Scorpio Compatibility in Love, Sex & Relationship: Best Ship Is? -

Scorpio Compatibility in Love, Sex & Relationship: Best Ship Is?

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Color:Scarlet, Red, Rust
Ruling Planet:Mars and Pluto
Date Range:Oct 23 – Nov 21

What do Ryan Gosling, Julia Roberts, and Bill Gates have in common? Well, they’re Scorpios. One of the most misunderstood signs, Scorpios are intense, passionate, sensual, and mysterious. Their beguiling personality and enigmatic character attract most of the zodiacs. However, only a handful of them can handle the sting of the mysterious Scorpion.

Geminis and Libras have nothing when it comes to the duality of Scorpios. You can trace the mystery surrounding Scorpios from their placement in the astrological chart. Scorpios tend to get emotional and sympathetic, but they won’t let other people get to that persona. They will hide behind a calm and intimidating persona so they can protect their more vulnerable side.

Intense in all walks of life, Scorpios need someone to connect on a deeper and more personal level. They crave intimacy and emotional connection, and only a few of the zodiacs can provide those to Scorpio. See if your zodiac qualifies to be a great match with the celestial Scorpion.

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General Characteristics of Scorpio

Scorpio is a Fixed Sign

As a Fixed Sign, Scorpios tend to value grit and passion in everything they do. You can always characterize a Scorpio by their sheer passion and persistence in life. They revolve their lives around their ambitions, and once they set their goals on something, nothing can stop a Scorpio.

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They may hide their real emotions behind a façade, but Scorpios also triumph over their persistence in life. As Fixed signs, they always go through the process, and they don't stop until they're able to accomplish their goals. They may crash and fall, but these Scorpions will get back up to fight again.

Scorpio is a Water Sign

Many people thought of Scorpios as Fire signs due to their passion and intensity in life. However, as Water signs, Scorpios tend to get sensitive and emotional when other people hit the wrong spot. As a Water sign, Scorpios need to establish an emotional connection with other people. They may sound rational and logical, but Scorpios rely more on feelings and their razor-sharp intuition. They can sense the emotional atmosphere, and they react based on it.

As a Water sign, they also need to feel loved and cared for. They need guidance because their sudden emotional outbursts will be the last thing you should want to see. They hide their sentimentality and emotional nature behind a calm and indifferent façade, but Scorpios can see right through you.

Scorpio as Ruled by Pluto and Mars

You can trace Scorpios’ duality back to their ruling planets. As a zodiac governed by Mars, Scorpios radiate passionate and aggressive energy. People can feel the intensity of a Scorpio from miles away because of their placement under Mars. Also, Mars makes Scorpios more masculine, manifested by the strength and impulsiveness of Scorpios.

Pluto also rules the zodiac Scorpio. Pluto governs destruction, transformation, mystery, and enigma. This placement under Pluto represents the suppressed personality behind the intense and passionate façade of Scorpios. They hide this emotional character because Scorpios are afraid other people will use this against them. They also don't want other people to see their weaknesses.

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Compatibility With Other Signs

1. Match Made in Heaven

Scorpio and Cancer

Scorpio and Cancer can combine in a relationship, bringing together two of the most emotional and most intuitive signs. Scorpios need emotional connection and security from their partners, which Cancer will be more than willing to provide.

These zodiacs, as Water signs, have a lot of things in common. Their strengths and weaknesses also complement each other, creating balance and harmony in the relationship. One particular quality that they can focus on would be Cancers' natural tendency to provide nurture and care and Scorpios' tendency to give Cancer sympathy and emotional security.

When both of them hurt each other, Cancer and Scorpio will retreat to their shells, which may take time to heal. However, their attitudes towards sexuality and love will bring them back together. Scorpio will give intense and passionate love to the submissive and receptive Cancer. Loyalty between these two will be stable, and they'll trust each other more than they trust anybody else.

Scorpio and Pisces

Since both share the same placement as Water signs, they can both be intuitive and emotional in their approach to love. They understand one another, and their connection will run deeper than the emotional depth that they share.

As the last zodiac of the cycle, Pisces tend to be the most receptive sign of all. They feel anything, and they can sense the emotional environment better than Cancer or Scorpio. As such, they attach sentimental value to things or people they value. They can be compassionate and sympathetic, which attracts equally emotional Scorpio.

