll do it right away, but their approaches will be very different.

Leo and Pisces

On the surface level, Pisces may seem to match with Leos. But that's how far as it can go. Leo and Pisces' relationship can be very superficial that they tend to end it as soon as they can. Pisces tend to recede to the background, and they're more than willing to submit under the dominance of the charming and influential Leo. They won't even compete with attention and, as water signs, will devote themselves to their partner.

HOWEVER! As the most sensitive zodiac, Leos are prone to damaging both the soul and spirit of Pisces. Pisces wants to feel loved and to secure an emotional connection. As Fire signs, Leo's won't attune themselves to this need and will dismiss and ignore the Pisces. Leo can dominate and trample Pisces, giving them unhappiness throughout the relationship.

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7. Clash of Signs

Leo and Taurus

As a Fixed Earth sign, Taurus will often find themselves clashing with the Fixed Fire sign Leo. Taurus can be stubborn and uncompromising if they feel that what they know is right. They won't budge, and they won't change their minds. The same goes for Leos. As Fixed signs, they won't adjust, and they won't give in. Just writing this down makes it chaotic. What more when Taurus and Leos collide?

Despite their clashing attitudes, they share the same quality of enjoying life to its fullest. Taurus knows how to enjoy pleasure, and they're not stingy about it. Leos can also spoil Taurus with food, sex, clothes, and a lot of other earthly materials.

Leo and Scorpio

If the Leo-Taurus relationship sounds chaotic to you, then you haven't heard of the Leo-Scorpio tandem yet. Yes, they can be very intense and dynamic in all walks of life, from pleasure and sex, to work and career, to parenting and marriage.

You can consider Leo ad Scorpios to be the most powerful zodiac signs – Leos with their extravagance, pride, strength, dominance, and power, and Scorpios with their passion, enthusiasm, enigma, mystery, and sensuality.

Both of them have fixed signs, which means that they won't even adjust to one another. Neither will take the liberty to give way, and that creates chaos rather than harmony. They also strive to be the more dominant person in the relationship. As a Water sign, Scorpios strive for emotional connection while Leos can't even name their feelings.

This battle of will can be very problematic for both of them. Yes, they share the same passion and desire, and they also value loyalty and trust, but the list of things they need to repair can go on forever. They need to address those to make the relationship work.

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Overall, Leos represent the real champions of the zodiac. They love anything grand and extravagant. They love to bask in the limelight and enjoy the attention that they get from other people. They have inflatable egos that need to get pampered, or they'll blow up in anger and disappointment. They can also be generous, caring, passionate, loyal, and enthusiastic.

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With these characteristics, the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) create a perfect match due to their mutual understanding. Air signs also suit Leos well since they can provide support and nurture to lingering flames within Leos.

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