Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility: Friendship, Love, and Sex -

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility: Friendship, Love, and Sex

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COLORScarlet, Rust, RedScarlet, Rust, Red
RULERPluto, MarsPluto, Mars
DATE RANGEOctober 23 – November 21October 23 – November 21

General Characteristics of Scorpio

Scorpios are individuals with a burning passion. They are firm in their decisions and have a determination like nobody else before. They are enigmatic, and their intensity is clear from the first impression.

These individuals value their privacy. And so, they understand people’s need for privacy. In short, they are good secret keepers. These individuals are trustworthy, and often, the people around them rely on them.

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These people are exceptionally just, and they hate lying to people. Their honesty is something remarkable about them.

They avoid manipulating people to the best of their abilities. And so, they are one of the most trustworthy signs in the zodiac.

Because of their sensitivity to honesty and their fear of being lied to, they can be very suspicious about the people around them. These behaviors and tendencies of being distrustful can take a toll on them in the long run.

Scorpios are famous for being intense individuals. When they walk into the room, their presence is very remarkable. Their presence is strong, and they are seen as a figure of power and control.

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They are the type to deal with situations in the most logical way possible. They are methodological, and they feel comfortable following certain routines and actions. These individuals are drawn to mysteries and change.

In their circles, may it be big or small, they are seen as leading figures. They are someone who often acts as the head or the leader.

They have the leadership aspects, and they are dynamic too. They understand things on a different level, and it makes them stand out.

When encountered with uncertainties and issues, they are the type to withhold confrontation. They are the type to wait at the right moment and, most of the time after their cup is full.

Scorpios always have a card to play. They are not the type to go on wars without bullets. They know what they are doing, and they strive to gain as much or win as much.

Scorpios have a solid memory that they sometimes tend to have grudges. These grudges can stay for a long time for Scorpios.

All in all, Scorpios usually have a mature perspective of the world. They are understanding, and they can navigate through the seriousness of life. Their maturity helps them very much in terms of helping their loved ones and the people around them.

All the serious talks can be painting them as dark individuals, which they are not. They are actually people with a sense of humor. It’s just that they understand life at a whole new level, so they are more aware and careful of things.

Two Scorpios as Lovers


Scorpios are intense and people filled with passion. They can be stubborn at times.

Although many will deem them as the serious type, they have their own sense of humor. These individuals can be very confusing so they would require an understanding partner.

There will be times when they can be too engrossed in their minds and thoughts. Perhaps they can become a little bit detached and drag their partners into their emotional pool. This is why they need someone who understands and is strong enough to resist getting sucked into their thoughts and emotions.

They are independent individuals, and usually, they don’t need to be taken care of. When they set their eyes and mind on something, they make sure they achieve it. They think of themselves as a one-person team.

Indeed, they are capable of finishing things on their own. Scorpios are at that level of independence.

Their determination drives them to complete their tasks, and they are incredibly loyal. When they find a partner with whom they feel comfortable, they stick to them. They are the type to give all they got to someone they love.

Scorpios are highly faithful to those they love. Once someone has their heart, they stay by them and never cheat on them. When they feel a certain way, they are sure to show it and mean it.

Scorpios don’t stand for anything that does them harm or disadvantage them. When they feel like they are being treated poorly or unjustly, they leave. They don't take it when people take advantage of them and are insincere.

A relationship with two Scorpios is a trip to wonderland. They got a lot of opportunities, and they appreciate each other very much. They share common goals, and so, they are fit to work together in achieving them.

The similarities both of them hold are one of the reasons for them understanding each other. Their similarities allow them to get comfortable with each other. While the similarities bring them together, they can also tear them apart.

Scorpios are jealous and dominant. That being said, they can have clashes due to their similarities. These clashes can range from minor to bigger ones that can destroy their relationship in the long run.

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This couple is someone who knows how to run their lives. A combination of two Scorpios is a path to success and enhancing their overall lives. They are pretty patient and only seldomly lose their temper.

Both of them are amused by each other’s presence. They are a couple who likes to play mind games with each other.

This pair is a pair with good blending. They complement each other quite well.

Both of them look for someone who understands. And so, they find comfort in each other. They try their best to understand each other and help the relationship grow. This couple is practically a powerhouse.

These two possess much power. The power can be overwhelming, but their strong personality will make them get through it.

These two are understanding and usually have common goals. However, the course could change when they compete.

Their level of competitiveness can cause competition between them. In a relationship, there are always rough patches.