Scorpio's forcefulness and craving for dominance will be attractive for the meek and submissive Pisces. While Scorpios can give intensity and passion to the relationship, Pisces can add a touch of gentleness and care. Overall, Pisces and Scorpio in a relationship represent one of the best matches that can happen in the zodiac.

2. Very Compatible

Scorpio and Scorpio

Since both Scorpios share identical characteristics, this means that the relationship between two Scorpios can reach greater heights than either of them can ever imagine.

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Both Scorpios share the same intensity and passion, so those would be the highlight of the relationship. With two Scorpios, hot and passionate sex will never be out of the options. Also, both of them need strong emotional connection, and they understand well how deep they need it, so they'll make sure that both of them can receive the greatest moral and emotional support from their partners.

The only difficulty this pair might encounter would be their tendencies to hide their true self. Scorpios in love can be a game of hide-and-seek. Scorpios have the innate sense of hiding their true selves, so getting to know each other may take a lot of time. Nevertheless, their loyalty and trust for each other will keep the relationship going.

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3. Compatible

Scorpio and Virgo

As a Water sign, Scorpios need someone they can anchor on when times get rough. They need an Earth sign in their lives to keep them in the grasp of reality because otherwise, they'll get drowned in their sea of emotions.

The best Earth sign to match with Scorpios would be Virgos. This relationship will build upon a solid foundation of trust and loyalty because both signs need those to feel secure in this world. Virgos can provide the emotional security that Scorpio craves, and they can be the anchor when Scorpio's emotional turbulence becomes too rough.

There can also be differences in their approach, such as Virgos' practicality and logical reasoning, in contrast with Scorpios' emotional and intuitive way. Nevertheless, Scorpios can teach Virgos to look beyond the surface level and understand things from another perspective. On the other hand, Virgos can show Scorpios how to be more rational and critical in their approach.

Scorpio and Capricorn

When Scorpio decides to be in a relationship with Capricorn, they’ll see growth in each other. Like Virgos, Capricorns can anchor Scorpios to the ground and show them how to go through life using rationality and practicality.

Although their differences may be more significant than with Scorpios and Virgos, Capricorns still make a great partner with Scorpios. For instance, Capricorns tend to be more distant and unattached to emotions and feelings, and they only focus on their ambitions. Scorpios may see this as insensitivity and shallowness, which may impact the relationship.

However, that can't be a significant source of conflict because Capricorns and Scorpios share the same passion and grit in anything they do. If both of them can share their goals and ambitions in life, they can achieve anything, and their team will be unstoppable. They also value trust and loyalty, and that's something that they can build their relationship.

4. Neutral Relationship

Scorpio and Taurus

Sitting at an exact 180 degrees apart, Scorpio and Taurus complement one another, creating a neutral and balanced relationship. Their qualities make them a great team because one’s weakness will be the strength of the other. They need to meet halfway to make the relationship.

As a Water sign, Scorpios need to feel an emotional connection with their partner. They need to feel secure in the relationship because otherwise, they'll retreat into their shells and hold a grudge that'll take a lifetime to heal. Taurus needs to understand this need for Scorpios so that he won't hurt their feelings. Scorpios also need to understand that Taurus, as Earth signs, don't bother getting themselves dirty for the hard work and that they'll put material security on top of their priorities.

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Despite these polarities, this couple will still work because both enjoy life and indulge in its pleasures. Scorpios can give Taurus the passion and intensity unique to Scorpios. At the same time, Taurus can show Scorpios how to indulge in material pleasures and enjoy a pleasant and relaxing life at home. 

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5. Incompatible

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Scorpios tend to have some significant differences with the Fire and Air signs. When Scorpio and Sagittarius join for a relationship, they need to settle their differences first before finding peace and harmony in their relationship.

For instance, Sagittarius values their independence and freedom. In contrast, Scorpios get attached easily to their partner. This attachment can drown Sagittarius and can complicate things in the relationship. As a Fire sign, Sagittarius loves to jump into a situation without thinking about it, and they also love socializing with other people. Scorpio, on the other hand, feels uncomfortable with large groups of people. Also, they rely on their intuition and feelings when deciding.

The only thing that can unite them in this relationship will be their flexibility and security that they can provide to each other. This couple still has some significant similarities that they can work out, but they need to address their differences early in the relationship. Once they’re open to each other, they have the potential to be a power couple.

