Venus Transit on Natal North Node: How openly and clearly you express yourself and emotions to others -

Venus Transit on Natal North Node: How openly and clearly you express yourself and emotions to others

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Venus Transits Conjunct with Natal North Node

You may sense a strong intuitive attraction with each other. You feel that your meeting is based on faith and that destiny is the mediator between you two.

Venus conjunct with Natal North Node transit shows your relationship will be more spiritually inclined in this phase. Compassion, generosity, and forgiveness would be the energies that will be highlighted in this phase.

Your views and understanding of love and relationship will change at this moment. Your partner will let you see a different side of love, wherein it is full of happiness, acceptance, and tenderness.

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Your scars and trauma from past relationships will be healed in this period. They are allowing you to open your heart without fear and worries.

Your partner opens new doors of opportunities for you that will cause a significant change in your life. Your level of awareness in yourself and spiritually allows you to establish a romantic connection with someone you like.

You now have detached yourself from your insecurities and self-doubt, which is influenced by a terrible experience. Now you are enlightened on how your energies attract people and situations in your life.

Venus Transits Trine with Natal North Node

You are learning a Karmic lesson in your life at this period. You now understand that your thoughts can manifest into reality.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, as the Universe can sense your energy and will give it back to you. If you always think negative thoughts, you emit negative vibration, which can be detected by the Universe.

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As challenges and setbacks come in your life, you can overcome it all, for your connection to your spirit is strong. The transit of Venus with the Natal North Node allows you to not be easily discouraged by minor problems, for you know that everything will turn out fine.

Venus Transits Sextile with Natal North Node

You are likely to attract positive things in your life. You’re going to attract people who’re going to help you with your growth.

In this period, the knowledge about yourself and your fullest potential would be shown to you. You will discover your creative strengths and your life’s purpose.

A new relationship, such as romantic and platonic, will come into your life and open a new door of opportunity. They are sent by the Universe as a sign to let you know that you are on the right path.

Your ability to connect with others seems to be flowing with ease. Your destiny is the guiding force that pushes you to venture on these new experiences and new connections.

This period brings success and inspiration in everything you do. The energies around you will assist you in fulfilling your dreams and aspirations in life.

Venus Transits Opposite with Natal North Node

Your emotions will be repressed in this period. There’s a lot of barriers to your communication, which blocks you from expressing your real feelings clearly.

Perhaps you have feelings for someone in this period. However, there is something that is holding you back to express your love for someone.

The challenge for Venus in this period is that it needs to let go of the emotional baggage and past trauma from their previous relationship that still lingers in your heart. In order to fully open your heart for a new love or relationship, you need to heal yourself first.

Ironically, the secret in healing yourself emotionally and spiritually is to embrace your emotions and allow yourself to let all your burdens out. 

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Venus Transits Square with Natal North Node

You are not in alignment with the Universe in this period. You tend to ignore the signs that the Universe is showing you. You tend to stay away from your path in this period and rely on whatever is in front of you.

Your motivation and drive to reach for your goals are diminished. Your loved ones around you are trying to help you and keep you on your path, but you closed your heart and mind to their guidance.

You tend to be headstrong and stubborn in this period. You feel as if your loved ones are trying to get in the way in achieving your goals. 

You tend to have a hard time managing your emotions in this period. A lot of negative feelings may resurface, such as resentment and dissatisfaction, as a reflection of what is happening in your life.

Venus Transits Quincunx with Natal North Node

Your insecurity and self-doubt will get in the way of you to fulfill your destiny. These negative self-talks will hinder you from pursuing your goals for fear of being not good enough and failure.

You tend to distance yourself from others and make genuine connections. You do not let others see your real emotions and authentic self.

Venus person needs to understand that the power of being your true self can significantly benefit you along your path to success. You need to break free from your mind's restrictions and allow yourself to see a new and fresh perspective.

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