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Born with a Veil Spiritual Meaning: Is it Considered Lucky?

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Have you known someone born with an amniotic sac over their face? There are superstitions out there that these babies may be naturally born psychic. Psychics are born into this world, and some specific traits or characteristics mark one with such power, like people born with a veil. Well, there's a spiritual meaning behind it.

Spiritually speaking, the veil represents your inability to see what's currently unavailable to you. The veil hides the higher and lower realms from you, simply the additional knowledge or wisdom you could know. Luckily, people are born with the ability to see beyond their veil, while others learn how to see it throughout their lifetime.

A veiled birth is also known as mermaid or caul birth for people who aren't familiar with it. It happens when the baby is born with the amniotic sac still intact.

The infant is wrapped in a soft, fluid-filled bubble that is then safely removed by a doctor or midwife. It is thought that such babies develop natural empaths or psychics with increased awareness.

En caul birth myths

An en caul birth happens when the baby comes out still inside or partially wrapped in the amniotic sac. It's a rare phenomenon that happens only in 1 in 80,000 birth.

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The baby might look gift-wrapped entirely in a soft bubble.

The amniotic sac comprises two layers of membranes filled with amniotic fluid, where the baby has been floating inside during the entire pregnancy. Usually, when pregnant women go into labor, their amniotic sac ruptures.

If the water doesn't break, the baby is born en caul, usually inside the inner layer of the membrane or is just partially covered.

During birth and right after birth, the baby stays safe. They have everything they need inside the amniotic sac, which the midwife then removes.

Sometimes a squirming baby may break the amniotic sac on its own. If the sac is already ruptured or just partially covering the baby, it can be easily removed, though they should be extra careful if the baby is born with the outer membrane intact.

En caul births have been associated with fame and fortune throughout history, even magical and spiritual abilities. In different parts of Europe, the amniotic sac or the caul holds a particular fortune often sold as some token of good luck and protection.

They gave it to lawyers, who need good fortune to plead their case and even as an ingredient to love potions.

In old Nordic beliefs, a child born en caul has a remarkable ability to direct between many worlds and see into the future. Whether you believe in the magical associations of an en caul birth or not, you have nothing to lose.

So if your baby is born inside a water balloon, consider yourself lucky. These babies are so rare that most doctors or midwives never witness an en caul birth throughout their careers.

Here are some myths associated with en caul births:

  • Some people believe that an en caul birth is a sign of good luck.
  • En caul babies are clairvoyants, and a term refers to those who allegedly can gain information about an object, person, location, or event through extrasensory perception.
  • In Dalmatia, they believed that putting a caul under a dying person's bed can make one's passing easier.
  • Roman midwives sell cauls to lawyers because they believe that having it can make them succeed and prosper.
  • Some people also believe that having a baby's caul can protect a person from death through drowning.

Signs you were Born with a Veil

There are people around you who are born differently, and these people are believed to have been wearing special cloth. En caul is when the child is born still inside an amniotic sac.

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This phenomenon is rare, so there are beliefs around it. Some cultures and traditions believe that en caul births are spiritual or even magical.

Being born with a veil signifies good luck, wealth, and exceptional talent.

When a child is born veiled, the nurses, midwives, doctors, or the family will get the sac depending if the mother still wants it. The cost of the sac is worth thousands of money, and many traditional healers use this kind of good luck.

The child's family born with en caul will perform a ritual to accept this gift and offer a goat to thank and accept the gift. The special cloth has a more profound meaning, and people might have thought about luck and unique ability.

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It's also the gift of being a traditional healer, which means the ancestors chose that baby born with a veil. Here are some signs that you were born with a veil:

  • You have terrible luck because your family never accepted this gift.
  • You often have supernatural dreams or dream about deceased people long ago.
  • You feel like people dislike you, or you often get into arguments with other people.
  • Your romantic relationship is a failure.
  • You often have panic attacks.
  • You want to be alone.
  • You feel like an alien because other people don't understand or hate you.
  • You cannot conceive a child; it will only result in miscarriages if successful.
  • You feel stuck and think that nothing is happening in your life.

People known to be born en caul say that there's nothing special or lucky about it. Because they think that their life has been cursed, if you are born en caul and feel all these signs relate to your life, you must consult a traditional healer to help you regain your born luck.

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En caul birth spiritual significance

A caul birth is a rare condition; wherein many cultures have attached it to something spiritual or magical. Its Latin name is Caput galeatum, which means head helmet, and it's more common than a fully covered en caul birth.

Often, such birth is viewed as a sign of good luck for the baby and the parents. The amniotic sac is even preserved after drying in some cultures and regions.

It serves as a charm because it's thought that the child can't be unlucky.

Other beliefs see that a baby born with a caul is destined for greatness and that they do not drown. Many great people are caul births, including Sigmund Freud, Charlemagne, Lord, Byron, Alexander the Great, Liberace, etc. Other cultures perceive that they can’t defeat this person, especially in legal battles like the courtroom.

Therefore, Roman midwives would still cauls and sell them spiritually to ambitious lawyers who believed that having one could help them win cases. 

Due to the belief that cauls or the person born with veils couldn't drown, many sailors always carry a dried piece of a caul on voyages. However, the immunity will last long as long as the caul is in one's possession.

Throwing them away can cause death by drowning. These kinds of superstitions extended to England, Iceland, and Denmark.

Other beliefs believed that the dried, powdered caul could treat malaria. Coal miners around the world consider carrying one to prevent explosions and fires.

In early modern Europe, the sac from the caul birth was preserved as a memento and used as a good luck charm. Midwives would press a piece of thin paper against the membrane on the baby's face, chest, or head.

They keep it then give it a present to the parents as an heirloom. In many places, particularly in Belgium, people bury the sac in a field or put it under a dying person's bed to ease their passing.

Many traditions also associate a caul birth to having the ability to defend the harvest or wealth against evil and sorcerers. 

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In Scandinavia, they linked caul births with a fylgja, which is considered as an accompanying spirit that manifests as a person, object, or animal. On the other hand, there's also a dark side associated with caul births.

People born with veils were once perceived to have special powers that can see ghosts or become witches. Some cultures even call them vampires or werewolves.

The process where caul is divination as a form of worship is called Amniomancy, which involves burning off the amniotic sac.

In addition to these capabilities, caul children are believed that they have the power to sense weather changes, detect underground water, or know when to harvest food or fish. From this, it aligns with the western spiritual meanings of this type of birth, where people mostly believed that these babies have psychic abilities.

Many people derived from old Nordic beliefs that caul bearers or those born with veils can see the future or navigate between different worlds.

History has associated fame, psychic, fortune, and magical abilities to caul birth. The amniotic sac has been preserved many times to protect from harmful elements or drowning.

Many cultures used cauls as an ingredient to form potions or cure diseases.

Whether the caul is unique or not, a caul birth is a rare phenomenon. It does not harm the baby because they still use oxygen-rich blood delivered through the umbilical cord.

The doctors, nurses, and midwives remove the amniotic sac immediately from the baby's face to help them breathe normally.

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