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14 Degrees Astrology: A Great Sense of Accomplishment

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Every degree of the zodiac corresponds to a different energy. Some degrees do more good, some more challenging.

The 14th degree is the Taurus degree. The 14th degree can result in exceptional accomplishments by those with immense power.

Degrees in Astrology

When reading your Astrology chart, the degrees are quite important. If you look at your chart, you will notice that numbers are all over it.

It is because there are numbers on the right side of your zodiac sign. These are the degrees that correspond to your zodiac signs.

It has something to do with the time of your birth. These degrees are quite particular to the year you were born.

But, if you can read your chart, it can signify a variety of things. The degrees are meant to help you interpret your birth chart.

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Astrology is like geometry in that every degree of an angle matters. Your birth chart has 12 sections corresponding to the 12 zodiac signs.

It has a 360° circle that connects to the degrees on your chart. Each piece has 30° allocated to the entire circle.

Each sign has a decan divide of 10°. Degrees in Astrology are represented in several ways.

First, there are degrees of separation known as aspects and degrees of orb. Degrees in Astrology will allow you to read your chart better.

Once you understand how it works, you will appreciate the aspects of your existence.

14th Degree Venus

Taurus, who is practical and grounded, is the sign that reaps the rewards of labor. You feel the need to be surrounded by love and beauty.

You are preoccupied with the material world, hedonism, and pleasures. People born with the Sun in Taurus are tactile and sensual, valuing touch and taste over all other senses.

Like the eighth house, this is one of the most dependable zodiac signs. You are willing to persevere and adhere to decisions until you achieve happiness.

Taurus, like Virgo and Capricorn, is a sign of the Earth. You can see things from a grounded, practical, and pragmatic standpoint.

You earn money and remain on the same projects for years or until completion. Your capacity to complete things regardless of the obstacles is astounding.

It makes you excellent employees. Your long-term friends and lovers are always there for your loved ones.

Venus, the planet of love, desire, beauty, fulfillment, creativity, and gratitude, rules Taurus. It will allow Taurus to be a superb cook, gardener, lover, and artist.

You are loyal and dislike unexpected changes, criticism, and the pursuit of guilt. You are somewhat dependent on others and your emotions, which you cannot let go of.

Besides, regardless of your challenges, you can provide a reason in any scenario.

14th Degree Taurus with Venus

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It is the planet concerned with pleasure, whether in love or the material world. Keeping track of the zodiac sign might reveal what influences you and your partner.

Heart matters are a mystery, but Venus, the planet of love, can provide a few hints. Money is another significant manifestation of Venus and Taurus.

Taurus in Venus is like the finer things in life. You like to make delicious meals and love breathtaking scenery and expensive stuff.

Taurus symbolizes Venus' sensual pleasures and the things two lovers might enjoy together. Comfort and pleasure are what attracts People with Venus in Taurus.

Also, you are charismatic, courteous, dependable, loyal, self-assured, compassionate, and protective. Also, you have artistic ability and a lovely singing voice.

It takes time to determine if you want to be in a relationship with other people. But if you decide to do it, you are faithful and devoted.

When the planet enters the sign of Taurus, you can see how beautiful the environment can be. Venus's presence in this zodiac sign signifies a period of simplifying complications.

Also, getting to basics and rebuilding connections from scratch. It is the perfect time to bring up love and money difficulties so they can be fixed immediately.

Venus in Taurus makes dating a pleasurable experience. It urges you to slow down, live in the present, and discover ways to enjoy someone's presence.

You and your partner will watch a terrific movie. You also love to open a fine bottle of wine and enjoy a beautiful meal while cuddled up together.

You will both be in the mood to pamper your senses. Taurus is a security-focused sign that prioritizes stability over desire.

Thus, you are more interested in long-term relationships when it comes together. So if you've had a crush on someone for a while, now might be the moment to decide to take things further.

The characteristic of Taurus complicates your relationships. It is one disadvantage of this cosmic union that everyone should be aware of.

If you are in a relationship, this may be a time when it is more challenging for the two of you to move forward together. If you are single, you will resist opening yourself up to someone new during this period.

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People Born in Taurus with Venus

People whose Venus is in Taurus are obsessed with material possessions. These things are associated with security, comfort, and stability. You have a wise side with money, but other times you let your hedonistic side take over.

It indicates that you enjoy luxury, such as eating at high-end restaurants. You are also resting on luxury linens and wearing designer clothing. You appreciate the company of a reliable friend willing to share in your search for pleasure.

You have no problem putting your feelings into words about sensitive topics. But, you place a high value on relationships that involve much physical love.

You are not the type of person to make grand displays of affection. You can come out as calm and collected when you're in love. Your actions will always speak more than your words.

Venus in Taurus tends to attract partners who like to play for keeps. So you may come out somewhat reticent at first. But in reality, you prefer to move through life's challenges.

Finding someone who shares the same romantic partnership as you would be best. But, you become a dedicated and devoted companion after you've warmed up to someone.

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Taurus is Venus's Natal Meaning

Venus is one of the strong planets in your birth chart if it occupies this position. It is because Venus dominates two zodiac signs. Taurus and Libra can function well when placed in one of these positions.

For example, if your Sun sign is Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, or Cancer, Venus can fall in Taurus. Venus in Taurus indicates a grounded, sensible, sensual, hedonistic individual.

You are attracted to beauty. Many people with this placement also have a stunning physical appearance. Besides, you have a knack for carrying yourself in a manner that accentuates your beauty.

This placement can result in charismatic individuals. There is something about Venus in Taurus individuals that attracts others to you.

You are a peace-loving, easygoing person with generally excellent interpersonal abilities. You manage disagreements and enjoy socializing.

In astrology, Venus has to do with your sense of self-worth. A weak Venus in the birth chart can show low self-esteem, but with Venus in Taurus, you rarely experience this.

These individuals have a positive self-image and high self-esteem. Unless Venus is afflicted, you know your value and expect to be treated right.

As a result, you have a great deal of self-assurance. You are skilled at making money, but if Venus is afflicted, you may overspend.

Taurus loves to enjoy life. So people with this placement spend money on luxuries, fine cuisine, and fashion. Also, anything else indulging their senses.

Your physical environment is essential to your health. You desire to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Your clothes must also stress your beauty. You can spend a great deal on clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, fragrances, and cosmetics.

You value anything exquisite and pricey. Venus here can also be helpful for careers relating to these topics.

Although you like the material world, you are not limited to it. You also value satisfying interpersonal interactions and a sense of inner serenity.

With challenging aspects of Venus in your birth chart, you need to appreciate the planet.

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