However, their endurance and passion help them make it through. Apart from the rough patches, this pair share some fantastic moments too.

They can have issues and dents in terms of trusting each other. This can be because of their occasional paranoia and fear of being betrayed.

Their trust issues can be taking hold of their minds. They value honesty and truthfulness too much not to fear being deprived of it.

However, these are just challenges that some couples undergo. Together, they can grow and be better individuals both for themselves and for their relationship.

They should work on being mild and thinking of each other as equals. They could be dominating each other until destruction.

This couple should learn to listen to each other more carefully. Strong communication and connection will allow them to be stronger and have a more fruitful relationship.

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They could use their similarities to their advantage instead of trying to outshine each other.  After all, a connection is about building each other up and growing together with love.

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Two Scorpios in Bed


Two Scorpios together are sure to set the bedroom on fire.

This pair makes up a very passionate couple who have intense sex. Inside the bedroom, they complement each other, and their similarities crash together like the ocean and the sands.

Their connection inside the bedroom is remarkable. Although outside of the bedroom, they may have a weaker link. They would need to sort out their tendency to be jealous and distrustful towards each other.

This couple’s sexual energy is overwhelmingly high. This energy only has two places to go. First, it could be multiplied into something even more substantial, and secondly, they could reach a level of understanding.

To sum it short, their sex life is fantastic. Even when the world around them is falling apart, they still have amazing sex.

In the talks of spicing up the sex life, these two are the hot stuff. They are both exciting, and nothing is boring about them.

To continue having a fantastic relationship in bed and outside of the bedroom, they might need to make some adjustments. They need to be understanding. Understanding each other and keeping a warm connection is one. Another is the emotional connection between them will help their relationship a lot.

Two Scorpios as Friends

Two Scorpios as friends is a friendship filled with passion. They are both very loyal to each other, and because of this, their friendship is constantly growing. This pair of friends are the type to be very devoted to each other.

While no friendship is perfect, their intensity can also lead them to contrast with each other. For some reason, they repel each other’s intensity.

When they often clash, it can cause a dent in their friendship. They can both build each other up or, on the other hand, ruin each other’s happiness.

This pair form a very passionate friendship being individuals full of passion. They are loyal to each other and are ready to defend each other from others. They are the type of friends who got each other’s backs.

They both have the strength and resolution to help each other from any form of hostility. Once these two have formed a relationship and bond, it will be hard for any outside force to break or invade the relationship.

With the level of determination, these two have, focusing on good things will gain many benefits. With their combined passion for something beneficial, they are sure to have a big chance of achieving their goals. However, it could be a challenge, given their powerful aura and personalities.

They are not the expressive type, so they might have to work on their communication of feelings. As friends, talking about how each other feels is also very important. Keeping all their feelings inside can cause the friendship some trouble as it progresses.

Together, they should realize the beauty of expressing and communicating. This will develop the bond of their friendship.

One of the best things about their friendship is their intensity. They are both passionate, and together, they form a powerhouse.

They both have a fierce dedication that is strongly remarkable. Together, they strive and keep their friendship together.

Two Scorpios at Work

When two Scorpios are gathered to work, they are sure to form an intense and passionate pair. Sometimes, there will be storms in the partnership, but it’s only average.

This partnership is formed on the grounds of mutual respect. They both respect each other very much.

In terms of communication, they have exciting and energetic conversations. This can range in happy talks and disputes, which are both powerful. A partnership between two Scorpios can either be beneficial or destructive for the parties involved.

Two Scorpios at work make up a powerful pair. They build each other up.

In other terms, they bring out the best in each other. This way, their work is assured to be of good quality as they work together.

They make good use of their intuition and emotion to accomplish their goals. This way, they can know their shared goals. After so, they are now ready to set sail and complete their jobs as a team.

When this partnership is focused on something, they are sure to be passionate and accomplish it with all they've got. When they are both in the zone, no one can interrupt. And this goes for their partnership as a whole too.

One of the best things about this partnership is their mutual respect, admiration, and intensity. They are both focused on the goal and very determined. With the amount of determination these two have, they can work through the trials.

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Scorpios are very intense individuals. They take relationships seriously and will devote themselves when in love. The ties they create can be full of passion and, in the same way, dramatic.

Sometimes, their emotions can take over, and it can affect the relationship. However, their faithfulness is guaranteed when in love.

Arguments are unavoidable in a relationship. This partnership may be hard to keep, but it will be worth it when they do.

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