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Scorpio and Libra

Scorpios also find it hard to understand the blissful nature of the Air signs. Water signs and Air signs contrast each other in many ways, and they need to make sure that they have a solid foundation for love before going into a relationship.

Scorpios rely on emotions and intuition when deciding, while Libras tend to use logical thinking and reasoning. Libras may see Scorpios as too emotional and sentimental, while Scorpios may get annoyed by Libras' insensitivity to their nuances. Also, Libras like to keep their space for independent thinking while having their emotions unattached to anything. On the other hand, Scorpio's possessiveness can border to jealousy, which can suffocate the relationship.

These reasons may be subtle, but they still need to work it out. Their trust and loyalty will still fuel their relationship. They find peace in balance and harmony, and they can guide each other when things go awry.

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6. Very Incompatible

Scorpio and Aries

A Scorpio and an Aries relationship lean more on heated arguments and debates, making their love match something they need to exert a lot of patience. They need to sort out any differences to make the relationship work in the long run.

Both Aries and Scorpio have possessive and jealous tendencies, so they need to be careful not to let the other feel those. When those happen, Scorpios will retaliate by stinging, and Aries will get consumed by fiery rage and anger. These differences create chaos and disorder, which can rip the relationship apart. Also, as a Water sign, Scorpio's emotionality may weaken Aries' enthusiasm and passion, which may be unhealthy for both of them. On the other hand, too much power from Aries can make Scorpios resentful and vindictive.

Nevertheless, they share the same passion and love for things they value. When they combine their forces with being productive, the energy coming from their relationship will be healthy for both. Scorpios can be the “heart and soul” of the relationship, while Aries will be the “body” to keep things going.

Scorpio and Gemini

Scorpio and Gemini must learn and understand that their differences will be an obstacle in their relationship. If they can make their relationship work, then their team can be unstoppable.

Gemini and Scorpio have so many differences. For instance, Scorpios need emotional security while Geminis look for mental rapport and intellectual connection. Scorpios can get sentimental, while Gemini seldom attaches emotion to anything. Scorpios tend to look at things with emotional depth, while Geminis can be superficial and insensitive. Also, Scorpios' jealous tendencies can suffocate the “social butterfly” and “flirty” Gemini. There's still a lot more to work on in this relationship, and both parties must exert effort.

Nevertheless, they can still work if they find beauty in their differences. They can use these disparities as a way to complement each other and help both of them grow.

7. Clash of Signs

Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio and Leo in a relationship will be like another installment of Game of Thrones. Think about it; Leo and Scorpios need dominance and power from their partner. Who among them will be willing to submit? Of course, they also have some other difficulties they need to sort out.

Both Scorpio and Leo share the same quality of being strong-willed and stubborn. They can be uncompromising, which can be difficult for the relationship. Leos like to go out and earn the public's attention while Scorpios will retreat in the background. Leo's pride and ego may be too much for the calm and relaxed Scorpio. Also, Leos may find it hard to comprehend Scorpio's emotional depth, which Scorpios interpret as insensitivity.

As mentioned, there’ll be a battle of power between Scorpios and Leos. However, they share the same passion and intensity in a relationship. They can always start from there, improve their similarities, and work out their differences.

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Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius also have a lot of differences that they need to work out. Aquarius takes Air signs' intellectual capacity to the highest peak, making them less footed on the ground. Scorpios may be unable to reach them, causing problems in the relationship.

As mentioned, Aquarius needs intellectual connection and mental rapport in a relationship. Scorpios, on the other hand, relies on emotional security and intuition. These differences can confuse and baffle each other, which further increases their distance from each other. Same with Geminis and Libra, Aquarius never attaches any feelings or emotions to things that can hurt the passionate and emotional Scorpios. The emotional gap between them will widen if they do nothing to address these disparities.


Overall, Scorpios represent one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs. As a Fixed Water sign, Scorpios tend to be persistent and passionate in doing the things they love. They rely on their emotions and intuitions in processing things. As a zodiac governed by Mars and Pluto, Scorpios often hide their emotional and sentimental side behind an independent and strong façade.

As such, the best matches for Scorpios will be their fellow water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). They understand each other's depth and can provide emotional security. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) also match because they can be a reliable support for Scorpios' fluidness.

Scorpios have always been known to be secretive and quite elusive, which might give you a hard time figuring him out. 

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