Moon In 8th House Synastry: The Kind Of Horrors You Should Prepare To Face -

Moon In 8th House Synastry: The Kind Of Horrors You Should Prepare To Face

What Is The Importance of The Moon?

If the sun sees your physical traits and overall personality, the Moon sees your soul. The Moon represents all the things that you hide in darkness. The Moon is where your demons live. It is what signifies your darkest secrets and ghosts. It is the side of every one of us that we do not want to see.

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While the Sun represents light, fire, and the physical world, the Moon represents dark things. It means what lurks in the shadows, your deepest secrets, worst fears, and darkest desires. The Moon is where your soul resides.

If The Moon appears in a tarot reading, it usually tells you to prepare. Get ready because something nasty will reveal itself. It is an ugly part of your partner. It can also be the rotting part of your relationship. Ultimately, the Moon is never a good omen. Not even in astrology.

It would be best if you prepared yourself for trouble. Expect distress and grief. Something is rotten in the state of your relationship, or your partner will be selfish, manipulate, or even abuse you. The Moon becomes more negative than positive.

And The House?

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There are 12 astrology houses, and each corresponds to the different aspects of our lives. They can pertain to family relationships, romantic relationships, physical self, and recreational activities. At the same time, some represent work life, travel life, and transformation.

What The 8th House Represents

The 8th house represents your transformation. It is where you discover your hidden thoughts in the most bottomless pits of your mind. It is often associated with sex, mysteries, psychology, secrets, and even finances.

This can be difficult because it deepens distrust about certain relationships, even if the connection is working well. The uncertainty comes from your unconscious motivations, not necessarily from anything your partner is doing. This Moon placement also reveals an ability to understand the reason behind actions, which will help you uncover many secrets regarding yourself and others.

What To Expect From Moon In The 8th House Person?

These people are the strangest creatures. They find themselves fascinated or even involved in taboos and the occult. Things that are generally dark interest them. Similar to having Saturn in the 8th House, people with Moon in their 8th house are very in tune with their emotions and others. They can sense if someone's mood has changed. They can easily read people's emotions. Scary as it may seem, but they can perceive what the person's dark side is.

People with Moon in the 8th House tend to be sensitive people. They often have a dark side of their personality which they easily hide. They can easily sense your emotions even if you are not expressing them verbally. They scan people's moods and emotions.

They're also likely interested in the sciences, the occult, and the paranormal. The people with the Moon here are good at determining people's motivations. They also enjoy living on the edge and taking risky chances, making them vulnerable to accidents, trauma, and violence.

With this, expect that people who have their Moon in the 8th house are healers. They are psychic. People who are ruled by the 8th house can be easily attached to people. And once attached, they find it very hard to remove themselves from it. That is why they find it hard to move on from the person. These people always pour their hearts out into a relationship.

They are empathetic, which means they can feel what other people think. Moon in the 8th house people is also very psychic. They always seem to know what is happening behind the scenes of any situation.

They usually spend a lot of money and put a lot of effort to go out and try to heal people. They love giving, and they feel truly fulfilled by it. It makes them happy, and this is how you know these people as healers.

These people have a solid emotional attachment to those around them. They often pour their hearts out into a relationship, and as a result, they may find it hard to separate from the person once they fall deeply in love with that person. They can get hurt because they tend to get attached to the person they love very much. They pour too much of themselves into a relationship and put up walls when someone threatens their expression of emotion.

They are naturally possessive. This trait can stem from the 8th house person's past experiences. They try so hard to hide the painful experiences. But it surfaces when they become jealous and resentful. They do not settle for simplistic connections. They crave intimacy that lasts well beyond their souls. But what hinders them is their Moon. It limits them. That's the source of the conflict that may arise in the relationship.

Their heart chakra has a high energy level. They can be very possessive and protective of those they love, but sometimes to an unhealthy degree. Their early childhood trauma has created a mistrust that manifests as jealousy and possessiveness. When they open up to you, you'll sense a sincere desire to be with you on a deeper level.

Intense emotions exist within them because of their Moon in the 8th House. They appear vulnerable, yet they summon it when they know it will profit them somehow. Possessive and jealous people, these folks need a connection that lasts well beyond their souls. They want a passionate and peaceful relationship where they can experience unconditional love. Or, they like the intimacy that lasts not just for years but eternity.

As a Moon In The Eighth House person, they possess all the qualities that make the relationship hard. One of which is jealousy and a possessive attitude. They avoid settling for anything less than an intimate and lasting connection with their partner, but because of the Moon, it seems like conflict might arise.

People whose Moon is in the 8th house can also be quite controlling and manipulative. Their craving for deep emotional satisfaction is the reason for this. They focus on their feelings above all and would not care about other people's feelings. We now have two conflicts that may arise in the relationship.

The Moon in the 8th House indicates that someone has an obsessive, compulsive tendency to control things in their home and lives. They can also be very manipulative in relationships, family matters, friendships, and even business. The Moon in the 8th house person and their partner may find it harder to talk about their feelings. They may feel like they are always on eggshells around the other person. And they may feel like they are always giving in to each other's wishes.

