Moon in 12th House: The Secrecy of Your Emotions -

Moon in 12th House: The Secrecy of Your Emotions

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When your Moon is in the 12th House, you tend to be mysterious.

By mysterious, we mean about your feelings.

Don't you realize how detrimental it is to keep things to yourself? That's right.

Keeping things to yourself will pent up and hurt you!

The Moon in the 12th House makes you hide a lot of things. You guard yourself and set your barriers high, sometimes hurting you. You tend to be sensitive about your surroundings. However, you don't know how to address your feelings. The Moon in the 12th House gives an emotional attachment. While being attached, you are not aware of how you are feeling.

You guard yourself so much that self-expression may take some time to happen. You may have a high perception level, but you have no idea how to deal with it.

It is normal to be overwhelmed about your feelings, though. Being confused is a part of you, but you are also empathic and sympathetic.

Despite the confusion, you have a lot to offer. You might be secretive about how you feel, but you can grow in deep connections!

You are flooded with hard to define emotions when you have the Moon in the 12th House. Your feelings can be a mystery to you, but we don't blame you for it!

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Now you know how much of a secretive person you are. The Moon in the 12th House makes you seek solace through your personal time.

The 12th House is the self-undoing House, and you can reveal yourself in different ways. You may do self-sabotage or unconventional ways to channel your hidden feelings.

Moon in 12th House Positives

Despite being a secretive person, the Moon in the 12th House offers a lot.

When you have the Moon's placement in the 12th House, you have a balanced perspective. The ideas you have can bring harmony to your life.

Despite your confusion in handling your emotions, you are an organized person.

You organize in a way that you balance situations, and you know how to handle them. You have the strength to manage your life correctly without interruptions around.

Not only can you manage your life, but people can come and ask for your help.

It sounds great, doesn't it?

You can help others with their troubles. Despite being overwhelmed about your emotions, you can still help other people.

The way you can help other people fuels your ability to deal with feelings. Emotional growth will occur, and it can enlighten you on channeling your emotions.

You are an empathic person. You understand how others feel, and you can even read their minds.

You know what goes on in their thoughts. Your intuition contributes to the way you help people.

Since you are highly intuitive, it helps you become a healer. It makes you a helpful individual to those who need your aid.

People love to talk to those who are solution-oriented. Especially when they have problems, it's easier to converse with empathic people.

Since you are sensitive and intuitive, you become their aid for solutions. You tend to be available when they need you, and you are one call away.

However, you can only be empathic and sympathetic if you also have inner peace. You cannot deal with others' problems if you have troubles inside!

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Moon in 12th House Negatives

No matter how empathic you are, you also have troubles on the other side.

You know how much of a private person you are. You tend to keep things so much that others have no idea about you.

You can hide and pretend so much that people won't know what's going on.

The Moon in the 12th House also makes you feel like a helper. You always want to be useful, which will exhaust you later on.

While other people have a heavy burden they have to carry, you tend to be there for them.

And now you're wondering, why is it a negative part of you, right?

Because lifting other people's burdens too much can transfer the trouble to you.

You already are having a hard time dealing with your own emotions. To be other people's knight in shining armor may hurt you in the end.

You are willing to pick up other people's problems and carry them along the way. You may go overboard, and your dilemma may increase.

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Sometimes, you get so affected by other people's problems. After a while, it makes you a dramatic person.

You know how emotional you are. You don't deserve to carry others' troubles all the time!

You should not think of yourself as a martyr. You have a lot to face by yourself, so avoid any bigger situations.

While you are willing to carry others' problems, you think twice about yours.

You spend so much time on others that you forget about yourself.

The more pent-up problems you carry, the more they'll spill over your indescribable feelings.

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Moon in 12th House Marriage & Love

The Moon in the 12th House can be something else when it comes to love.

You know how much you hide your emotions, right?

You are even perplexed about what's going on with your life.

Well, when it comes to love, things might or might not matter.

When you have the Moon in the 12th House, you tend to be secretive from your partner. You can also have private romantic inclinations together with your other half.

Since emotions are a big deal, you might feel so much when in a relationship. You are sensitive and empathic, so you think together with your partner.

You know what he feels, so you tend to be his helping hand at the end of the day.

You can also grow in hidden relationships. You do not want others to know because you love to keep things secret.

Hidden relationships might be your type of connection. You want to keep things purposefully private.

This secrecy is also for your peace of mind.

When it comes to marriage, things might not be fulfilling for you.

You have so much within that you cannot express. While marriage must be the cooperation of the partners, you might step back.

Your sexual drive might not be high all the time. Intimacy is also lacking and bearing a child might be a challenge.

To conquer the challenges you might face, you must be patient. You should also know how to differentiate your own and other people's problems.

This way, your patience can help you make your marriage better.

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Moon in 12th House Career

The Moon in the 12th House gives birth to unique individuals when it comes to career.

Emotions play a huge role in your life. You can bring this part to your career and grow a lot better.

You can become a talented writer with the Moon in the 12th House. You can channel your thoughts and feelings to what you think is a creative way of addressing.

You can become a great editor or a manager of a political group. You can balance and think smartly in sudden scenarios.

You can also be a healer and some sort of a spiritual personality.

You like to help other people. This way, you can bring your potential into a more prominent aspect.

You can also become an adventurer, which involves body engagement. Your occupation can be related to sports, travel guide, travel blogger, and anything unique.

You can also live in lands far from home.

Money will come after you. Sometimes, there will be a lack of financial gains.

However, if you are passionate about your work, blessings will come your way.

Your primary source of income might not guarantee abundance. Things might stress you out, but you can balance them at the end of the day.

Moon in 12th House Mother

The Moon in the 12th House gives a spiritual mother.

We know how much mothers influence our lives. With this placement, your mother becomes a very significant figure for you.

As you venture towards new things, your mother becomes an influential decision figure.

You may share multiple characteristics with your mom. However, the mother-child relationship can become complicated, too.

If your Moon is in the 12th House, you know how your feelings are. You are perplexed and overwhelmed, and you don't know how to face them.

These feelings may reflect your relationship with your mother.

Since you have the exact nature of your mom, both feel the same way. You are both private and not willing to talk about emotions.

This situation can lead to a distant relationship. You may feel like you lack intimacy with your mother.

The care you attain might be a little for you. You will feel the lack of nourishment, but you will be close later on.

A mother-child relationship is not always perfect. Even if you are distant from your mother, you can fix things and communicate with her.

This way, you will become closer to her while you both share your thoughts.

Moon in 12th House Past Life

If your Moon is in the 12th House, your past life might have had issues.

This is why your mother plays a significant role in your life.

You arrived in this world with heavy emotional baggage. This emotional baggage is hard to deal with and hard to conquer.

The emotions you carry may have something to do with your mother in this current life.

You know how you can be distant from your mother. Both of you feel the same, but what happened in your past lives?

In your past life, you protected and loved your mother so much. You are drawn and motivated to be with her.

She may have done something you did not like in the past. This act made you change your perspective towards her.

Maybe, you have been extremely angry with your mother. You may have felt deceived by her actions, and you hated it.

The Moon in the 12th House can cause outbursts of emotions. Now you incarnated straighten out things with your mother.

The things that happened in your past life may connect to the present.

When you were in your mother's womb, you felt everything she felt. You were conscious about her feelings and experiences, thus, an extensive connection.

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