It is always good to know just what to expect from a person regarding their emotional needs. With Moon in the 8th House in the horoscope, people tend to experience an overblown vibrant life that sometimes leads them into manipulation and controlling tendencies. Don't let yourself be deceived. This person will seek your love and compassion, but you must keep your distance and avoid becoming too emotionally involved with them. They may ask you for help and even manipulate you to get what they want and to experience the satisfaction they crave.

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What's In Store In Moon in 8th House Synastry?

Both you and your partner will feel a solid and eternal connection. You will find yourselves strongly desiring each other. Both of you will think that you care for each other deeply. You can even feel in your bones that your love transcends beyond your lifetimes. There is an incredible emotional bond between the two of you. The depth of your emotional connection will be profound, that even the both of you would not expect.

Although it may not be readily apparent to the casual observer, the Moon in the 8th House shows that both you and your partner are powerfully connected on an emotional level. Both of you will feel a strong desire to be with each other and strongly connect on a deeper level. Even though you can't describe why this is, you will know that a bond ties the two of you together for all eternity. You and your lover can explore and desire each other passionately.

You and your partner will feel an increased need to be near each other. You will both think that you love each other deeply. You both feel this connection is eternal. You may feel that you have known each other for lifetimes. Your partner has a profound love for you, but the relationship will not be perfect. There will be problem areas that will need to be worked on.

Bonded by a higher purpose and a cosmic thread that defies definition, you and your partner will discover the transcendent depth of a love that grows over time. Its roots may well extend beyond your lifetimes to a past life together, perhaps as lovers.

Both of them will dive deep to find the unconditional love they have for each other. This love makes the relationship hard to let go of and more challenging to move forward without it. Because of their intense feelings for each other, both of them may feel that they need space from each other. The feeling of exhaustion is evident. But that doesn't mean that they do not love each other.

The couple tries to understand each other during their relationship. Eventually, both of them can work things out. Although the distance between them becomes more expansive, the unconditional love for each other does not change.

Intense love is taking place in this relationship between them. It tends to consume and confuse their minds with mixed emotions and desires. Both of them can't help but want to be close and need to be apart simultaneously.

The moon person will have an intense feeling to get to know the house person deeply. The moon person believes that they have to know everything about their partner. They will feel the need to cater to the needs of their house person.

The emotional connection between Moon in 8th House Synastry persons can be anything from seductive to oppressive. The moon person would feel compelled to pamper their housemate. If this relationship is romantic, then the moon person will want to look after their House. This won't always go over well with the house person. If this person is taken care of all their lives, they might feel smothered by this person. It could also cause them to suffer from a lack of boundaries.

The Moon in the 8th House can indicate that you know more about your partner than they will ever let on. When the moon person falls in love, they will believe it is for life. Everything about their new lover intrigues them. They are always looking to get closer to their partner, which leads to jealousy or paranoia.

The all-knowing house person will indeed feel this desire of their moon partner. This desire will result in the former bringing out their “moon” and showing it to the latter. The Moon will find out the house person's fears, secrets, insecurities. The moon person can help their house person to overcome the traumas repressed deep within them. The Moon will always be there for the house person's healing process. This bond is what makes the relationship strong and powerful.

The house person's Moon is directly linked with their healing process. The Moon person can help save the house person from the scars that have been buried deep within them. The Moon knows just how to bring out that repressed part of their house partner and save them. This person will give themselves to keep the house partner's healing process, even if it means giving up some things along the way.

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Where's the horror in that?

This relationship can be a nasty business. One minute, it's all so beautiful and nourishing. Like flowers in bloom, it might give you an immense feeling of happiness. And in a blink of an eye, it's winter. The flowers wilt and die. And so is the feeling of happiness. The moon person, knowing what lies underneath their house partner, can feel burdened. The Moon might feel overwhelmed by what they discovered. The worst-case scenario will lead to the moon person controlling the house person.

Due to their attraction to all things dark, the house person will induce this to the moon person. That's the natural pull of the house person to their Moon. The Moon knows its danger that it's indeed dark. But you cannot help yourself to fight it. You find the house person's pull irresistible and uncontrollable.

The house person will pick up on this Moon personality. They are the nurturers, the caretakers, the ones who love to care for others. The more they are around it, the more they want to nurture and feed it. A house person will want to take care of their Moon tendencies by separating them from their shady side. This doesn't mean that the Moon will lose her natural urges. This person will still gravitate toward the shadows or darkness while feeling more comfortable in a home setting while there is light.

Like a puppet, you may feel overly jealous and possessive, as well as extreme sexual desires. The couple can avoid these awful things if the partners both have immense self-control with each other. The relationship can blossom into a healthy and rewarding one. It can even be the best thing that has happened to you. Always be careful of the things you want the other to see.

Love has its positives and negatives. Keep in mind that it has the power to bring the two of you closer. It can also be a “monster” that can tear down everything around you, including your relationship with each other. When you feel the love is too much, try letting it out in better ways, such as writing or drawing. This will release the pressure and build a healthier foundation for your relationship.

Don't attach your strings to others, or you might be pulled down. You may even want to reel back some of the things you show the other more than you intended. Know when to let go and how much to give up while keeping which details are yours to keep close at hand.

When the dark and nasty traits are starting to surface, it is terrible news. Because what happens right after can bring out the worst in both of the partners. Despite the powerful attraction between the couple, it will be useless. Nothing can fix the ugly scars that both of you have seen and inflicted on each other.

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